Trump Lambasted Obama Over Syria In 2013, Then Did EXACTLY What He Advised Obama NOT To Do (VIDEO)

When you run for political office, people will often look to your past to see if you’re qualified. According to White House officials, President Donald Trump shouldn’t be judged on his past.


Way back in 2013, when Americans felt safe under former President Barack Obama, Trump was just a shady businessman. He also tweeted. A lot. For example, when Obama wanted to take military action in Syria.

He wanted to retaliate against Syria’s leader, Bashar al Assad, for using chemical weapons on his own people. He did what any normal president would do and consulted Congress first. Trump said that was the right thing to do.

Congress voted against any military action and Trump stressed his stance on Syria, saying:

So when people went to the polls and voted either for or against him, they knew where he stood on Syria. Funny how things change once you get what you want.


After disturbing images of dead Syrian children surfaced online this past week, Trump decided to retaliate. Naturally one would assume that he’d consult Congress after what he tweeted, right?


Trump sent missiles into Syria without consulting Congress. About this, National Review’s David French said:

“If Article I, Section 8, Clause 11 of the United States Constitution means anything, it means that the president must obtain congressional approval before taking us to war against a sovereign nation that has not attacked the U.S. or its allies and is not threatening to attack the U.S. or its allies.”



After Trump showed himself to be the hypocrite we’ve known him to be, people took to Twitter and expressed their outrage.

Perhaps Trump didn’t realize people could search for old tweets. Or maybe he just didn’t expect to be held to the same standards as other presidents. Whatever the case might be, we’re in for one bumpy ride.

Watch this video for more of Trump’s attacks on Obama, which included calling him ‘foolish.’

Feature Image Source: Screenshot Via Twitter.