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Student Claims Bathroom Discrimination For Something That ‘Might’ Happen (VIDEO)

A female student at a high school in Pennsylvania is saying that she will be discriminated against if her school allows transgender students in the locker rooms. That’s fine if she doesn’t like transgender people. The problem is that there are not any transgender people at her school.

Sigourney Coyle, who is set to enter ninth grade at Emmaus High School said:

“I am a woman, and I identify as a woman, and you can’t make me change in front of someone who I don’t identify with, who is physically male.”

After the hateful law in North Carolina passed, President Barack Obama issued some guidelines to schools saying that transgender students should be able to use the locker rooms and bathrooms of the gender they identify with. Some school districts were mad about the letter before they even received it.

Ever since Obama issued this guidance, Sigourney Coyle sat out of her Physical Education (PE) class in middle. She said she didn’t feel comfortable changing where transgender students could change. Again, there are not any transgender students at the school.

Her mother, Aryn Coyle, wrote:

“I have always been an advocate of any special arrangement that prevents any group of people from being mistreated based on who they are. But I will NOT stand by while the law dictates that male bodies are allowed to walk into my daughter’s locker room, undress next to her, and shower alongside her. Whether or not the male bodies are covered in pants or skirts is irrelevant. They have no place in her locker room.”


Sigourney Coyle also said:

“Gym requires us to participate to pass high school and if I don’t change I am not allowed to participate. So my options are to let myself be discriminated against or fail gym for not participating and not pass through high school, which would jeopardize my future.”

Again, this is already getting out of control. This family is complaining about being offended when they haven’t been offended yet. They are claiming discrimination before it even occurs. Even if there are transgender students at the school, giving them rights doesn’t mean you are being discriminated against.

Here is the Coyle family talking about this issue:

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.

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Written by Natalie Dailey

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