Trolls Hit Trump Transition Team’s Twitter Account With AWESOME Results (TWEETS)

Twitter has long been one of Donald Trump’s favorite venues for airing his hateful thoughts and attempting to slag those he disagrees with, but now that he’s President-elect, social media karma is dropping by to tear him–and his fledgling team–a new one.

It all started when the Trump transition team sent out their first official tweet yesterday:

It didn’t take long for others on Twitter to take the air right out of that balloon:

As Donnie and his team are learning, once you get elected, things change, and not always for the better. True, they may have the trappings of power now, but they also have the pressure of being in a blinding spotlight every moment of the day. It should be fun to see how they manage the stress, not to mention the insults.

Featured Image Via YouTube Screengrab