WATCH: Roger Ailes Called Out To His Face On Sexual Harassment At Republican Convention

Roger Ailes
Image via youTube screengrab.

Before Ailes lost his job at Fox News, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog knew all about it. Triumph’s creator, Robert Smigel, recently released a video of the insults Triumph dished out at the Republican National Convention in July, before Ailes resigned.

Roger Ailes
Image via YouTube screengrab.

Dogged Pursuit Of Every Celeb He Could Insult

The video is about 12:25 long. As Triumph paraded around the convention center, he insulted just about everyone he met—Wolf Blitzer, Scott Baio, a Rod Stewart look-alike, and Bob Schieffer, just to name a few. He also did a little photo bombing as CNN was on air.

When he met Ailes (or an Ailes look-alike), he said:

“Roger Ailes, will sexually harass for food.”

This was before Ailes actually resigned or was fired. A few minutes later, he told someone else to ask Ailes for a job, because:

“He’s starting a new show. Fox and Friends with Benefits.”

Roger Ailes
Image via YouTube screengrab.

At the end of the convention, Triumph persuaded a Roger Ailes look-alike to help him get back into the convention hall. He greeted people with:

“Salaam-Alaikum. I’m an Arab but you can’t kick me out because I’m with Roger Ailes.”

Every minute of this clip is worth watching. Calling Roger Ailes out to his face is priceless. Check out Triumph destroy the Republican National Convention.

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