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WATCH: The Women Of ‘The View’ Sound Off On Trump’s Muslim Ban

Two of the hosts on ABC’s The ViewWhoopi Goldberg and Sonny Hostin, have been extremely critical of President Donald Trump’s speeches and policies throughout his campaign and the first few months of his presidency. The two of them were at it again this morning, blasting Trump’s “Muslim Ban 2.0” and co-host Jedidiah Bila for trying to defend it.

After showing a clip from a Tennessee rally where Trump claimed he would take his executive order all the way to the Supreme Court (after it, just like the first Muslim ban Trump signed, was blocked by a federal judge), an incredulous Goldberg started to get the audience riled up. She offered this advice to loud applause:

The Supreme Court is going to tell you the same thing … You can’t just get rid of people because you don’t like their religion, you don’t like their skin color. We took care of all that, D.”

Another co-host, Sonny Hostin, called out the racist connotations of the order:

You can’t use this national security theory as pretext… It’s a Muslim ban because you said it was a Muslim ban!”

Bila tried to argue that the order was not racist; it was banning countries who did not cooperate with the United States’ screening process for people coming into the country. She used Saudi Arabia as an example of a Muslim-majority country not included in the ban.


Hostin, took her to task for that claim:

But that’s where the terrorists came from, Jed, on 9/11! That’s where they came from! If you want to ban anyone, ban that country.”

Goldberg eventually summed up Trump’s executive order as the racist document it is:

Basically, what he’s saying: these people in these countries can’t come here. That’s like saying all black people love chicken.”

Watch the entire exchange below:

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Written by Jordan Baranowski

Jordan is a writer and teacher based out of Kansas City.