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FL Bus Driver Traumatizes Child With Tales Of Burning In Hell — And Gets A Reward (VIDEO)

A Florida bus driver is facing criticism and administrative leave after telling a seven-year-old child that he and his two mothers are going to go to hell because the mothers are in a same-sex relationship.

Violeta Jacobo was placed on paid administrative leave on Monday. A spokesperson for the school district said:

“The School District’s review of this incident has been completed. Violeta Jacobo remains an active bus driver. She has been counseled by her supervisor on how to properly interact with students, including not to discuss or promote religious matters with students.”

The lack of real disciplinary action has sparked outrage among the community in support of the family. Nathaly Encarnacion, one of the mothers, even started a petition against the bus driver, and it has gotten over 250 signatures so far.

Her son came home and told her that Jacobo told her son, “God doesn’t like that,” when her son referred to having two mothers.

Encarnacion said:

“He mentioned [to the bus driver] he was hoping his two moms wouldn’t be upset that he was home so late. She said, ‘Whoa God doesn’t like that,’ then she went on and on telling him how he wouldn’t make it into heaven and there is a such thing as hell.”

The bus driver even gave the kid a Jehovah’s Witness card with a link to a video. Jehovah’s Witnesses are known for being against same-sex relationships. They even make their own videos telling their children to hate people of the LGBT community. They preach that people in same-sex relationships should be celibate, and any opposite-sex behavior should be restricted to one man and one woman who are married.


Encarnacion’s petition reads:

“We believe that disciplinary action should be taken against Ms. Jacobo for her actions. This breach of separation of state and religion cannot be ignored. She should be properly educated on appropriate interactions with children, and her direct contact with children should be limited until she can show that she can properly interact with them.”

I completely agree with the petition. That bus driver should be suspended or fired. Her job is to drive the bus, not to judge the children’s family situations. She was way out of line. Administrative leave is not a punishment.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.

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Written by Natalie Dailey

Hi, I'm from Huntsville, AL. I'm a Liberal living in the Bible Belt, which can be quite challenging at times. I'm passionate about many issues including mental health, women's rights, gay rights, and many others. Check out my blog