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BOOM! GOP Senator Tells Fox News Host Sean Hannity He’s Full Of Sh*t

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The rise of Donald Trump has not been good for the Republican party, despite what the Donald says about how he’s bringing new voters into the GOP. Instead, Trump has the potential to rip the GOP apart and leave it so badly splintered that it will take decades for the party to fully recover.

Further evidence of this was on display at the CPAC conference in Maryland yesterday, when Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse confronted Fox News host Sean Hannity.

First, some background: Hannity said Friday on his nausea-inducing radio said that Sasse had declared he could not support Trump should he win the GOP nomination. Then Hannity told his listeners that Sasse would instead support Hillary Clinton in November, even though the Senator said no such thing.

Word of what Hannity had said reached Sasse, and he confronted Hannity, angrily telling him:

“Sean Hannity, what you are doing is bullcrap!”


Hannity attempted to defend what he had said on his broadcast, but Sasse was far from finished with the smug Fox News hack, adding:

“You have gone on the air and said because I took what I believe to be a moral position and said I cannot vote for Donald Trump, I will not vote for Donald Trump, you are telling my constituents that I am voting for Hillary Clinton. And I am not voting for Hillary Clinton.”

Looks like a civil war has indeed broken out among the different factions of the Grand Old Party. As a progressive, I have to admit that it’s fun to watch and certainly bodes well for our side. Let the Republicans pick each other off with their taunts and rude words. They’re a threat to the country anyway, and if they wind up badly weakened as a result of Donald Trump, then at least he will have performed one useful function.

Feature Image Via Flickr available under a Creative Commons 2.0 license

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