Hypocritical Conservatives Outraged By Snoop Dogg Video Showing Fake Trump Being Shot (VIDEO)

Conservatives, Republicans, and right-wing morons certainly have short memories, don’t they?

Rap star Snoop Dogg has just released a video for his new song, “Lavender,” and the video features clowns, police violence, plenty of weed, and a man who is dressed to resemble Donald Trump being shot by Snoop Dogg, along with the lyrics:

“Trying to keep from dying in these muthaf–kin’ streets/ F–k the police/ From a black man’s point of view.”

But here’s the catch: Even after being shot with a fake gun, the Trump character is still very much alive. The only thing that happens to him is Snoop and his friends refuse to share a blunt with him.

The reaction from dimwitted right-wing Trump worshipers was predictable:

Now let’s address just how incredibly hypocritical these same Trump acolytes are. Where were they when this kind of crap was popping up all over the country?


Any right-wing Tea Bagger assholes want to defend those pictures? I don’t recall any of them doing so when it happened. See, in their twisted, racist minds, if you threaten a black man, that’s perfectly acceptable. But should you dare to make fun of a stupid, predatory con man who has admitted he gets off on sexually assaulting women, suddenly you’ve stepped over the line?

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Give me a freaking break!

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