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Retired Texas Man Protests Trump With Awesome Sign Every Single Day (VIDEO)

Gale McCray says he’s never been a politically active person, but since the election of President Donald Trump he’s made time to stand outside in the Texas heat holding a homemade sign that says “TRUMP, THAT BOY DON’T ACT RIGHT.” He hopes to inspire intelligent political discourse, but more importantly, he wants to inspire people to action.

McCray worked for the U.S. Postal Service for 21 years and felt unfulfilled. After retirement, he says he blew his money on drugs and alcohol, before going to back to school and earning his degree. He then worked for ten years as a drug counselor, which he said taught him a lot about human decency and kindness.

Then Donald Trump was elected President. McCray saw the hatred and the vitriol, and then saw the administration’s harsh treatment of immigrants:

“I saw mothers and grandparents on the news getting separated from their families and I got kind of emotional thinking about it and thinking about my own family… There just wasn’t any compassion as to how it was implemented. So, I don’t know. It was all of that, really. I mean, this isn’t the America that I know.”

So, he decided to do something about it:

“After the election I was just amazed, I couldn’t believe [Donald Trump] got elected… I remembered seeing a guy with a sign once shortly after Bush took us into Iraq. And he was a Middle Eastern guy. He had such resolve on his face, like he knew he wasn’t going to change anything but that he had to get out there and do something. And that’s kind of how I felt.”

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Now he hold the sign all around his hometown of Ft. Worth, Texas, enduring the honks, the hate, and even the love that passerby have to offer him. And even though McCray describes himself as just “an old man with a sign,” he hopes he encourages all people to go out and engage in civic discussion and action.

As for the sign, only McCray himself could explain it best:

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“It’s country talk, that’s all it is. The full phrase is, ‘That boy just don’t act right. God bless him…’ Like, I’m a big baseball fan so I’d say this about a player: ‘That right there is a really good ball player, but the fact is that boy just don’t act right. God bless him.’”

Keep fighting the good fight, Gale!

Someone liked Gale’s sign so much that they wrote a song about it. Watch a performance here:

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