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Lollipop-Throwing Chiropractor Calls School Kids ‘N*****s’ (VIDEO)

A chiropractor has made racist threats against a cop, a crossing guard, and schoolchildren. She even threw lollipops at one.

Danielle Serini Guardavaccarro is a chiropractor in Staten Island, New York. For the time being, at least. After some of her clients received tickets, she went after the cop who issued them and a crossing guard. Although that’s putting it lightly. 

Guardavaccarro actually sent letters to police officer Ebony Glover and crossing guard Jennifer Becker, saying:

“My next opportunity will be getting rid of you and that ugly a** n****r child of the crossing guard. Keep thinking he’s safe in school, but when the opportunity hits, it will with a bang. N*****s don’t belong in my neighborhood.”

Glover supervises the crossing guards.

As if the racist letters sent to the 120th Precinct weren’t enough, Guardavaccarro also sent bags of actual Dum Dum lollipops to each of their homes with a note:

“Enjoy the pops dum dum. Don’t think for a moment I forgot about the so-called crossing guard that is never doing her job. In due time!”


The white chiropractor has continued to harass the crossing guard and cop for well over a year now. In June of 2016, Becker received an order of protection against Guardavaccarro. That didn’t stop her from taking things further last month, though.

That’s when Becker was hit with actual Dum Dum lollipops, thrown by Guardavaccarro herself.

In addition to racial slurs, the chiropractor allegedly spit in Becker’s face, whipped out the middle finger and called her a “f***ing c**t.” That’s not someone who should work on anyone’s spinal alignment.

She was arrested this week and charged with stalking, aggravated harassment, and violation of a protection order. She’s being held on a $3,500 bond and has lawyers who promise to fight for her. 

Watch this video for more information about this racist woman.

Feature Image Source: Screenshot Via Twitter

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