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Conway Practices ‘Soft Feminism’ – Also Known As Misogyny (VIDEO)

Kellyanne Conway is living proof that women can be misogynists.

In a recent interview with New You Magazine, Conway did everything but praise the Women’s March on Washington. She didn’t see the point of half a million women coming together to resist our new sexist president. She even suggested it was a waste of time.

About the marchers, which also included men, she said:

“I don’t object to other people marching at all-you know, my friends were there. But I’d rather do more than march. I’d rather act than talk.’

We’re not sure what actions she’s talking about. The man she counsels, President Donald Trump, wants to de-fund Planned Parenthood unless they stop doing abortions. That would result in millions of women losing access to necessary medical services.

Speaking of which, she also wished the march had been “less pro-abortion.” Nobody showed up to suggest every fetus be aborted, though. They marched to show their support of a woman’s right to choose. 

She also thinks the march should have been “less anti-male.” Protesting the patriarchy in which we live in doesn’t chide men as a whole. That was apparent by the men who also marched for our rights.


In addition to demanding we retain the right to choose, the point of the march was to show Trump that most people were not on board with misogyny. That we refused to respect a man who prides himself on treating women as objects.

Simply put, they marched to show the new administration that misogyny would not be tolerated.

So what kind of feminism, if any, does this woman support? “Conservative feminism.” The more appropriate word for that would be misogyny. It’s another way to suggest women can move forward while letting men lead the way. 

Just another one of her Alternative Facts.

Watch this video to hear her talk about the Women’s March On Washington.

Feature Image Source: Screenshot Via Twitter

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