Embarrassing Human Rights Interview Sees Ben Carson Label LGBT ‘Abnormal’

In an interview with a Catholic news network on human rights, Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson thought it was appropriate to label the LGBT community as “abnormal” and state that they should not be given “extra rights.”

Carson made his feelings toward the LGBT community perfectly clear during an interview with the Witherspoon Institute’s Matthew Franck as part of a series of conversations with presidential candidates on EWTN.

When Franck asked Carson about the efforts made by the Department of Education to protect transgender students in schools, Carson wasted no time in talking about how the “extra rights” that are being given to the LGBT community are “destroying” America.

Carson chose gay marriage as his example as he attempted to justify his reasoning for his illogical statement and said:

“I mean, it’s beyond ridiculous that you take the most abnormal situation and then you make everyone else conform to it. That doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. That’s one of the very reasons that I have been an outspoken opponent of things like gay marriage.”

Carson continued rambling and said “I don’t have any problem with gay people doing anything they want to do” before completely contradicting himself by saying he has a “big problem” with two gay people getting married.

Carson stated:

“When you now impose your value system on everybody else and change fundamental definitions and principles of society, I have a big problem with that.”

Carson goes on to contradict himself again by saying that gay rights, which are essentially basic human rights, are “extra rights” and the LGBT community should not be entitled to them. He claims:

“Everybody is equal, everybody has equal rights, but nobody gets extra rights. And when we start trying to impose the extra rights based on a few people who perhaps are abnormal, where does that lead?”

Not only does Carson label the LGBT community as “abnormal” but he dismisses the arguments for gay and transgender rights as “garbage” and bizarrely warns that gay marriage will only lead to the legalization of polygamy.

Image by DonkeyHotey via Flickr under this Creative Commons License.

Natasha is a freelance writer, feminist, and coffee addict based in the UK. She has a Master's degree in Literary Studies and specialised in Gender Studies throughout her time at University. She spends her free time collecting tattoos and dying her hair bizarre colours, much to her girlfriend's dismay.


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