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Jennifer Garner Takes A Different Approach To Trump (VIDEO)

While Bernie Sanders is constantly calling President Trump out on how his actions seem to be breaking most of his pre-election promises, Jennifer Garner is taking a different approach. She has even said she wants to sit down and have a “steak and a good chat” with the president.

No she has not switched sides, she has decided to call Trump out on making good on the promises he made to the children of America, face to face.

The Washington Post has also noted the pair make unlikely allies. She did, after all, campaign for Hillary and held a fundraiser for Obama. During Garner’s interview with the Washington Post she said:

“I’m looking forward to helping him make good on what they saw as promises, a mandate from him, that he was going to make their lives better.”

She also acknowledged in the interview that many of her liberal friends:

“…want to turn their back to this administration . . . [and] just wouldn’t even want to engage.”

While her politics may be opposed to Trump’s in many ways, she explains her reasons for being willing to deal with him stating:

“If he’s willing to help the poor kids who got him elected, then let’s do it. They certainly think he’s going to.”


The motivation for Garner is the Save the Children Foundation, something that means so much to her that she has been on the board for nine years. Through the Save the Children Foundation Garner and Mark Shriver have worked to campaign for poor rural families who need assistance in the form of educational and literacy programs.

It could be seen as a case of attempting to make lemonade when life hands you lemons, or perhaps she believes it is the least he owes these people. Garner describes why she thinks Trump was elected saying:

“People felt like Trump really understood them, that he was going to come in and create jobs for them. They felt like they needed something to just turn everything upside down.”

He certainly is turning things upside. Perhaps some of the people who voted for Trump did so out of desperation, but the appointment of billionaire after billionaire to form an extremely wealthy (and out of touch) cabinet can be far from reassuring for those people.

Jennifer Garner’s approach is certainly different and only in time we will see if engaging with him issue by issue is worth a try.


Featured image via By US Department of Education – – Early Learning Bill Event 470, CC BY 2.0.

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