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Bernie Sanders Spars With Chris Matthews During MSNBC Interview

Chris Matthews of MSNBC found himself interrogating Bernie Sanders Thursday night, when he had intended to interview him.

Senator Sanders resonated with the college students in the audience by using words like revolution, radical, rally, and demand.  This helps one understand why young people flock to the senator when one hears the words he uses.

This interview resembled more like a tug-of-war as Sanders blamed Wall Street and corporations for the current electoral process.  He also proposed taxing Wall Street and declared that people should go to college for free. However, when Matthews asked him if Senator Charles Schumer of New York would vote in favor of his proposals, he answered, “Call him up. I don’t know.”

There was no phone for Matthews to use.

Sanders focused more on his ability to relate to others when a student asked him about his religious heritage when he testified that he saw many Holocaust survivors with numbers tattooed into their skin.

Wall Street were the words of the hour, as Sanders gave taxing answers to funding questions.   Did Matthews feel taxed by the answers?

Who saw the expression on Matthews’ face?

The Vermont senator assured Matthews that the enthusiasm of young voters would convince their parents to join them at the polls.  However, Matthews countered that younger voters don’t usually vote.  History proves this when the youth who voted in general elections stayed in the dorm two years later.


Ask President Obama and President Clinton.

Both presidents were abandoned by those who elected them.  What is the saying we
all know about history?

One wonders if the Nielsen rating will reflect the audience which attended the interview at the University of Chicago on Thursday night.  Don’t ask anyone from the Washington Post.

Who knows?  Maybe their parents will be as convinced to vote for the senator as he is that his young supporters will be there to touch the screen.

What do you think?

What do you think?

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