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Interracial Couple Evicted From RV Park In Mississippi For Not Disclosing Husband Is Black

Over the weekend, the landlord of an RV park in Tupelo, Mississippi evicted a married couple because they’re  in an interracial marriage.

WTF?! Did we just enter a time warp and plummet back to 1961 Mississippi?

The landlord in question, Gene Baker admitted that he asked Erica Flores Dunahoo and her African-American husband, Stanley Hoskins, to leave his RV park in Tupelo for a very simple reason: Because “the neighbors were giving me such a problem.”

To hell with the neighbors! It does not matter what they say! They are the ones with the problem, not the couple that was evicted.

Dunahoo, who moved into the park with her husband just last month, said Baker was very nice about it when he told her she and Hoskins would have to leave:

“He was real nice. He invited me to church and gave me a hug. I bragged on him to my family.”

Baker allegedly approached Dunahoo, and told her:

“Hey, you didn’t tell me you was married to no black man. Oh, it’s a big problem with the members of my church, my community and my mother-in-law…They don’t allow that black and white shacking.”

Dunahoo assured Baker that she was legally married to Hoskins, but Baker replied that was “the same thing.”

Baker also said this to Dunahoo:


“You don’t talk like you wouldn’t be with no black man. If you would had come across like you were with a black man, we wouldn’t have this problem right now.”

Once again I feel compelled to repeat this: WTF?!

The Mississippi NAACP conducted an investigation into the incident shortly after being contacted by Dunahoo. Local NAACP President Derrick Johnson noted:

“Racial discrimination should be a thing of the past in Mississippi, considering our long history.”

When contacted, Baker later claimed he personally had no problem with interracial couples, but Dunahoo alleges he told her if she and her husband did go to his church, they would not be allowed to join because of their marriage.

Would Baker be amenable to letting another interracial couple live at his RV park. When asked, Baker said:

“I’m closing it down, and that solves the problem.”

No, Mr. Baker, that only solves one of the problems. The ones you harbor deep inside can apparently never be solved or alleviated.

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