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INSANE ‘White-ish’ Trump Tweet Resurfaced And Is Going Viral

President-elect Donald Trump’s handlers have done a lot of scrubbing to Trump’s Twitter account, but sometimes they miss things. Like some of Trump’s more racist tweets.

It’s The Same Reason We Don’t Have White History Month, Trump

On January 8, the New York Times‘ David Itzkoff reminded us all of a tweet from Trump, sent in 2014, that proves, again, that Trump is a complete moron.

Itzkoff retweeted it with the words “Never forget,” and Twitter responded.

As Twitter does.

Some made this excellent point:

Some could not believe what they were reading:

A few stated what we’re all feeling every time Trump opens his mouth:


And, of course, several took the time to point out the obvious:

Note to White people – we are represented in everything already. We don’t need “Whitish” because, as the tweet above says, that’s pretty much every show on television. We don’t need “White history month” because every freaking month is White history month.

Tweets like Trump’s speak to the White people who can’t stand seeing people of color represented on their own, apart from White people.

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Written by Carrie MacDonald

Carrie is a progressive mom and wife living in the upper Midwest.