The Most Popular Donald Trump Google Searches — By State (VIDEO)

Image by Bruno Moraes via Estately

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has created quite a pile of sh*t this election season – or, as he calls it, “campaigning.” Naturally, many people are curious about the man and they’re googling for more info about him. What’s interesting, however, is that interest in The Donald varies widely by state.

Here’s the visual. Montana — ouch (sociopath).

Image by Bruno Moraes via Estately

More of the best:

1. California

Californians are, naturally, looking for a new place to live.

2. Nevada

Nevada wants to know if he can win.

3. Washington State

Yes, the Trump Voodoo Doll is really a thing.

Trumpy Voodoo
Trumpy Voodoo

4. Iowa

Iowans are wondering if Trump is deliberately trying to appeal to these racist jackasses that are supporting him.

The answer is yes.

5. Alabama

*Sigh* My state just thinks Melania is hot. (I’m not googling that shit.)

6. New York

In his home state, they are trying to find ways to get him to quit.

7. Maine

People in Maine want to know about Trump steaks and if they are actually good.

8. Tennessee

Tennessee wants to know if Trump is a Democrat. Obviously, he’s not, though David French may beg to differ.

9. Louisiana and Mississippi

Both of these states are looking for President Obama’s birth certificate. The year 2008 called, they want their Google searches back.

10. North Carolina

North Carolina is just really concerned as to why Trump is orange.


11. South Carolina

South Carolina is looking for Trump endorsements. Dear South Carolina: they’re all nutjobs.

12. Texas

Texans want to know what will happen if Trump wins.

13. Hawaii

Hawaii is concerned about his ownership of the Miss Teen USA pageant.

14. Illinois

Illinois wants to find Trump merchandise. I hope they are holding some epic bonfires over there. Read my previous article about Amazon reviews of Trump’s clothing.

15. Ohio

Ohio wants to see Donald Trump movies. I guess they really like the horror genre.

16. Michigan

Michigan just really wants to know if The Donald is racist. The answer is: yes.

17. Oklahoma

Daily Dot says:

“Oklahomans are still concerned about the ‘taco bowl’ he was eating on Cinco de Mayo.”

18. Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania really wants to know how to build walls.

19. Idaho

Idaho really finds it funny that his ancestral name is “Drumpf.”

20. Nebraska

Nebraska thinks the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was murdered.

21. And Montana?

Here’s your answer.

Here is a video of someone trying many possible searches which shows what other people are searching about the candidate:

h/t Estately via the Daily Dot

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