Trump Ironically Claims TV Show Host Is A ‘Racist’

Presidential candidate Donald Trump has had the audacity to label someone as being a “racist” in what is possibly one of his most hypocritical claims to date.

Republican Trump lashed out at TV show host Tavis Smiley over social media following remarks that Tavis made about him.

Trump labelled Smiley as a “hater” and “racist” on Twitter in a show of what can only be considered to be blatant irony.

Trump’s tweet came one day after Smiley appeared on television and made a remark about Trump that criticized his recent comments concerning race.

Trump’s claims follow Smiley’s appearance on ABC’s This Week where he referred to Trump as a “religious and racial arsonist” because of the ridiculous remarks he regularly makes about various marginalized groups.

Smiley stated:

“What troubles me though is that Trump is still to my mind at least an unrepentant, irascible, religious and racial arsonist.”

Smiley continued to express his concerns that Trump’s poll numbers are continuing to rise in spite of the “base message that he is putting out there.”

Trump hit back at Smiley’s comments by claiming that “ABC can do much better than him,” despite the fact that Smiley is not an ABC employee.

Taking into consideration that Smiley appeared on George Stephanopoulos’s show to discuss his newly released book, The Covenant With Black America: Ten Years Later, it is not surprising that Trump and his views on race came up in conversation.

However it seems Smiley’s comments did not go down well with Trump and he defended himself in the only way he knows how, by making unfounded claims on social media.

Although it is not uncommon for Trump to hit back at critics in this way, it is the first time that Trump has labelled a member of the media as a “racist.”

Image by DonkeyHotey via Flickr under this Creative Commons License.

Natasha is a freelance writer, feminist, and coffee addict based in the UK. She has a Master's degree in Literary Studies and specialised in Gender Studies throughout her time at University. She spends her free time collecting tattoos and dying her hair bizarre colours, much to her girlfriend's dismay.


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