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American College of Physicians On Trumpcare: ‘I’ve Never Seen A Bill That Will Do More Harm To Health’

Ever since the GOP’s “repeal and replace” plan (also known as Trumpcare) was leaked back in February, Republicans including President Donald Trump have been under intense criticism from all sides of the political spectrum.

However, there’s one voice of opposition out of the many that may prove to be a lethal to Republican efforts to pass their haphazard health care reform legislation. So far, numerous healthcare physician groups have come out to condemn the GOP’s Obamacare replacement.

Bob Doherty, Senior Vice President for government affairs at the American College of Physicians, which represents the second-largest trade group of doctors in the U.S., took to Twitter on Monday to blast the much-maligned GOP Obamacare alternative.

Doherty said that the GOP plan could cost “thousands of preventable deaths.” The main reason being that as many as 28 million people could lose coverage under Trumpcare. He also noted that the consequences to long-term health could be even more severe, as older patients who lose coverage because of high premiums:

“…Will put off getting care until diseases are at more advanced, less treatable, & costly stage.”

Republicans are expected to vote on repealing Obamacare as early as Thursday. However, there are reports that there are currently at least 40 Republican no votes in the House. It’s estimated that Republicans can withstand no more than 21 defections for the bill to pass.

Should the bill somehow make it through the House, it still awaits a difficult challenge in the Senate as many Senators such as Rand Paul (R-Ky.) have expressed grave concerns about the legislation sparking what turning out to be a political civil war between Republicans.

Last week, Sen. Paul told CNN:

“I think that Paul Ryan’s selling [Donald Trump] a bill of goods that he didn’t explain to the president, and the grassroots doesn’t want what Paul Ryan is selling.”

Republicans like Sen. Paul face thousands of angry constituents in their home states who are outraged over the GOP proposal. It’s theorized that Republicans may purposely sabotage “repeal and replace” so they can move on to other policy initiatives.

For the sake of America’s health lets hope this is the case.

Featured image via PoliticusUSA and Public Domain Pictures.

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