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Anti-Gay Group Boycotting PayPal Is Taking Donations — Through PayPal

After North Carolina passed legislation making it legal for businesses to discriminate against the LGBT community, many corporations responded by moving their operations elsewhere. In particular, PayPal, the large online payment company, canceled plans to add a new $3.6 million facility in the state. It is estimated that PayPal’s response alone will cost the state around 400 new jobs.

In response, the Family Research Center, an anti-gay group based in Washington D.C., attacked the tech giant in an email from Tony Perkins. Screenshot of the press release email below via Joe My God:

Joe My God
Joe My God

The group is calling for a boycott of all PayPal services.

Apparently, the Family Research Center does not understand what boycott means, because when visitors attempt to make donations to the organization, the preferred payment method is none other than PayPal.



But LGBT activists have noted that despite the group savaging PayPal and telling their supporters to reject their extremism, their website tells a very different story if you try to donate money.

Attempting to donate $100 to the group through their central payment system, we were very surprised to see the preferred option is… PayPal.

Getty Images/Spencer Platt
Getty Images/Spencer Platt

It would be a lie to say that hypocrisy from a group such as this one is all that surprising.

Image by Getty/Borja Sanchez Trillo.

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Written by Matthew Johnsen

Matt writes about politics, technology, and millennial issues. He works as a blogger, journalist, and copywriter in Austin, Texas.