WATCH: Officer Seen Taking Gold Chain From Beaten Suspect (VIDEO)

An Alameda County deputy is in more trouble after video has been released showing him taking a suspect’s gold chain. The suspect, Stanislav Petrov, was badly beaten by three deputies after leading them on a 38-minute vehicle chase in November.

Petrov suffered broken bones and a concussion as a result of the beating. The video was posted by Jeff Adachi to his office’s YouTube page. Adachi is the Public Defender of San Francisco, an elected position.

The three deputies are currently on paid leave. The lawyer for Deputy Osborne, identified as the one taking the chain, denies that the video shows anything.

The incident was witnessed by homeless couple, Jerome Allen and Haley Harris. The couple had previously told reporters that one of the deputies had given them a gold necklace and cash in exchange for their silence about the incident.

Alison Berry Wilkinson, Osborne’s lawyer, said the claims were “absolutely outrageous.” A spokesman for the Sheriff’s Office said they were aware of the video and that they expect criminal charges to be filed in the matter.

The district attorney’s office has yet to finish their investigation into the matter. They’ve asked the FBI for assistance in clearing up the video, which is quite grainy.

Petrov’s attorney, Michael Haddad, filed a claim against the city. Haddad also plans to file a federal civil rights lawsuit in the case due to how Petrov was treated. He can be seen surrendering with his hands on his head in the video.

Adachi has been critical of the district attorney’s office and the time they’ve taken to come to a decision.

“Eyewitnesses have come forward with detailed accounts that corroborate what’s seen on the footage,” he said. “Isn’t that enough for the San Francisco district attorney to bring criminal charges against these deputies?”

There will be more to come in this story. In the meantime, watch the video and draw your own conclusions.


Featured image screengrab via YouTube