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Trump Told Russia To Hack The US – THIS Video Proves It (VIDEO)

With each passing day in the lead up to the Fourth Reich, Donald Trump appears to be preparing to treat democracy the same way he treats independent contractors. Assuming your head is far from your own a$$, it’s painfully obvious that Russia played a role in sabotaging the 2016 Presidential Election.

Lord Cheeto has managed to do the unthinkable: make the CIA seem like the good guys. His infantile outbursts and factless explanations regarding Russia’s involvement in interfering with the 2016 Presidential Election are doing nothing more than proving he’s Putin’s b*tch. But what the lamestream media–and most talking heads–seem to be missing is the fact that Trump previously goaded the Russians into hacking the DNC.

Here’s what Trump said about the Russian hacking:

Trump would later go on to say that he was being ‘sarcastic’ when he made those phenomenally, breathtakingly stupid comments. Because if there’s anything trump is famous for, it’s his wit, no?

Democrats should be spending every waking hour trying to put an end to this criminal clown show, perpetually using the above video as indelible proof of Trump’s coziness with a hostile state. After all, could you imagine the mouth-foaming rage that would occur if the situation were reversed?

Featured image via YouTube.

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Written by Michael Hayne

Michael is a comedian/writer/voice artist/impressionist (but no Monet) who co-wrote an award-nominated political comedy, appeared on Nat Geo, and contributed political commentary and humor all over the web. And when I'm doing that, I am thinking of ways in which to avoid having my kidneys removed and sold on the black market. Follow Michael on twitter @Mikehayne, Facebook, and