Trump, Jr. Offers To Pay For Black Celebrities To Leave U.S. (VIDEO)

Trump Jr. republican candidate pay for blacks to leave u.s.
Screengrab from YouTube.

It appears Trump’s sons are about as dense as their horribly bronzed father. They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…

Trump, Jr. and his brother, Eric Trump, appeared on Monday’s episode of Fox News’ morning lobotomy “Fox & Friends,” offering their thoughts on their father, his detractors, and “Super Tuesday.”

Eric Trump spoke highly of his father, the bloated corpse Donald Trump, on the program. He expressed his disapproval of the attacks directed at the Republican presidential candidate by people capable of even basic rational thought. “You know, it’s sad to see,” Eric Trump said of the attacks. “We love our father. He’s an amazing guy — he would do such an unbelievable job for this country. He’s an amazing businessman, he’s an amazing negotiator. He’s funding himself, right?”

After a bit more banter between Trump’s shellac-headed progeny and fresh-out-of-the-package Fox host Ainsley Earhardt, the conversation turned to Trump’s detractors. “Alright, now, there are a lot of celebrities that don’t agree with your dad,” said Earhardt. “That don’t think he’s going to make America great. Listen to this.”

“I don’t think that’s America. I don’t want want it to be America. Maybe it’s time for me to move?” — Whoopi Goldberg

“If Donald Trump is the nominee, I’m open to support anyone while I’m also reserving my ticket to get out of here if he wins.” — Al Sharpton

“If any Republican gets nominated, I’m going to move to Canada with my entire family.” — Raven-Symone

It figures Fox’s clip would be of three well-known black figures speaking about leaving the United States if Trump wins while conveniently ignoring other public figures who have made the same claim, such as Jon Stewart (since Fox seems to think everything he says is serious), Rosie O’Donnell, and Barry Diller. Hell, not even a peep about the thousands of U.S. citizens who have urgently responded to Rob Calabrese’s half-joking, half-serious advertisement for Americans to leave the U.S. for Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton Island in the event Trump is elected President.

The statements by Whoopi Goldberg, Al Sharpton, and Raven-Symone tickled Trump’s sons, with Eric Trump stating the criticisms might “be the greatest endorsement ever” and Trump, Jr. claiming he’ll “buy them their airfare.”

Trump, Jr. reiterated his brother’s comments. From Raw Story:

“‘Those are endorsements for Trump,’ Trump Jr. said. ‘That’s the thing — when you have the establishment people in the debates, and they stack the debates with a thousand people that are all booing, those are votes for us. Because the people in the audience watching from home are like, ‘Wait a minute — he’s saying what I’m thinking.’ I love that. That’s as good an endorsement as we could possibly get.'”

If we’re to assume, for a moment, that Donald Trump, Jr. is correct in his assertion that people listening to Trump are saying to themselves that the boisterous Republican presidential candidate is “saying what [they’re] thinking,” then perhaps we have overstated how tolerant and inclusive Americans have become. Look, I’ve never bought that “post-racial America” bullshit, but Trump supporters seem to be telling the country that there are more bigots and more idiots than some of our most conservative estimates have claimed.

Trump’s recent snafu surrounding David Duke suddenly makes more sense.

Even though it is important to remain objective when looking into Trump’s claims, and especially those of his children, it’s difficult to completely write off Trump, Jr.’s assertion. Plenty of Trump supporters have justified their view by saying that Trump says what they’ve been thinking and the staggering degree in which Trump is rolling through primaries shows he has strong support all over.

Maybe Donald Trump, Jr.’s assertions about the supporters of his Republican candidate father are correct. If they are, then we are more devolved than anyone could have suspected and run the risk of devolving further.

Featured image is a screenshot from YouTube.

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