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White Nationalists Slam Trump For Strike On Syria (TWEETS)

Since his sudden rise to political power, Donald Trump has consistently enjoyed the fulsome and devoted support of white nationalist groups who try to hide their hateful beliefs behind the “alt-right” pseudonym. Senior White House adviser Steve Bannon is a hero of the white nationalist movement and shares many of their perverted views on racial superiority.

But within hours of Donald Trump ordering cruise missile strikes on Syria, many in the hater contingency took to social media and declared they were done with the alleged American head of state. Take a look at what InfoWars contributor Paul Joseph Watson had to say:

Or perhaps you prefer the current “leader” of the American white nationalist movement, Richard Spencer:


Here’s some other assorted brain-dead extreme right Nazis who decided to weigh in on the matter:

How sad to see the American fascists so upset with their savior and Führer. Maybe they should all volunteer to travel to Syria and defend their favorite mass murderers, Vladimir Putin and Bashar Assad. They’d make wonderful cannon fodder and no one would miss them when they wind up as statistics on a casualty report.

Featured Image Via the BBC

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