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Donald Trump Fact-Checked, Arrested Development Style (VIDEO)

YouTube user NeverCaesar created a perfect series of videos that fact-check President-elect Donald Trump’s absurd debate performances.

These aren’t the rambling, mind-numbingly boring “fact checks” that have become commonplace on many websites in this post-facts era. Rather, they’re each under three minutes and do a perfect imitation of the Ron Howard voice-over that fact checks all of the characters on the Emmy-winning comedy, “Arrested Development.”

If you’re a fan of amazing comedy or just a fan of factually accurate information, spend seven to eight minutes of your life watching these masterpieces.

First Debate


Second Debate

Final Debate

Featured image credit: screengrab from NeverCaesar’s YouTube

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Written by Connor Ertz

Currently a researcher at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, MA. Has experience in diabetes and cancer research, as well as a background in marine biology.

Writes science and health blogs on his website at