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Creationist Nutjob Ken Ham: Teaching Kids Science Is ‘Intellectual Child Abuse’

For those of you unfamiliar with the concept of young earth creationism, here’s a quick rundown: young earth creationists believe that, when the Bible says that God created the earth in six days, they believe it was literally six days.

They don’t give any thought to the fact that the folks writing the Bible may not be experts in creation, since they weren’t there. Or that the original writer meant something else because (gasp!) the Bible wasn’t written in English, and has been translated and transcribed hundreds of times over the years. Or that the creation myth is a metaphor. Nope! These folks pick up their Bibles, read what is there, and believe every.single.word is literally true in the modern sense of the word.

Because the earth was created in six days, young earth creationism says, it can’t be very old. That means that, to them, evolution isn’t a thing, and geology is a bunch of lies. Young earth creationism estimates that the earth is about six thousand years old.

Ken Ham is a superstar in the world of young earth creationism, being impervious to logic and reason, and maintaining his assinine positions in the face of overwhelming criticism. He is the genius behind the Creationist Museum. His newest project is to prove how completely doable Noah’s Ark was, by trying to raise over one hundred million dollars, and by spending nearly a decade in construction. Y’know, just like God told Noah to do.

Anyway, now you know what kind of person we’re dealing with here. Recently, Ham posted this on his Facebook page:

young earth creationism
Via Facebook.

Here is a classic case of a religious person conflating their own worldview with reality, and then arbitrarily making moral judgements on topics unrelated to morality. Ham claims that teaching evolution is “intellectual child abuse” (not a thing) because the kids are taught that they are “just animals in an evolutionary process” who are “made in the image of an ape.”

Even his use of language shows his complete inability to understand evolution: there is no “made in the image of anything” in evolution! Obviously, that is a monotheistic creation myth concept! So of course it sounds ridiculous when Ham use his creationism language in discussing a scientific concept. That’s like saying that you can’t go swimming because you had eggs for breakfast.


But it’s no wonder than Ken Ham doesn’t like science. Because scientific evidence has shown that kids raised in religious homes are more selfish than kids from secular homes. One of the reasons Ham categorically denies any non-God-oriented concept is because he is terrified of “moral relativism” that leads to things like drugs and gayness, in Ham’s mind. So far, evidence shows that that is not the case. At all.

Objective information has also shown that Ham has received tens of millions of dollars in tax exemptions for his worthless ark project, and has virtually nothing to show for it. There has been some pushback from the government and citizens because Ham clearly wants to trample the separation of church and state.

I have a solution to his nonsense: let’s claim that hearing him speak is “intellectual torture” to folks with more than six brain cells, and have him deported back to Australia.

Featured image is a screencap from video.

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