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Poll Asked People For First Word That Comes To Mind When They Hear ‘Trump’ – It’s Worse Than You Can Imagine!

What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Trump” – ignorant, liar, con man, misogynist pig, asshole, narcissist?  The Quinnipiac University poll asked 1,078 voters the first word that came to their mind when they thought about ‘Trump.’

The answer that stood out the most was “idiot,” followed by incompetent, liar, leader, and unqualified. This should not be shocking to most people, but it is truly scary.

People are overwhelmingly saying these things about the leader of our country and not without good reason!

Here’s what people on Twitter think when they hear “Trump”:

The same Quinnipiac University Poll also gave President Trump a very low, 36 percent approval rating. It may be even more telling that 61 percent of people said he was dishonest and over half agreed that he is a bad leader. A large two-thirds majority of the participants also agreed that he is not level headed.

In a nutshell, most Americans do not get positive vibes when they hear the word “Trump!”

Watch Bill Maher talk about Trump’s firing of Comey:


          Video via Real Time With Bill Maher/Politics Video Channel


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