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Artist Uses Old Misogynistic Ads To Literally Show Us How Sexist Trump Really Is (PHOTOS)

Donald Trump is a stone-cold sexist. That was amply established a long time ago. But one artist wanted to show us just how churlish Trump really sounds. He decided to paste some of Trump’s most blatantly sexist comments onto some old misogynistic newspaper and magazine ads to show just how backwards his sentiments really are.

Saint Hoax, a Syrian-born artist who splits his time between New York and Beirut,¬†was doing some research on sexist ads when he realized how similar those ads were to Trump’s statements about women over the years. In an email to Mic, Saint Hoax said that the comparison gave him a brainstorm. He pasted some Trump quotes onto old, sexist ads from the 1950s and 1960s and showed them to his friends. He initially didn’t tell them the original source of the quotes, so they were shocked to discover they were actually from the Donald.

This led him to create his latest “POPlitically incorrect” project, “Making America Misogynistic Again.” The project rolled out on International Women’s Day, and shows some of Trump’s most sexist comments pasted onto sexist ads ranging from 1947 to 1970. The chilling part? Trump’s words match the visuals very well.

For instance, it’s very easy to envision a man turning his wife over his knee and spanking her when you hear Trump boast about how he could “grab them by the p*ssy.” So when you add that quote to a 1955 ad for Chase & Sanborn coffee, you get this:

Image courtesy Saint Hoax
Image courtesy Saint Hoax

And when you hear Trump boast about telling his friends that they need to “‘be rougher’ with their wives,” it’s not hard to see someone dragging a woman by the hair, caveman style. This is from an ad for Warner’s bras.

Image courtesy Saint Hoax
Image courtesy Saint Hoax

And when you hear Trump say that he thinks you have to treat women “like sh*t,” it’s easy to envision a woman portrayed as a rug. This ad was created for L’eggs pantyhose in 1970.

Image courtesy Saint Hoax
Image courtesy Saint Hoax

It’s very telling that as late as 1970, women were still being objectified in print.

Saint Hoax believes that when Trump says he wants to “make America great again,” he actually wants to take this country “back to the ‘Mad Men’ era.” He wants these posters to show the nation that Trump’s “locker room talk” is no laughing matter. Message received.

(featured image courtesy Gage Skidmore, available under a Creative Commons BY-SA license)

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Written by Darrell Lucus

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