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Redneck Idiots Plan ‘Kudatah’ Against Government

Here’s an argument for a strong publicly-funded school system: some right-wing idiots in Alberta, Canada decided to plan a “kudatah” against the current provincial government.

If you are not a phonetic reader, you may not realize that they meant “coup d’etat”– the French term meaning “violent overthrow of the government.” The stereotype that all Canadians speak French? Yeah, not so much.

Image via Facebook, courtesy of CBC.
Image via Facebook, courtesy of CBC.

The “NDP” mentioned by the nutjobs stands for “New Democratic Party,” a far-left party elected in Alberta after 44 years of Conservative rule. The NDP ran on a platform of restoring funding to an education system and healthcare system facing major cuts, and reviewing tax schemes and oil revenues. In American terms, Alberta went from having a Mike Huckabee government to a Bernie Sanders government in one election.

So, obviously, the Huckabee-philes are unhappy about a Democratic Socialist-leaning government, and have been complaining about it ever since their victory in May 2015. And since they have as much political savvy and intelligence as actual Huckabee supporters in the US, they have been promoting a non-democratic view. That idiocy has crystalized in this “kudatah” talk, roundly mocked on social media.

Image via Facebook.
Image via Facebook.

I have to admit, this is the first thing I thought of too:

Some folks even helped plan a “kudatah:”


Full disclosure: this is where I live, and believe me, I am embarrassed to be from the same province as these yokels. Alberta is kind of like Canada’s Texas– we have farms, oil, and lots of hicks. We also have urban centres that are as progressive and liberal as the rest of the country.

My city, Calgary, has the first visible-minority mayor in Canada, and the first Muslim mayor in North America. That’s right, folks: an openly Muslim mayor! And we haven’t adopted Sharia law yet! In fact, the city has become more liberal under Mayor Nenshi. And he’s such a cool dude that even the right-wing nutjobs haven’t planned a “kudatah” against him yet.

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