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Mark Hamill’s Joker Makes Another Trump Rant Sound As Unhinged As It Looked (AUDIO, TWEET)

Back in January, writer Matt Oswalt noticed that Donald Trump’s New Year “greeting” sounded like something you’d hear from the Joker. The Donald took it upon himself to send “well wishes” to his “many enemies.”  Well, actor Mark Hamill took that observation as a command. While Hamill is best known as Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars trilogy, his other notable role is as the voice of the Joker on the many “Batman” animated cartoons since the 1990s. Hamill read that tweet in his Joker voice–a performance that went severely viral.

Well, when Trump took to Twitter last Saturday morning to rail about the supposed wiretapping of Trump Tower, Hamill needed no prompting. By Tuesday, he’d recorded an epic rendition of how the world’s most famous evil clown would have read that tweetstorm. Listen here.

Wow. That sounds every bit as unhinged and paranoid as it looked on Saturday.

Wondering how Trump would have responded had he listened to this? Well, Hamill has an idea.

As it turns out, this is actually the fourth time that Hamill has read Trump’s 140-character rants in the voice of the Joker. He previously sent up Trump’s ugly Twitter attacks on Meryl Streep and John Lewis.

Hamill told Huffington Post in January that he doesn’t intend to make his impressions of Trump a regular thing. However, he felt compelled to respond when Trump attacked Streep because he sounded so unhinged in doing so. Likewise, he felt “a moral obligation” to respond when Trump slimed Lewis on Martin Luther King Day. Seen in this light, effectively accusing the former president of tapping his phones without any evidence whatsoever demanded a response.

Although Hamill is a card-carrying resistor, he believes it’s important for listeners to decide for themselves whether they sound like something a supervillain would say. He thinks that it “speaks for itself” that Trump’s railings sound so believable coming from the voice of the Joker.

So now we know–when we hear Hamill in the voice of the Joker, we know Trump has gone too far. If Trump’s first month is any indication, we can expect to hear more of this.

(featured image courtesy Hamill’s Twitter)

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Written by Darrell Lucus

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