Head Of Christian Charity Steals $475,000 In Donations To Pay For His Sex Addiction

Jon S. Petersen is the president and co-founder of World Ambassadors, Ltd., a group that offers Christian outreach to international students on college campuses. And he’s also one hell of a horny guy.

Petersen recently entered a guilty plea to the charge of moving (i.e. embezzling) $475,000 in donations from his Christian nonprofit organization to his personal account in order to help defray the cost of his gargantuan sexual appetite. He could face three years in prison for his actions.

How did Brother Petersen manage to get caught stealing so much money from the charity? Well, the key piece of evidence against him turned out to be his personal tax filing for 2013, in which he neglected to report some $114,000 he had stolen from World Ambassadors as taxable income. The IRS does not appreciate little mistakes like that.

One wonders what exactly in the way of sex Petersen needed nearly a half million dollars for. Internet porn? Call girls? Prosecutors declined to elaborate on how Petersen spent the ill-gotten funds, but did note that he had also maxed out his credit cards and taken out a home equity line of credit.

Half a million dollars for sex? Really? Apparently this good Christian man was hooked on something so addictive that he could not manage to let go. Then again, perhaps he used a lot of the money for travel, hotel rooms, and other sundries that are associated with such exploits.

It has been said that charity begins at home. Jon Petersen took that a bit too literally.

Featured Image Via Pixabay