Trump May Need To Make His Business Great Again After This Election (VIDEO)

Donald Trump may say that his main focus right now is “making America great again,” but he may have to make his own business great again after all is said and done in this election. As it turns out, Trump’s hotels have suffered a staggering loss in bookings following Trump’s entry into the primary.

Why is that? Well, just think about it. Sure, a staggering number of Republican voters support him, as he seems to pretty much have the GOP nomination mostly in the bag, but a vast number of Americans hate him with a fervor. He has the highest unfavorable rating of any presidential candidate in U.S. history. Of course that would translate into a hit in his business.

Do you think liberals are going to want to stay in his hotels, no matter how “tremendous” they are, after all the bigotry, hate, and stupidity vomited from his mouth? Hell, no.

Before he entered the race, Trump hotels boasted an average 1.7% of all hotel bookings in any given city one was located in. Now, they’re down to 0.7%, a 59.3% decline.

Photo courtesy of U.S. Uncut

Some of his hotels are suffering really hard times. Trump Soho New York and Trump International Hotel Las Vegas are down 74% and 71% in bookings, respectively. The hatred in New York may come as a surprise since Trump is from New York, but remember that New York is a deep blue state. It’s also an international city (as is Las Vegas) where tons of people from abroad are likely booking hotels. You know, those people Trump doesn’t like.

It turns out that demanding women you marry cook your dinner, calling Latinos “rapists and drug dealers,” and threatening to ban all Muslims (an estimated 25% of the world’s population) is bad for business. It might get you those red votes, but it might very well come at the cost of your business. Good. Let it burn to the ground along with his campaign.

Donald Trump’s business skills have never been that great anyway. Don’t believe me? Watch this massively popular John Oliver takedown of Trump below:

Featured image by m01229 via Flickr, available under a Creative Commons 2.0 license.


Nick Bartholomew is a writer, editor, and an LLA (Liberal Living Abroad) based in Osaka, Japan. While he spends his time enjoying Japanese culture, he still does his civic duty by following US politics closely. He also blogs about gaming and technology on his website Ctrl-Alt Awesome.