Florida AG And Donald Trump Now Face Bribery Complaint Over Trump U Payoff

Perhaps you’re familiar with the axiom, Karma can be a real mean son of a gun. And it turns out that applies even if you’re a Presidential candidate who claims to be worth $10 billion or the Attorney General of Florida.

This morning, a Boston-based attorney by the name of Whitfield Larrabee, filed bribery complaints with the U.S. Attorney’s Offices in Florida and New York against Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and Donald Trump, alleging they violated federal law. This is related to an incident from 2013 when Bondi, a Republican, personally solicited Trump and received a $25,000 contribution to her political committee from the real estate mogul.

At the time of the contribution, Bondi’s was reviewing dozens of complaints against Trump University, which is now the subject of a class action federal lawsuit alleging that Trump and Trump U committed fraud by bilking students out of as much as $40-50,000 each but providing them with nothing more than information that could have been gotten from a Google search.

Bondi, as AG of Florida, was considering joining a New York state-led lawsuit against Trump, but after Trump made the donation to her campaign, she chose not to pursue the case despite the fact that  her office had received numerous fraud complaints from Floridians who alleged they had been fleeced for tens of thousands of dollars by Trump and his now defunct university.

Larrabee says Bondi and Trump’s actions were a clear case of quid pro quo:

“If it looks like a bribe and quacks like a bribe, I think it’s a bribe.”

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In the complain itself, Larrabee states:

“Evidence strongly indicates that Bondi’s decision not to initiate or participate in litigation against Trump University was given in exchange for Trump’s contribution based on the short time period between the receipt of the political contribution and the announcement of Bondi’s decision not to participate in the New York litigation.”

Yep, karma can be a real son of a bitch.

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