New York Post Displays Grossly Irresponsible Cover That SHOCKS The Country (VIDEO)

The New York Post wasted no time capitalizing on the shooting of police officers in Dallas and the killing of two innocent men of color in Louisiana and Minnesota this week with a cover that sparked outrage and disgust across the country.

Instead of waiting for actual details released by police that the sniper in the Dallas shootings that injured seven police officers and killed five admittedly acted alone and was not in any way connected to the Black Lives Matter movement, the New York Post took “journalism” to an all-new low with their horrifying, inflammatory cover, and the public was quick to call them out on it.

At a time when tensions are high and lives are at stake, it is more important than ever that journalists tasked with informing the public do so well and responsibly instead of writing sensational headlines with profits in mind. Shame on the New York Post as well as all of those who refuse to acknowledge systemic racism as the root cause of the divide between American citizens. There is nothing more divisive than using false rhetoric and inflammatory lies to further stir tensions already at a breaking point.

For some real truth about the Black Lives Matter movement and the need for accountability among those sworn to protect and serve, take it from Officer Nakia Jones in the video below, not the New York Post.