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Trump Shill Tries To Troll Dems, Winds Up Proving Her Own Stupidity (TWEETS)

If you were hoping we’d seen the last of Trump spokesperson (and candidate for Most Annoying Human Being on Earth) Katrina Pierson now that the campaign is over with, I have some bad news for you: She’s back and more moronic than ever.

Pierson decided to weigh in on the first day of confirmation hearings for Jeff Sessions, who has been nominated to serve as Attorney General of the United States. So Pierson posted this on Twitter:

Pierson, trying desperately to play social media troll, wound up getting her empty head handed to her by other residents of Twitter:

Katrina, it looks like you’re just no good at this online trolling thing. So maybe you should find a bridge and take up residence under it.

h/t Addicting Info

Featured Image Via CNN Screengrab

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