They Haven’t Been Wrong Since 1975 And They Say Our Next President Will Be…

Even with the lead Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) has in the polls, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has continued to garner support from small donors at an historical pace not seen in any previous election – even President Obama’s election, which held the previous record.

Could that be why Western Illinois University just gave Sen. Sanders a hell of a holiday gift?

Introducing President Bernie Sanders

Western Illinois University, the only entity that’s predicted every single presidential election with 100 percent accuracy since 1975, just announced that its mock election sent Sen. Sanders and Martin O’Malley (D-Md.) to the White House in 2016 as President and Vice President, respectively.

From Hollywood A-list stars and musicians to millennials, veterans, and even a small-but-growing crop of Republicans with some common sense, supporters #FeelTheBern all over the demographic map. Sen. Sanders is the single “most electable” candidate from either party, even after running a so-called long-shot bid to be nominated as the 2016 Democratic candidate for president.

Mock Election Senator Bernie Sanders President

Mock Election Results via Western Illinois University

The university used the same mock election system in 2007 and 2011 to elect and reelect President Obama to the White House, and it’s the same system they’ve used all these years.

From ‘Most Electable’ to President?

According to the latest Quinnipiac Polling data, although Sen. Sanders is still well behind former Sec. Clinton by more than 30 percentage points, he polls better than any of the GOP presidential candidates – including current GOP front runner Donald Trump.

According to Quinnipiac,

Sanders does just as well, or even better [than Clinton], against top Republicans.”

Sen. Sanders beats Donald Trump (R) by 8 points, Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) by 1 point, Ted Cruz (R-Texas) by 10 points, and Ben Carson (R) by 6 points, according to Quinnipiac.

Sec. Clinton on the other hand beats Trump by 6 points, Sen. Rubio by 1 point, Sen. Cruz by 5 points and Carson by 10 points, according to Quinnipiac.

What’s even more interesting is the WIU’s prior accuracy, despite naysayers in previous elections. The WIU predicted President Obama’s win in 2007, and in 2011, and our current president’s situation was pretty much the same against Clinton in 2007 as Sen. Sanders’ situation is now against Clinton.

President Obama was behind Sec. Clinton at one point by almost the same number of percentage points.

In a December 14 to 16, 2007, poll, Gallup reported that President Obama, then an Illinois Senator, was behind Sec. Clinton by 18 percentage points in a 45 to 27 percent match-up, respectively.

Republicans said he couldn’t win, but the WIU said otherwise, and the university was right. President Obama eventually pulled ahead of Sec. Clinton to gain enough support to earn the primary win, and earn enough of the popular vote to gain the Presidency.

What About Vice President?

The WIU also predicted that President Obama would pick Senator John Edwards (D-S.C.) to be his running mate instead of picking then Senator and current Vice President Joe Biden. At the time, then Sen. Edwards pulled 15 percent at the time, and then Sen. Biden 3 percent, but the WIU hasn’t been as accurate with its vice presidential picks.

That’s never stopped the WIU from being accurate on presidential picks, and there’s nothing about the current presidential race that would appear to be able to creep up to topple that accuracy.

Even throughout all the religious rhetoric, the GOP’s fear-mongering, fascism, and terrorist threats, and the right wing’s attacks on Americans’ freedoms nationwide – attacks that no one seems to notice or care about anymore – there is an important takeaway here.

Sen. Sanders has a very good shot at winning the nomination for the Democratic candidacy, and then winning the White House.

Any way you cut it, the latest numbers show that no matter how delusional or extreme the GOP candidate is, or which is polling at the top of the Republican ticket currently, a Democrat would win hands down if the general elections were held today.

This isn’t an opinion, it’s numbers, and the WIU backs up those numbers. I for one wouldn’t bet the long shot against the one university that has the single most accurate prediction record ever, Democrat or not.

Would you?

2D Official Results by paschlag

Featured Image Courtesy of Western Illinois University

About JC Torpey

Proud Liberal, Goth, Geek, verified @UniteBlue member, and mother who calls Philadelphia, PA, her home. A full-time writer, Appalled that two-thirds of Americans didn’t vote in 2014 and embarrassed by those who believe the CMP videos without a shred of evidence, and those who drink the collective Kool-Aid without thinking. Downright angry that the GOP – along with some Democrats – are allowed to get away with stripping our country of its greatness, power, and wealth while simultaneously stripping our people of their rights. It's time for accountability.


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  1. craig klucas says:


    1. connie1111 says:

      I’m already feeling the “burn”

      1. craig klucas says:

        There’s ointment for burn

        1. connie1111 says:

          killing the fire is best

          1. Grazzly says:

            Sounds like a right-wing terror threat. That’s all you people have anymore, isn’t it?

            1. connie1111 says:

              of course it does to people who want to see it that way. Just using the word “black” automatically makes me a racist.

            2. Chris Theis says:

              ^ this.

            3. connie1111 says:


            4. henri_cervantes says:

              you have it backwards but are essentially correct

            5. connie1111 says:

              you are backwards

            6. Ron says:

              That’s all Obama has left us with, He’s lost all good jobs, Muslims are in just about ALL of our GOVERNMENT, DEBT is out of reach to ever get under control, YEAH he’s the BEE’S KNEE’S alright…

            7. Grazzly says:

              You people will believe anything. It’s sad, really.

            8. Poppa Daddy says:

              The wimps that can’t make it in America should be deported. I have done great since 91 no matter who is President. Only cooters like yourself complain and only yellow bellied cowards like yourself fail in America! USA! USA! USA!

            9. Vthestate says:

              Ron your share makes little sense to me…not to condemn you, just wonder where your information is coming from,? What is the gov debt , today…when was it generated…. vague generalities only go so far….do you have real knowledge if so can it be documented? I am not sure you are incorrect , just need corroboration. Please strive for more light and less heat….so we can get on the same page. Productive discussion is quite difficult if we do not have mutually trusted sources…yes?

      2. rebeccagavin says:


        1. connie1111 says:

          More like Preparation H

          1. rebeccagavin says:

            You might need both before it is all over.

            1. connie1111 says:

              the country will

            2. Ole Man says:

              You swallow for the GOP right wing don’t ya.

            3. connie1111 says:

              You swallow for the liberal progressive democrart extreme left wing don’t ya.

            4. connie1111 says:

              no one cares what you do

            5. Queen Mennon says:

              you swallow for the dem left wing, don’t ya?

            6. Ole Man says:

              Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
              You’re pretty stupid that you can only insult by using my own words.

            7. Queen Mennon says:

              don’t flatter yourself.

            8. Ole Man says:

              I don’t have to…all your dimwits are doing it for me.

        2. David Landers says:

          yeah! drug companies! awesome! more corporate! that’s what we need! let every hope for a better world die!

          1. rebeccagavin says:

            If it weren’t for drug companies, my dear sir, people infected with HIV would develop AIDS and then die. At a time when the government wasn’t doing shit, the drug companies stood up to the plate and found a way to keep people alive. The old “Big Pharma Gambit” reveals sloppy and reductionistic thinking.

            1. Jean N. says:

              The government contributes BILLIONS in research every year actually, and a lot of that goes towards AIDS research!

            2. Jean N. says:

              Yes they do.

            3. rebeccagavin says:

              Link? What is your knowledge of the budget and funding of any program in the US Govt? If you are so sure of this, then you should be able to present a better refutation than “Yes they do.”

            4. WeAre1 says:

              Ma’am, and I’m choosing to be polite because I don’t know you, you have not given one link, one shred of evidence that you’re demanding from every other commenter, not even a single statistic. All you’re doing is acting like a bully-name calling, passive aggressive attitude, everyone is wrong but you etc.. Please, enlighten us as to why you have such superior insight, knowledge and political savvy than the rest of us. At this point, all you’ve done is tear others down in an attempt to build yourself up. In my book, it seems you’re fighting something within yourself you’re unhappy with- sans many psychological studies/observations (no, I don’t have a link to “prove” this, as I’m sure you’ll point that out). Everyone has a right to an opinion, and instead of being rude and condescending, maybe try to factually prove why said opinion may be right or wrong. You ARE what’s wrong with this country; we are all on the same side. Educate- you may change some opinions. Or, keep being insecure and childish.

            5. rebeccagavin says:

              I have no idea what you are fucking talking about. Be specific and I will answer you, you old windbag.

            6. Joshua says:

              It’s obvious what he’s talking about. Anyway, I’d like to butt in on the whole govt. funding AIDS thing.

              Actually, the govt. does spend billions in the fight against AIDS.
              Almost 30 billion has been projected for the next fiscal year, and the
              government has been spending money on the issue since the mid-eighties. Also, government and public spending on AIDS seriously outweighs what the pharmaceutical industry spends by a hefty margin. This information is easily searchable. You can go to any number of government websites, like whitehousedotgov, aidsdotgov, and you can find multiple studies that have shown that big pharma alters existing drugs more often than making groundbreaking discoveries, and that they spend far, far more on
              marketing than research. This information is easily searchable. Why
              would this surprise anyone though? These companies aren’t charities, and it’s naive to think that they’d operate as such. They’re out to make money, not help people. Do you think Martin Shkreli hikes up the prices of drugs his company buys so he can do research? There’s an enormous problem with the pharmaceutical industry profiting off of sickness, and Hillary has also spoken out against it. I’m not sure why you feel the need to defend this industry. Oh, and it’s amusing that you asked people above to provide citations for their comments as if they were writing a term paper, yet your only source seems to be someone you once sat next to on an airplane. Nice.

            7. Joshua says:

              I normally don’t waste time replying to internet comments like this, but your ad hominem tone unsettled me. Anyway,
              Jean’s comment that the government spends billions fighting the AIDS
              crisis is true, which I figured was common knowledge, madam. (btw,
              nowhere did she say that the govt spent billions a year from the outset
              of the AIDS epidemic, you must have inferred that) Also, your reply to WeAre1 really just proved his point.

            8. rebeccagavin says:

              The government was not putting billions of dollars into HIV/AIDS in the mid-80’s. That simply is not true. The refusal of Reagan to act led to the group Act Up in the 80’s. The Pharma companies discovered that anti-retrovirals forestall the development of AIDS. Shkreli is an asshole and really cannot be said to represent the pharmaceutical industry. The guy is in big trouble because he’s a fraudulent asshole. Using him as an example is disingenuous. If you don’t think an AIDS researcher knows more about this than you do, then I really don’t care. Much of the money the government spends on HIV/AIDS now is to pay for medications to be distributed throughout the world. If you don’t know how limited the science budget is in this country at this time, and the continuing threat it is under, then you don’t know shit and just saying so doesn’t change that.

            9. Joshua says:

              Maybe you should carefully read the comments you’re replying to.

              No one said billions were spent in the 80’s. Neither did I say that science funding is at adequate levels. My sole purpose in commenting was to defend Jean’s comment, which was that the government spends billions annually to combat AIDS. Here’s a quote from aidsdotgov,

              “The U.S. government investment in the domestic response to HIV has risen to more than $24 billion per year.”

              Now if you use the google machine (it’s really so easy to find), you can look at the site yourself, and see all of the charts and more in-depth numbers.

              Did I say I know more than an AIDS researcher? Nope. I was poking fun at the hypocrisy of you demanding citations from commenters, when your reference was a conversation you had with someone on an airplane. I’m not disputing what they may or may not have said to you.

              Yes, Martin Shkreli is a fraudulent asshole. I brought him up as an example of the rampant greed of the pharmaceutical industry. Is it an extreme example? Perhaps, but I’m fine with that. The only reason you’re defending greed is because you love to argue.

            10. rebeccagavin says:

              But jean’s comment was in response to my statement that in the 80’s the government wasn’t doing anything. So if her response did not pertain to the 80’s it was a non sequitur.

            11. rebeccagavin says:

              And, by the way, the current and coming year budget for AIDS prevention, research and treatment is not even 1 Billion, let alone necessitating the plural. If this site allowed links, I’d give it to you.

            12. Joshua says:

              This is from the Kaiser Foundation.

              $2.8 billion (9% of the overall request and 11% of the domestic budget)
              in the FY 2016 request is for domestic HIV research across multiple
              agencies, an increase of $81.4 million (3.0%) above the FY 2015 enacted
              level. The National Institutes of Health (NIH), which carries out
              almost all HIV research4,
              receives $2.6 billion in the FY 2016 request for domestic HIV research
              activities (additional amounts used for international HIV research are
              attributed to the global category).

            13. rebeccagavin says:

              Yeah, that is now. That says nothing about what was going on back in the 80’s during the time period I was describing.

            14. Joshua says:

              “And, by the way, the current and coming year budget for AIDS prevention,
              research and treatment is not even 1 Billion, let alone necessitating
              the plural. If this site allowed links, I’d give it to you.” (your quote) It’s apparent that our discussion wasn’t about the 1980’s. We barely touched on the 80s, and were in agreement… basically.

            15. rebeccagavin says:

              You came in late in the thread. You might have changed the subject, but I didn’t.

            16. Diana Jackson says:

              I couldn’t of said it better …..

            17. rebeccagavin says:

              Not true in the least. Last year I sat next to an AIDS researcher on a plane. You really should fact check things before you say them, especially if you are going to use all caps. It was this AIDS researcher who told me how important Big Pharma was to their early research and she was on her way to DC to consult with NIH about research proposals as the NIH can only fund a very small amount of research and most of the grant proposals would be rejected. She would make recommendations about which ones to fund. She told me how little money is coming in from the govt for research in all the sciences. I know this to be a fact because I’ve checked it out. You are totally and completely wrong. However, the government should be funding research. And a science loving POTUS like Hillary would be as supportive of research as would be possible for a POTUS to be…unlike Sanders who harbors a lot of science-rejecting cray cray beliefs.

            18. rebeccagavin says:

              You have to remember that Reagan was in office when the AIDS epidemic began and did absolutely nothing about it. People were dying, there was no government money, and Big Pharma used it’s considerable resources to find a way to keep people alive. The early days of AIDS is a long time ago now.

            19. Jean N. says:

              Oh someone from big Pharma told you that on a plane? LOL. You’re an idiot.

            20. rebeccagavin says:

              No, she was a physician/researcher with the U of Colorado. But thanks for playing, factually challenged person on the internet, who doesn’t know when to quit.

            21. Jean N. says:

              Did you even read what you just said? Who do you think funds research in colleges? WOW.

            22. rebeccagavin says:

              Funding comes from a lot of sources. Apparently you have no experience with it so you don’t know that Universities accept funding from private enterprise to do studies. They all do. They have to.

            23. Jean N. says:

              Not once did I say that funding couldn’t come from other sources. My original statement was that the government spends billions annually in various medical research (including AIDS) to which you replied that they didn’t and I’m lying because you sat next to some woman in a plane so was lobbying for more money.

              I told you tube NIH was my source. You can also look up the federal budget on your own – it’s available to the public!

            24. rebeccagavin says:

              NIH is a huge source. You don’t know where you saw that, if you did, you would simply find it again. Saying NIH is your source is way too broad to mean anything. Even billions of dollars does not begin to address the amount needed. The fact is that science funding is in serious trouble in this country, not only because the Republicans constantly want to privatize everything, and because a lot of nut jobs are trying to impose their own personal beliefs on everything from climate change to voting rights for people of color or who are poor or elderly, to programs for the poor (they’re against). This is well known among people who follow science and politics.

            25. John W says:

              what a refreshing change, I do hope the USA has a few more rational people like yourself

            26. rebeccagavin says:

              Interesting you don’t acknowledge that you had made a foolish statement and were shown to be wrong. So surprising.

            27. Jean N. says:

              And by the way, my source is the NIH, which is funded by the government (taxpayers).

            28. rebeccagavin says:

              Then provide a citation, madam. On what NIH website, or on PubMed did you find this thing that says the government invests billions and billions and that it was doing so when the AIDS crisis started? You can’t post a link here, but you can tell me where to find it. I am betting you can’t and you won’t.

            29. Joshua says:

              Not trying to provoke, because that’s easy enough to do, but what “cray cray” science-rejecting beliefs does Bernie have? Honestly, I’m just curious.

            30. WeAre1 says:

              Just a guess here, but I assume she will tell you to look it up on your own and you’re the problem with the political situation within society because you’re uneducated. How dare she have to prove or provide any solid information about her claims- she is a guru, always right, laughing at the rest of us dummies who don’t agree with her baseless (or at the very least unsourced) OPINIONS.

            31. Joshua says:

              You’re probably correct.

            32. rebeccagavin says:

              In the 70’s he published articles that were really whack. One of them, for example, says that sexual repression causes breast cancer. One might say that was a long time ago, but he is also Anti-GMO which is the science rejecting position in that one sided “debate.” Hillary is very pro-science, very knowledgeable, understands the scientific position on a wide range of things. Bernie is a bandwagon jumper.

            33. Joshua says:

              I just looked that up and it’s troubling. I’m also bothered by the anti-GMO thing. It’s unfortunate when mistrust of corporations blinds people from accepting science. Or maybe it’s the desire to follow the organic fad that causes people to turn their backs on truth. It irks me either way. I still support Bernie, but I’ve been a big fan of Hillary ever since I saw her and Bill in Little Rock back in 2011.

            34. Diana Jackson says:

              Right hahaha

            35. WeAre1 says:

              Nice story, but that is called “anticdotal evidence”. Single sourced, based only on one persons opinion. That does not make it true across the board.

            36. rebeccagavin says:

              No, if anything it would be called hear say. But that was not research, it was a conversation with someone who was there.

            37. laurabien says:

              It’s actually called “anecdotal evidence.” Anticdotal refers to humorous stories.

            38. Robin Louise Dunlap Sessler says:

              Since when is Bernie anti-science? You get that information from a guy on a plane as well?

            39. rebeccagavin says:

              Well, he is an Anti-GMO stooge, apparently clueless about the fact that the scientific consensus that biotech is safe is as strong as the consensus that global warming is real. Back in the 70’s he published some really dreadful articles saying things such as that sexual repression causes breast cancer. So, he doesn’t seem to have learned a whole lot.

            40. Diana Jackson says:

              He is the only candidate that has been listening to the scientist on climate change from the beginning of his career in politics…….He is against the high cost of health care in general very big difference……

            41. BacchusPlateau says:

              The same drug companies that want to seel HIV drugs for almost $1000 a pill? Yeah, they are super heroes.

            42. rebeccagavin says:

              No, not the same drug companies who want to sell HIV drugs for @$1000/pill, Do you believe in chemtrails too?

            43. Queen Mennon says:

              big pharma are among the corrupt of the corrupt. they profit from the malfesence of government.

            44. rebeccagavin says:

              Conspiracy theories are boring and stupid. Get some real facts, learn critical thinking, and quit parroting every meme you ever saw.

            45. Queen Mennon says:

              critical thinking is all I do. U, however, show your ignorance by revealing your inability to think outside of the box, for even questioning the idea that governments and corporations lie and have an agenda. all I respect are the facts and what I know to be the facts are covered in the comments I wrote and 6 likes are proof of that.

            46. rebeccagavin says:

              Are you fucking kidding? I have lived my entire life in the same fucking country that you are in. I know all that stuff. Quit thinking that you are one of the special one who “sees” shit. We all see it. Some of us have more advanced views in terms of political viability. Because a moderate bill that changes some people’s lives is always better than a perfect plan that goes nowhere. The Bern is not outside of the box. When I was young and a hippie as a teenager and people would laugh about non-conformists becoming conformists, it made me mad. But the truth is that if Bernie were a viable candidate and had more in his repertoire than that one note song is sings all the time, instead of addressing things like foreign policy, which he avoids because it is an extremely weak spot, and exactly how he is going to get Congress to enact these proposals (that doesn’t involve an uprising that will never happen), more of his fellows would be endorsing him. Strangely enough, they are not. Not even other politicos in his own state, like the Governor of VT and the other Senator, Patrick Leahy. And Howard Dean. Howard Dean endorsed Hillary. In 2007 he was the Bernie of the day.

            47. Queen Mennon says:

              the bern, as U like 2 call him, is establishment. he has been a policy maker for many years and he has contributed to the destruction of this country. he is spewing the same message as obama did. trump is the trojan horse assigned to throw the masses off the scent by telling them what we want to hear as he flys around the country in his private jet and gets adequate time to talk smack to the american people on the controlled media. trump is also establishment. he is the 1%. if the people listen to either one of them and get played, again, they deserve what they most certainly will get. it is unfortunate that those of us who know better will also feel the pain. trump is also placed to discredit the republican party and turn people off about the republican party.

            48. rebeccagavin says:

              What hospital are you writing from? Are there bars on the windows?

            49. Queen Mennon says:

              i am writing from the bars outside your own mind. U R pathetic

            50. Queen Mennon says:

              you R the one who is incapable of critical thinking, either that or you R a supporter of the NWO that many people have already told U is happening but because U R a sheep, U believe anything they tell U. you R not capable of thinking for yourself. conspiracy theories? keep telling yourself that.

            51. rebeccagavin says:

              Thank you for demonstrating for me, to the world, how batshit crazy you really are. The NWO? Getting the sheep reference in was good, because that is startlingly original, nobody has used that one before (right?) U are not capable of even spelling out words like a grown person.

            52. Queen Mennon says:

              that is the best U got, becky? to resort to petty name calling? y’all do that real good, I noticed that. all that money makes U real arrogant but U still lame as shit.

            53. rebeccagavin says:

              First of all, my name is not Becky. You may call me Ms. Gavin, if you must call me anything. Secondly, what money would that be? Do you mean my disability check?

            54. Queen Mennon says:

              you gotta give respect to get it, becky. U show disdain for people. U reek of it. sorry 4 U NOT.

            55. Honestly Laura says:

              Even Ted BUndy worked at a suicide hotline (and was very helpful) but that doesn’t excuse the bad things he did. When you get into the medical system you will find out, “Big pharma” is such a thing. When they keep producing the same drugs under different names, but coming up with HIV meds is just one way to make them look better. Like Ted Bundy so no one will suspect the wrong they are doing.
              Faulty thinking is someone who believes something or someone is either good or bad- truth is it’s typically both. BUt does the good outweigh the bad? Not in Big Pharma’s case.

            56. rebeccagavin says:

              That is is a false equivalence and irrational. I have no doubt that you have “beliefs” about Big Pharma, Western Medicine, Big Ag, etc., but I can tell from your unsupported claim that the bad outweighs the good, that you really don’t know that much about it. If you did have the kind of knowledge needed to make an assessment like that, your post would have more nuance and you would offer some specific and credible evidence to support it. But it’s a conspiracy favorite and lots of you folks, honestly, Laura, have not real idea what you are talking about.

            57. Queen Mennon says:

              you are an agent of what we, the people, oppose.

            58. rebeccagavin says:

              Ha ha ha ha, omg. Disabled social workers who have been lefties and activists all their lives are what you the people oppose. Really now? All you know about me is that I am not worshiping your idol, the supreme savior Bernie. You make a bunch of other assumptions about me, and then you pretend to speak for we the people of the United States. Is it any wonder I mock you?

            59. Queen Mennon says:

              My choice for president is your worse nightmare: Dr. Ben Carson.

            60. rebeccagavin says:

              No, Ben us not my worst nightmare. His day has passed. He is over with, other than selling books and giving speeches.

            61. Queen Mennon says:

              you believe what the media tells U? they don;t want to see him as president, therefore, they do not promote him. he does not have the money of trump. clinton is their choice to continue the agenda of the NWO.

            62. rebeccagavin says:

              Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. The guy is way down in the polls. Who is “they”? The people who are supposed to be promoting him are called his campaign. So, the NWO wants Clinton, the fact that one look at his foreign policy chops (or lack thereof) plus all the revelations about the lies in his books, turned off people slightly less crazy than you. If you believe in the NWO, you are a conspiracy theorist because that is a conspiracy theory and you believe it. Conspiracy theorists are the dumbest
              on the dumbshit pile.

            63. laurabien says:

              Possibly a stint on the Shopping Channel?

            64. Leila Deurell says:

              he says some really stupid, scary things.

            65. Queen Mennon says:

              what does he say that is stupid? facts and truths you do not want to hear?

            66. Leila Deurell says:

              for starters he says homosexuality is a choice, abortion is like being a slaveholder, the jews would have prevented a haulocaust if they all had guns,Obama is the worst thing since slavery. I think he is a screwball. To each his own.I am out of this discussion, I am too busy with working for bernie and Christmas. Goodluck to you. Happy holdays and a happy new year for you.

            67. Jordan Silverman says:

              Welcome to the real world where homosexuality is BOTH a choice AND something you can be born as or have a genetical predisposition towards!!

              FREE WILL IS PRETTY COOL DONT YOU THINK?! When the world is opened at your eyes, many things are more fluid than you once thought.

            68. Leila Deurell says:

              Of course we have free chice all the time, as a psych nurse and having many friends who are gay, I get their perspective. They have the choice of staying in the closet or being true to their desires and true self.

            69. Yes It Is Political says:

              Seems you haven’t provided evidence proving the point wrong.

            70. rebeccagavin says:

              The burden of proof us on the person making the claim. And if you know what a false equivalence is then you know how obvious that one is.

            71. Jordan Silverman says:

              use orcams razor it wins all arguments hands down. And i can prove that… using Orcams razor B)

            72. laurabien says:

              Occam’s for God’s sake.

            73. Robyn Greenberg says:

              I would be dead without pharma. Been a type 1 diabetic since age 3. But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t greedy. It doesn’t have to be black or white.

            74. rebeccagavin says:

              Of course they are greedy. We live in a capitalistic society. But to hear some people tell it they are deliberately withholding cures, and trying to poison people. That would be a terrible business plan.

            75. Queen Mennon says:


            76. rebeccagavin says:

              But Ben Carson, who hawked a worthless supplement claiming it cured his prostate cancer, is your idea of just what this country needs, eh?

            77. Jordan Silverman says:

              Robyn do not be confused. Insulin production and diabetes drugs were patented in Canada…. If they had been patented in America you would be going broke to survive.

            78. Art S says:

              Nice Reply

            79. Tigernan Quinn says:

              Oh, okay. I mean, some woman on the Internet said so, so I’ll just believe you.

            80. rebeccagavin says:

              No, you should verify it for yourself. Do you remember Act Up? The group in the early days of HIV/AIDS that group that had protests where they threw their blood on people? That organization was started because Reagan simply would not even give HIV/AIDS the time of day. The Dr. I met was treating HIV/AIDS then and people were dying left and right. They had nothing until the ARVs were discovered to control it. Hence, today we have people who have been HIV + for over 20 years and still walking around.

            81. Dakota says:

              If it weren’t for big pharma we’d actually be curing HIV and AIDS actually. They dont make money off cures they make money off treatments. For instance, There’s several different cures for cancer out in the world that big pharma simply wont allow us to use or implement here.

            82. rebeccagavin says:

              Oh yes, because whoever is the first to market a “cure for cancer” doesn’t stand to make a red cent. Did you know that there are many, many, many different types of cancer? Even cancers of a particular organ can be different from each other and require different treatment. There is no such thing as a one size fits all treatment for cancer. Anybody who says there is is lying to you. You win the gullibility award for today.

            83. Linda Aguilar says:

              Being a cancer battler and survivor for 30 years, I can tell you that you are way offbase. The majority of cancers start because of faulty diet and lifestyle creating an acidic ph that reduces O2 exchange and invites in all manner of candida, parasites, fungus, and cancer. The only treatments that actually produce a lasting cure must be done by the patient as they must encompass changing everything in their life that is producing the problem. Cancer is a wake-up call that we are not living in a balanced state. It is our body’s life-saving measure to centralize the toxins and garbage of our excesses and surround that with a hard shell of protein in order to isolate the tumor away from the rest of the body. To think that cutting out these growths will rid us of this condition is the faulty thinking that has allowed oncologists to employ scare tactics in convincing sufferers to choose the drug em, cut em, burn em treatments. Rarely does a tumor pose a health risk- and will go away if the sufferer re-balances his life/system. The exceptions are if the tumor is pressing on a vital organ or somehow interfering with a necessary function like respiration for example. Then surgical removal may be necessary. It is interesting to note that prescribing physicians make a profit every time they get a patient to relent to chemotherapy. And also the fact that alternative treatments generally are not covered by insurance dissuades some folks from employing them even though their rate of success in addressing cancer is much higher than that of orthodox treatments(3% compared to 50%- 90%).

            84. rebeccagavin says:

              That is pure bullshit. Take a science class some day.

            85. hyperzombie says:

              What a nutter. Where do people come up with this.

            86. Linda Aguilar says:

              Colloidal silver will kill the AIDS virus along with EBOLA, SARS, MRSA, E-Coli, Candida, and 650 other disease causing organisms. And the “bug” cannot become resistant to this best natural antibiotic because the cs works by disabling the enzymes surrounding the invader thereby suffocating it. Also it won’t destroy gut flora like orthodox antibiotics will. It is what was used by folks prior to big pharma introducing it’s drugs in the 30s. Then colloidal silver was totally suppressed until just the last few years. I would never have known about it save for the work I’ve done in healthfood stores. BTW it is totally non-toxic when used properly.

            87. 02Dave12345 says:

              They stepped up because of huge profit potential, government paying for these unaffordable medications today. I don’t condemn their research but their motivation was not altruistic as your post makes it sound.

            88. rebeccagavin says:

              I never said it was altruistic, did I? But, the fact you are leaving out is that Scientists are people. Scientists have family, and friends, and loved ones. Scientists like to science. If their scientists hadn’t looked into it with an eye toward finding a cure or treatment, and convinced the suits that there was something there worth investing in, it wouldn’t have happened.

            89. Jordan Silverman says:

              maybe we can raise the HIV and AIDS medicine to 10000$ per pill that sounds like a good idea to make money!!!!1!!

            90. rebeccagavin says:

              You might be able to take Martin whoozit’s job. I hear he’s going to jail. These scandals always seem to involve arrogant D-bags who are looking for a quick buck. Not like companies with a proud history that like to think of themselves as being in the practical science business.

      3. nubwaxer says:

        hemorrhoids or just butt hurt?

        1. connie1111 says:

          the country’s burn

      4. scars says:

        What is your picture? It looks like an old white guy “choking the chicken” while fantasizing that his member is Obama. Or is it an old Jewish guy? I can’t tell if the blue tie has snowflakes or Stars of David on it. Very interesting. And slightly amusing.

        1. connie1111 says:

          you have some imagination.

      5. Liberty Smurf says:

        They have a lot of different treatments for STDs now.

        1. connie1111 says:

          You would know

          1. Nathan says:

            how couldn’t he know? you won’t shut the fuck up about how you feel the burn and that none of the various meds work

            1. chomama1 says:


            2. Nathan says:

              I feel loved thanks for the reply lol

            3. connie1111 says:


      6. nikki tazmom says:

        You really need to get laid.

        1. connie1111 says:

          you really need to be laid out

          1. nikki tazmom says:

            Bring it sweet pea. xoxo

    2. Tyrone says:

      I had tacobell last night and I”m really feelin’ the bern

      1. Can’t eat that stuff, the burn starts in the front all the way out the back…

      2. Jeh Jeh says:

        Get used to that feeling. You’ll feel it alot if Sanders wins.

        1. John Michael Hutton says:

          If Bernie wins, hell will freeze over as in no chance in hell

          1. frmrmanyac01 says:

            Delusional much? lmao Bernie is gonna kick every ass out there and if you cant see that, I dont know what to tell you but wait for the election and take this package with ya it has a note inside for you to see on the night of the election…and it reads TOLD YA SO! lol

            1. Brian Wilson says:

              Not gonna happen, get used to trump, the best choice.

            2. Lumarra says:

              Now who’s ‘delusional’?! Trump?! TRUMP?! Ever see Back To The Future 2? Trump is our version of that timeline’s Biff Tannen! He’d lead this country to ruin, if not economically, then politically. He might be a shrewd businessman but he’s also a liar and a cheat, a racist and a classist. If you’re on any kind of governmental assistance, say goodbye to that under Trump. That will be the first thing he’ll cut down, including Social Security and disability. Believe it! What does he care? He’ll just claim it’s bloodsuckers on the teat on America and they need to go. America will become a place where only those with power and money can live. Everyone else can go to Canada…which doesn’t sound as bad when he insults Putin and they decide to send their ICBM’s over…

            3. And he’s NOT a shrewd businessman. He’s an overall failure in business. Three bankruptcies and numerous losing ventures. Not to mention the fact that if he’d just put his inheritance in the stock market he would have fared better than what he’s made in business.

            4. laurabien says:

              He’s the son of a fabulously rich man is all. And a spoiled child to whom no one every said “boo” to. This is what that turns into as a result.

            5. Lynn Westrich says:

              What a fool people have become. He inherited one million and turned it into billions. He is a businessman. I bet you have never owned a business. My husband is a 34 year veteran and has his own business. He never got a dime from his parents but did it by hard work and capitalism. The stock market is going to crash and burn under Obama. Don’t count on it for a living. Obama is going to seize every dime he can from it just to keep his socialist programs afloat. Go out and work for a living!

            6. It’s not particularly surprising he could turn a million into billions. Especially if he’s allowed to fail numerous times (bankruptcies!). Let’s see what a twerp like Trump would be capable of with NOTHING to start his businesses, and a $30,000 student loan debt to pay off, like the rest of us. And, for the record, I work VERY HARD for a living. And I have NO PROBLEM paying taxes for social programs. It’s time for a single-payer system. It’s time to #feelthebern.

            7. John Giametti says:

              You must be liberal Please give solid evidence for your claims.

            8. Vthestate says:

              John , have you done any of your own research …. I have read some of the same thing mentioned by Pax…and know from personal experience….bankruptcy is an emergency business strategy….3 times or 5 time is not clever, it is abusive, people get hurt …only someone wealthy could get away with it.

            9. John Giametti says:

              I never said anything about shrewd business man.What I did was ask you for data supporting your statements.The burden of proof is on the person making a claim in business,academia,and the law.Im just asking you to meet the accepted standards.Have owned a successful business,worked in academia,and worked for a law enforcement agency as well as provided expert testimony many times.Thus from training and experience I am well aware of the standards.So,are you going to meet the normal standard I have asked you to meet??

            10. Lumarra says:

              Why is it because my opinion differs from yours, I’m automatically part of a political group that you dislike? Seems you like to put people in preconceived groups in order to put them down or belittle them. Well, I can tell you that your little wrangling act won’t work for me, I’m not a part of any political group or affiliation whatsoever. My opinion is my own and doesn’t fit in any rigid box with a label…so, you can politely shove it!

            11. John Giametti says:

              Shove it or not you still havent given data to back up your claim.Your deflection isnt very good.You just make emotional vague statements with nothing solid or empirical.

            12. laurabien says:

              Good answer Lumarra! In fact I’m gonna steal this for future use if you don’t mind. Some people see things in such a Manichean manner.

            13. John Giametti says:

              ICBMs???Isnt that a bit of an overstatement. but the the beliefs you express seem outside reality to.You must have drank deeply of the kool aid.Typical herd mentality.Try researching your claims and their lack of reality.

            14. laurabien says:

              And he might pick three or so Supreme Court Justices. When I first realized that I was both fascinated and horrified.

            15. Lynn Westrich says:

              If you believe a socialist will win then you are delusional. You don’t realize that people will rise up and elect Trump. Young people have no clue what socialism is. Nothing is free! You have to earn it! We are broke. Where do you think money comes from? It comes from capitalism. Sanders is just another old man with a wish not a desire. He knows he will not be president. He just wants the attention and he knows how dumb and gullible the young people have become because of liberalism. I bet you never fought for your country you expect others to take care of you. We won’t. If you want government to control you watch out. It will come back and bite you!

            16. BonnyDooner says:

              Probably voted for Bush, how long did it take to clean up that mess?

            17. Diana Jackson says:

              Don’t know we haven’t finished clean it up yet.

            18. FrizzHed says:

              Hahahaha. Best choice for what? Certainly not POTUS. He is a buffoon leading the buffoons.

            19. Glenn Little says:

              You mean Trump, I couldn’t agree any more. and you are following the buffoon if you support trump.

            20. Qopel says:

              Learn how the electoral college works. Idiot.

            21. Mike says:

              for morons.

            22. Doc Stevens says:

              Delusional: frmrmanyac01.
              It would be in your best interest to reject your liberal brainwashing. Get a job, obtain a career. Learn liberal giveaways are American terrorism, damaging the entire economy in SO many ways! Wake up!

            23. Liz Merrow says:

              Except that the rate of unemployment has dropped, more jobs are available, etc. So how exactly is the economy hurting?

            24. Los Vasquez says:

              LOL. The reason that the “unemployment rate” has dropped is because when unemployment benefits run out, you don’t count as unemployed anymore. There are less Americans working today than in 2008. Stop drinking the Kool Aid.

            25. Ron McKie says:

              um, unemployment benefits hasnt been running out. the powers that be decided that if you havent found a job in 6 months oh well. and your counted as being unemployed until (news flash!) you find a job. they have ways of finding out. show a statistic that says there are less people working now than 2008. lay off the kool-aid? how about laying off the moonshine!!

            26. Dave says:

              Actually, Los Vasquez is correct. The ‘Unemployment Rate’ is a misnomer, and has nothing to do with how many people are actually unemployed. The labor participation rate is the lowest since Jimmy Carter was president. The lowest in decades. Meaning the % of Americans out of work is the highest in decades.

            27. FrizzHed says:

              Cite a reputable statistic that proves your claim, unless you are simply parroting the fear-mongering and unprovable GOP talking points (that’s what you’re doing, isn’t it?).

            28. DeadSerious says:

              I’m not sure which claim of Dave’s you’re referring to, but either one should be no problem to support. Any definition of the term “unemployment rate” should make it clear that it only includes those actively searching for work (i.e. those actually in the labor force). Those who have become discouraged, for example, and given up looking, would not be included. Since the labor participation rate is a measurement taken by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, it should be no problem for you to check their site (among others) for the data. If you do, you’ll notice that Dave is correct that the rate is the lowest since the late 1970s. One could argue about WHY the numbers are what they are, but the definitions and numbers themselves are hardly “unprovable.”

            29. Alpha Papa says:

              I take it you are incapable of looking at the dept of labor statistics?
              The current POTUS only uses the stats that refer to those unemployed who are actively seeking work..not those who are perm unemployed. When you add the two together the unemployment rate is dale digits and you get the true unemployment rate.

            30. Christina says:

              Question is- are you?

            31. Christina says:

              Where are you deriving this? Thats not true.

            32. ash6222 says:

              Look at the labor participation rate.

            33. rejectrepublicanlies says:

              Not sure what you’re drinking. You believed stats when it was Bush. LOL.

            34. rejectrepublicanlies says:

              By the way, it was Republicans that voted against extending unemployment.

            35. Christina says:

              Not entirely. Unemployment has dropped- not just the unemployment roles. We can gage both. Jobs have been added.We can gage that as well.

            36. standbehindtheyellowline says:

              Typical Fox Entertainment watcher. Facts are too hard to read and understand when the favorite entertainment network told you other wise! hahahaha

            37. rejectrepublicanlies says:

              Because folks on the Right are losers that like to scapegoat everyone else for their lack of education, lack of skills, poor life decisions, multiple divorces, etc. It’s never their fault.

            38. Michael says:

              No good comes from generalizations. Not a single person commenting here actually knows what they’re talking about. They’ve all taken bits of controlled information and put it to use. Why does everyone get so angry when we’re all just as confused?

            39. Diana says:

              What would we do without Michael as the ONLY person who knows what they are talking about? If you don’t believe it, just ask him. I don’t care which side you lean to, you need to work on that narcissism a little bit.

            40. Liam Walls says:

              He put himself down with the rest of us. Your arrogance somehow stopped you from seeing that.

            41. Diana says:

              You need to feel above people, sitting in judgement like he did, to be arrogant. I was calling out arrogance. Logical fallacy issue, I’m afraid.

            42. Liam Walls says:

              Ah – I see where you’re going wrong. You’ve assumed that when he said “Not a single person commenting here actually knows what they’re talking about.” he was excluding himself. You’re the one committing logical fallacy by way of assumption. I was giving him benefit of the doubt, but perhaps that assumption means i’m just as guilty of assuming. Do you accept that?

            43. Christina says:

              Nope. The assumption that no one here knows what they are talking about is absurd.

            44. Lamar Montgomery Waddingston says:

              Actually I think some generalization would do us a world of good. We are all, generally speaking, humans, but no one ever mentions that. You know why? Because humans are naturally clannish pieces of shit and we will never be much better than we are now, ethically speaking.

            45. Liam Walls says:

              god i wish you had ended that with “ethically speaking, generally speaking.” 😉

            46. Alpha Papa says:

              Exactly…it’s the tone of the article and her blatant bias and lack of journalistic professionalism.

            47. Bren says:

              Is not your statement “Not a single person commenting here actually knows what they’re talking about” itself a generalization? Well I would remind you that no good comes from generalizations.

            48. Raylan Givens says:

              Thank you for being a rational grownup, Michael.

            49. TheSpiralSequence says:

              Because rejectrepublicanlies is a loser that likes to scapegoat everyone else for their lack of education, lack of skills, poor life decisions, multiple divorces, etc. It’s never their fault.

            50. Alpha Papa says:

              No more losers than liberals who feel they are entitled to do nothing but play pc games at the expense of those,like me that actually worked our way thru college and paid taxes and supported a child at the same time NO help from the govt.
              I am proud to have done that.

            51. Jaybird248 says:

              I did the same but it doesn’t preclude me from wanting to put a solid safety net under everyone. That’s what a liberal is. There are plenty of slacker kids in right wing families.

            52. Colby Simpson says:

              I am proud to say that I am in a similar situation as you (without having a child), however I am still a Democrat and still value working hard for my own money/belongings. I don’t ask for things from others, but I’m still a proud Democrat.

            53. Alpha Papa says:

              Politics, in that kind of situations not be a factor.
              Generalizing that because you are a lib/con is kinda silly.

            54. Vladimir Sonovabitch says:

              You might change your opinion when the government comes for that hard earned money and tells you that they can spend it better than you. Then you watch them hand it over to someone that hasn’t had a job in 7 years, sells their WIC card for cash, drives their Mercedes to the store and buys beer with that cash.

            55. Alpha Papa says:

              class warfare at its finest.. and proof you have NO idea what the rules are to get any kind of government aid…. not to meniton I bet you have never even heard of the welfare reform act of 1997 authored by rick santorum…. smh….

            56. Vladimir Sonovabitch says:

              I beg to differ. I’ve seen it first hand. As the former director of IT at a Major city Department of Housing, it is amazing to look out the window on benefits day to see people getting out of their expensive and fairly new cars to come get their government check for their Section 8 housing. I wish I could find this pic I took 5 years ago, but lined up were a Plymouth Prowler, a Mercedes E300 and a Chrysler 300 with about a $5000 set of wheels and tires on it.

              I talked with people first hand. I’ve been asked at LEAST 100 times if I wanted to buy their WIC cards so they can get cash. “What are you going to do with the cash?” I ask. “Shit, man, you know. Gonna up and get me some forty’s. Can’t buy dat shit wit no WIC card.”

            57. Bob Smith says:

              Yeah Vladmir it’s the same in my community every month on “who yo baby daddy?” day.

            58. quicksterdnb says:

              Same here. Never asked for a dime from anybody. I dont look at making Wall St pay more taxes so people’s kids can go to a public college as a bad thing. Wall St fucked us all in 2008, and now it’s time for them to give back.

            59. Alpha Papa says:

              NO you fucked yourself by investing in risky stocks…. you gambled and lost… please do not blame anyone but yourself for your investments…

            60. Vladimir Sonovabitch says:

              And welfare recipients fucked themselves by making bad life decisions. They gambled and lost. They should not blame anyone but themselves for their decisions. They also should not expect people that make the RIGHT decisions to have their money taken away and given to them.

              Kind of fucks up your whole rant when you apply it to left leaning ideas, doesn’t it?

            61. Alpha Papa says:

              Wow, a little bit of class warfare there.
              So a vet who cannot find a job and needs a short term hand up…or a low income senior is somehow lesser than you?

              I am a conservative…but at least I know that you are completely unaware of the welfare reform act of 1996.
              You are unaware of asset limits…and you, typically, look down on others who you feel have economic issues.

              You have made blanket statements using fairly typical tea party anecdotal “proof” to validate your feeling of superiority.

            62. Vladimir Sonovabitch says:

              You’re obviously one that believes that if you make a law, then everyone will abide by it. Kind of like if you make guns illegal, then no one will have them. Yeah… like that works (Chicago, Detroit).

              Unethical and unscrupulous people find ways of circumventing the system. They’re officially unemployed, but they make their money off of selling stolen goods, selling drugs, etc.. yet they collect free government handouts as additional income. Do you not think they forge documents? Have people lie for them? Do what they can to cheat in order to receive these benefits? If you don’t, then you’re even dumber than you appear to be.

              I don’t look down on people that have economic issues because I’ve been there myself. What I DO look down on are people who blatently cheat the system in order to get their “free” stuff. BTW, when the system is so broken and is so easy to take advantage of and it paye MORE than actually having a job, then it’s definitely broken and needs to be fixed.

            63. Randy says:

              Personal responsibility? Holy shit! What a concept.

            64. Randy says:

              we got fucked because fannie and freddie were forced to write 50% of their mortgages to high risk loans, because the left believes home ownership is an entitlement. Then when these people failed to pair their mortgages, you blame the banks.

            65. rejectrepublicanlies says:

              I find that many folks on the RIght like you claim to be self-made and you hate on Reagan’s mythical welfare queen. The reality is there are a lot of poor, southern, rural white males living off the government. Take a look at the stats in states like Kentucky, West Virginia and Mississippi.

            66. Alpha Papa says:

              Again class warfare…. apparently notoriously liberal states also have drug problems…
              and further plenty of urbanites also are “lazy” with drug issues… smh….

            67. Alpha Papa says:

              Wow. I know far more loser lefties than righties.
              Poor life choices and divorce has no political party.
              As for lack of education…you wish.
              The assumption that only liberals go to college, have managerial positions, are able to make “good” life decisions is utter fabrication and nonsense.
              Like most liberals you are close minded, hide bound cannot stand or will entertain any idea, notion, or logic that does not coincide with your narrow minded, politically correct world. Truly sad.
              Obvious you don’t get put in the real world much or hold a real job or you would not be making such blatantly false accusations.

            68. hannjenn says:

              “It may seem counterintuitive, but divorce rates are higher in religiously conservative “red” states than “blue” states, despite a Bible-based culture that discourages divorce.” HuffPo, January 2014. Then, people like you who rave against political correctness just want license to behave like boors. Given your partisan rant and embrace of rudeness, evidence of your open-mindedness is sorely lacking.

            69. Alpha Papa says:

              Huffpo = liberal rag…where. did they get their data.
              You call me close minded, but say nthing regaring a simikar attitude of the author of this article?

            70. hannjenn says:

              Right, I chose to point out the error in the facts underpinning your position, as well as your fealty to rudeness in response to your angry white man rant against “lefties” making worse choices than “righties,” and close-minded liberals living in something other than the real world. I’m glad you’re angry. In fact, that makes my day. Thanks, Grandpa!

            71. hannjenn says:

              Angry Grandpa = angry white man in a world he can’t understand.

            72. hannjenn says:

              Translation: Not from Breitbart, so no good.

            73. Alpha Papa says:

              Nope, websites like brie bet and huffpo don’t usually have a rep for accuracy.
              Pretty funny that liberals always fall back on accusing a conservative of always getting their news from Fox, or sites like breibart. Smh.
              I usually turn on cnn first.
              When looking for facts I never ever use a news or pundit site for facts…
              Stop stereo typing. Lefties are far worse than the righties about this in debating.

            74. hannjenn says:

              CNN is third-rate.

            75. rejectrepublicanlies says:

              Yes, you appear to be non-partisan, impartial individual that vets all his sources equally well. LOL.

            76. Alpha Papa says:

              not entirely impartial..but I try hard to go after both sides for class warfare either way or lack of fact finding… and for the fact that side A thinks side B is (fill in the blank) and B thinks A is….. We used to be a nation of WE but now are a nation of ME…
              Far rights think that anyone poor is somehow wrong and far lefts think anyone with money is somehow far past bad…until they suddenly are making real money and voila!, they want to protect it and not pay anymore taxes than the law and irs loopholes will allow…
              the FAr rights suddenly find themselves a poor senior or have a family member who,thru no fault of thier own, are suddenly poor and having to rely on food stamps to feed the kids… and they suddenly change attitudes… its all very amusing…

            77. Vladimir Sonovabitch says:

              Liberals are all about being accepting, about diversity and peace, but when my right leaning “Diverse” opinion shows it’self, WOW! Do the claws and and fangs and insults from the left come flying. The hypocrisy is unbelievable.

            78. Alpha Papa says:

              If you notice those liberals that flip out and bare fangs and claws are usually far to the left and simply cannot handle hearing any opinion but thier own… or those that they espouse too.
              They call Righties close minded, but the lefties are far worse in that respect. Even worse the things they say to those they disagree with are far past heinous… telling someone, “I hope you get raped” “may you die slow and painfully” and other far worse things… wow… yet IF I were to say that to them, they would have a fit and fall in it and call me mean and horrible… wtf… sigh….

            79. Raylan Givens says:

              I think hyperbole and ideology driven extremes on both sides are the problem. We need to come together in the middle and work together for the country and each other.

            80. Chupacabra says:

              “did they get their data.” Umm… “Western Illinois University”. It’s right there in the article…

            81. Alpha Papa says:

              and you consider them an infallible source? Huffpo, like Briebart or red state for that matter is a blog, not a viable news source..and a blog that skews info to the liberal side of the fence just as red state skews it to the right side…. did they provide a link to the actual information..nope….
              that in and of itself is supicious… just to be fair here, I skewer the right side far more than the left for this kind of crap.
              refering to billy boy university and not providing a link makes the info suspect..

            82. rejectrepublicanlies says:

              Facts have that famous liberal bias.

            83. rejectrepublicanlies says:

              You can always cite some facts from reputable sources like the Blaze, Breitbart of Fox.

            84. observer1959 says:

              But would non-religiously conservatives states just have more people who didn’t get married and instead lived together? I know a LOT of youth today who just live together in this blue state. Marriage is never discussed.

            85. GetBent says:

              There’s a difference between scapegoat and not wanting to carry through life. If you dropped out of school, spent your 20’s high, had 3 divorces, and spent time in jail and now can’t get a real job…why the shit should I pay extra taxes so you can skate through life. Loser…

            86. stuartgoldbarg says:

              Was your strawman in the service at the time ?

            87. jim says:

              People who are intelligent and/or are educated rarely resort to calling other people losers, or placing them in generalized categories which indicate life status is based on their political preferences, especially when there is no real correlation except the one in your own mind.

            88. 1skyhifun says:

              You are confused. You are talking about the goat humper you elected twice that has never taken responsibility once but always wants the credit. You people are pathetic.

            89. Augie Janke says:

              See my comment to Liz…you will learn something!

            90. [email protected] says:

              What is the caliber of jobs? If you look at the reality behind the statistics they put out you will see its not all that rosy. Building up? Look at whats bi=eing built…vinyl sided row houses, not brick or stone homes…just enough to house the peasants and keep them from rivolting. They are lieing to you, Liz, america and the world are about a stone’s throw from massive upheaval.

            91. standbehindtheyellowline says:

              The sky is falling, the sky is falling… Again.

            92. Dave von Nearing says:

              I have two bachelor’s degrees (History and Philosophy [focusing on the discrete mathematics side of things], both magna cum laude), and am +/- 8 classes away from having one in Biology and a minor in Computer Science. My undergraduate thesis was judged to be the best undergraduate research work at the entire university, across all disciplines, at a school of well over 37000 students. I also have 5 years of experience as a programmer, and 1 year of experience as a top level technical analyst for one of the biggest software companies in the world.

              I have been out of work for 1 year almost to the day. I have put out 800+ applications and have received 2 interviews. My references have not ever been contacted.

              >So how exactly is the economy hurting?
              My market value (highest, most recent salary) is somewhere in the neighborhood of 90-120k/year. While still working at my old company, I was offered 160k by a competitor, but I had to decline due to contractual obligations.

              When I cannot even find a /fast food restaurant/ willing to pay me /minimum wage/ for even 10 hours a week, after looking for an entire year (most of my applications are ignored or I am told I am ‘overqualified’), there is something wrong with our fucking economy.

            93. Alpha Papa says:

              Similar education, add age, 60+ to the mix. I gave up and decided on early retirement at a much less income than I planned on.

            94. standbehindtheyellowline says:

              So you are one that claims the Dems are always taking as you choose to retire and live off the “entitlements” your party might allow you to have. What a hoot. I’m not going to do the homework for you. Fact is the “red conservative” states are the bigger state wide and federal takers of the bunch. Bundy and his group of asshats wanted to “take back” Federal land, but were they planning to give it “back” to the American Indians? As usual, don’t go by the facts, princess.

            95. John Giametti says:

              Same here except add completely electronic medical records and the micromanaging it strongly encourages.

            96. Cathy Baumgardner says:

              Actually you are over qualified. No one with any business sense would hire you for a minimum wage or even a middle wage job. Reason is because they know if you suddenly were offered a job in your field you would be gone and the money they wasted to train you and give you a job would be lost. Sorry but those are the facts and we are told that when we are put into a position to hire people. I do not know where you all live but I live in a pretty rural area of PA and everywhere I go here there are signs that they are hiring and there are all kinds of job offers here in the papers. They may not be jobs like you are searching for but they are jobs.

            97. Colby Simpson says:

              This reply is not meant to be offensive and may be a bit off topic, however it is not just the qualifications that get you a job anymore, nor should they ever have been the only factor that get you a job. Personality gets you a long way, and in some ways it is also who you know. It may be fortunate in some cases, unfortunate in others, but it is the truth and it is what we must live with.

            98. Alpha Papa says:

              In the nursing world.all they want is a warm body with a nursing license sadly…

            99. John Giametti says:

              The name of the overall px with our economy is Hussein and his thieves.

            100. cyberman24 says:

              And here is the 2nd part to the problem. Because you went to school for 8 years and worked for 6, you officially feel as if you are worth 90k a year. You would refuse to deliver pizzas because you have to put money into your own car. Start making sacrifices and maybe you won’t be out of a job for a whole year. There is something definitely wrong with you, AND the system. You are using the system as an excuse for your own inability.

            101. Alpha Papa says:

              Only if you realize those jobs are minimum wage jobs and use the WH method of unemployment calculation. Which is to conveniently leave out the permanently unemployed numbers..

            102. Unfiltered Dregs says:

              The economy is hurting because Americans are simply making less money and that isn’t right. The jobs created need to be of far more significant value.

            103. Vladimir Sonovabitch says:

              The unemployment hasn’t exactly dropped. In Obama’s world, if you’re working and not looking for a job, you’re employed. His “unemployment” rate doesn’t take into consideration several things;

              1) The person that has been unemployed for so long and haven’t found a job, they’ve taken themselves out of the job search category. They’re benefits have dried up and they are no longer accepting them. They have another family member supporting them. Since they’re no longer collecting benefits, then the system assumes that they are employed. That accounts for several million people, unfortunately.

              2) The “under”employed person. i.e. the mechanical engineer that lost her job and now works at Wal-mart and the craft store in order to try and make ends meet. Yes, they’re employed but now they’re making minimum wage instead of 80k a year. Again, that’s millions of people.

              If you factor in those things and account for a TRUE unemployment number, you’re looking at around 12%. I think the unemployment number for black americans is close to 18%. Obama uses the other number because it satisfies the uneducated and uninformed voter and makes him look better.

            104. Vladimir Sonovabitch says:

              I guess my logical and truthful answer that I put up here the first time was too threatening to Liberal minds. It didn’t fit their agenda. I’ll try again.

              The unemployment numbers you see are NOT the true numbers. They don’t reflect those that have taken themselves out of the job search and it doesn’t take into account those that are underemployed. The true number is around 12%

              If you read this and then it disappears, you need to think to yourself…. why?

            105. Lynn Westrich says:

              Do you want to know what the real rate is? It is anywhere from 25 to 40%. People who quit looking for work are not counted. Look at all the companies going overseas. They are leaving the country because they can’t make money here. If you can’t see jobs moving away then you are blind

            106. Liz Merrow says:

              Like how Trump wants to keep jobs in the US but his clothes are made in both Mexico and China? Tell me, do you know who in this country would want to sit in a factory and make clothes day in and day out for little to no pay?

            107. jim says:

              Do you understand how the unemployment rate dropped? The rate of poverty and the drop off of people looking for work as registered at the local job services has declined. That number means nothing in reality on its own.

            108. John says:

              @lizmerrow:disqus & Doc Stevens: Doc, your comment on this article is such a disappointment for educated people. It’s actually a miracle you can say such stupid, uneducated nonsense, while simultaneously having the ability to get out of bed and connect your computer to the internet. Even the degree of intelligence required to brush your teeth surpasses the required level of intelligence to produce the utter bull**** you came up with. “Liberal giveaways are American terrorism” I mean wtf does that even mean. “Damaging the entire economy in SO many ways!”

              A: You’ve never studied Macroeconomics
              B: You’ve never read a book about economics
              C: You can’t win in an argument about economics because you are a clueless zombie troll listening to talk radio hosts without college degrees.

              Ok so anyway, this part applies to both Liz and Doc: You can’t just take the current economy and blame it on an entire party. You can’t even confidently attribute economic success to the values that politicians claim to represent. Republicans spend as much as Democrats do, making the whole “republican vs democrat” spending argument very stupid. It’s also describing ~5% of the total picture.

              Liz, when Bush left office we were in a recession caused by stupid economic policies since the 70’s (like the repeal of Glass Stegal) as well as a decline in spending power of the bottom 90% of our country. Wall St/Billionaires like to blame people for living out of their means (you shouldn’t have bought that house then!) the rest of us are not blaming the victims and understand people can’t afford homes/American lifestyle with their declining wages (increased wealth disparity. v general, trying not to write 10 pg paper here) Still, under Obama’s presidency, the wages of the bottom 90% have declined during economic peaks: almost 20% since 2000, actually, while the top 10%’s wages have risen over 100%. With the collapse of the middle class and spending power, we will never reach the level of demand we would with a totally efficient economy, such as the one we enjoyed in the 50’s and 60’s when the tax rate on billionaires was 85%. (Most billionaires don’t work, anyway, they have people work for them. Maybe they are the American terrorists ‘Doc’ was talking about?)

              Its not just the # of jobs available- how much do they pay? Are people undervalued? As we become more technologically advanced, are people rewarded for their increased productivity? Say it with me: No!!! Since a poorer/middle class person has a higher MPC (Marginal propensity to consume) we can know for sure, as a fact, that our economy is currently inefficient. The only reason unemployment has dropped/more jobs are available is because we just came out of a recession. As you know (not Doc, he doesn’t know a thing) GDP = C + G + I …. which means that an increase in G can temporarily cover up/mask a decrease in C. Whatever, the point is we are feeling the after effects of a stimulus plan, not a functional economy.

              Until we prevent .1% of our population from hoarding as much as the bottom 90%, our middle and working classes will continue to suffer.

            109. Randy says:

              Wake up Liz! Real unemployment has not dropped, under Obama workforce participation is at an all time low, people on welfare has nearly doubled, we have spent more than all presidents combined, our healthcare has been destroyed, too many lies to remember, ie, keep your doctor, you will save $2500 a year, solyndra, auto bailout, cash for clunkers, shovel ready, and on and on.

            110. 1skyhifun says:

              Unemployment has dropped because the goat humper you morons saddled us with for eight years cooks the books. Lower paying jobs; quit counting those that gave up looking and decided to live out their lives at the government teat. I was a Cruz man but will vote Trump just because you libtard “gimme gimme” jokers are so scared of him.

            111. Augie Janke says:

              It’s sad rally when you don’t even research your position. It has been a established FACT that the unemployment rate is BS because people have ran out of benefits and stopped looking. Do you know how? Because the number of people getting well fair benefits have increased by 2/3rds since Obama has taken office. Silly girl learn to research a point

            112. chiffmonkey says:

              Pensions and military funding completely and utterly dwarf welfare to the point where it’s pretty much negligible as a cause of anything.

            113. John Giametti says:

              Socialism lasts only as long as they have other people’s money to steal and give away.Its based on theft and slavery ie making the producers slaves to non producers.Involuntary servitude of the producers.That happens here there will eventually be civil war to free the slaves again.

            114. Vthestate says:

              I think i notice a lot less entry level manufacturing jobs …these last 12 years here in New England ….way down from 30 years ago….without big money skill…how will a High school grad effect how big money invests …in china manufacturing…jobs are the antidote to welfare… where are the jobs ? …This is not a slam …it is a question.

            115. John Giametti says:

              You have a valid question.Having spent much time in new England area (—relatives there.).I have seen the loss of manufacturing in the US to China etc since the 70s.We are,and have,lost our manufacturing base,some because of unions though Im pro union and have been a member of several—but they have killed the goose that lays the golden egg to some extent.Then there are wickedly poor trade agreements with half the world.Japan sells cars and produces here but add tariffs and other barriers to us exporting to them,then our gov having the highest corp tax rate in the world as well as gov micromanaging companies etc.I could go on but I think you get the idea.

            116. Vthestate says:

              I am following your response.
              “some because of unions” can you say how many …I am thinking most losses are for other reasons…mostly due to the ease of moving jobs and $ off shore and importing those same ,previously made in USA, products. Much of the environmental/OSHA/ infrastructure consequences of off shore production….fall below the radar and as you say allowed by bad trade deals. The direct purchase of the electoral process and the elected officials
              is in my opinion why the jobs are not here any more…..what to do?

            117. John Giametti says:

              You be sure to enjoy Trump when he is elected president.

            118. FrizzHed says:

              Only there are no socialist candidates running. Oh, wait .. you confused DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST with socialist, which are two different ideologies in theory and practice.

            119. John Giametti says:

              Someone tell that old burned out Marxist that.All socialism becomes authoritarian after a time.
              Just because others vote to take the fruits of my labor against my will does not make it right.
              We had a war here a few years back partially about that issue….it was called involuntary servitude more commonly called slavery.
              PS Its my understanding Bernie called himself a socialist.Who am I to tell him what label to place on himself.

            120. TrulyHonestProf says:

              Someone needs to tell you that most of the rest of the world has been doing just fine with democratic socialism – in fact, doing BETTER on most measures than the US.

              You should also be schooled on the reality that Sanders isn’t really a socialist, democratic or otherwise. He is more correctly a New Deal Democrat, but none of this matters because you stopped listening as soon as you started spouting your bumper sticker bromides that were provided to you by … who? … Beck, Hannity, Jones?

            121. John Giametti says:

              You assume a lot about me ,my views ,and my sources of information.You project your thinking about others view points then criticize them in vague general terms.Give specific stats/data to back up your claims of socialism dong so well around the world.We are less socialist than the majority of the developed nations and have the greatest GNP among the nations.
              Please define bumper sticker bromides and specifically identify where I have done that.You made the claims and thus the burden of proof is yours.Specifically where do you get you vague information?

            122. TrulyHonestProf says:

              By being ALIVE and COGNIZANT of the world.

              “If you will notice the commie and socialist countries are in big financial trouble except for China which has adopted a form of capitalism.”
              “You might consider studying history and economics”

              Bumper sticker bromides.
              In true fright wing tradition blaming others for employing the very tactics you used.

              You make generic reference to GNP.
              But totally ignore actual quality of life in, well, pretty much the rest of the developed world.

              Watch this, I’ll do something that conservatives rarely, if ever do, admit an inconvenient truth – there is no perfect human endeavor.

              HOWEVER, there are plenty of nations (e.g. Canada, Japan, Denmark, Germany) where their citizens are happier, enjoy greater stability, AND return on their taxation than the US.

              Try examining GINI coefficients before slapping your next bumper sticker talking point on the discussion.

            123. John Giametti says:

              You are good at deflecting from the point at hand.Do you also work on your skills at sophistry too.It sure looks like you do.

            124. TrulyHonestProf says:

              And round and round you go …
              Thanks, you can move on to your next trolling mission, I’m done with your “I know you are but what am I?” schoolyard “logic.”

            125. Alpha Papa says:

              So are you.

            126. Alpha Papa says:

              No John prove everyone else wrong. Do not presume to make the initial Sally complete with cliches and no state, with proof, why you disagree.

            127. Major Migraine says:

              Like capitalism is doing us soooo much good. LOL

            128. John Giametti says:

              You most certainly fall in the sucidally and aggressively ignorant classification.Capitalism has made the USA the richest,most free and powerful country in the history of the earth.
              If you will notice the commie and socialist countries are in big financial trouble except for China which has adopted a form of capitalism.
              You might consider studying history and economics.

            129. Stephanie Hall says:

              People so openly oppose Socialism as a destructive policy as it is associated to Communism, while blindly favoring the seemingly positive benefits of Capitalism. After doing an extensive research paper on the philosophies and economic policies that are the foundation of Socialist theories, there are two things that need to be understood by the general public:
              1. Socialism can coincide with capitalism and democracy, and has been done so effectively in many Scandinavian nations such as Sweden, Denmark, Finland, etc.
              2. The philosophy behind Socialism is to provide regulations to large profit-based corporations (not small privately owned businesses), such as education, healthcare, welfare, etc, in order to provide the best possible benefits to the majority of the society.
              Unfortunately, this does mean higher taxes. However, many countries pay much high taxes than the United States does, and in the end these nations have access to free higher education, and other governmental programs such as healthcare. Taxes are the responsibility of the citizen, and are a privilege as it means you are apart of a great system that helps the needs of an entire society and not just the individual. Companies like Tyson Meat and Berton control a large percentage of the American economy and render the simple individual helpless to its unsurmountable power. Socialism, Democratic Socialism, Capitalistic Democratic Socialism aim to hinder large corporations’ economic domination. Furthermore, the American Capitalist system provides higher education for unaffordable prices that leave students, other than “trust-fund babies,” in crippling debt. Why do people favor such a system that removes equal opportunity for their future society to obtain an education?
              Do not view policies that differ from yours (speaking to the general publics) as wrong or bad. Keep an open mind and ask yourself if you, the individual, is more important than everyone else?
              Do not be angered by this, as it is meant to simply provide information about a commonly misunderstood political grouping.

            130. Alpha Papa says:

              Much better than the half asked socialism that the current admin is pushing.
              Tell me WHY are NO liberals pushing for major tax reform. Ya know the kind that scares the current system in favor either of a fair or flat tax. Bernie wants to tax the middle class some more so that rich guys like him can get even richer. No tax reform.

            131. standbehindtheyellowline says:

              It’s hard to keep from calling someone names when they have no FACTS! Bernie Sanders is worth just over $300,00. Can you name anyone else that is worth sooooo much? HAHAHAHA

            132. laurabien says:

              You mean $300,000? Why is this relevant to his caliber as presidential material? Character to me is what is important, in this race and in life in general. I suggest that you look at things in a less superficial manner.

            133. standbehindtheyellowline says:

              Oh thanks for the correction. HAHAHAHA

              Was this you? If not, check yourself, please.

              “Bernie wants to tax the middle class some more so that rich guys like him can get even richer.”

            134. laurabien says:

              Don’t tell me to “check myself.” I don’t answer to you. You seem like a low-information type; you should educate yourself before attempting conversation–you’re making yourself look like a fool.

            135. standbehindtheyellowline says:

              No princess, it is you that not only seems like a low-info person, you wrote very clearly that you didn’t know what you were talking about. Get yourself educated before you spend the time you have to make it very clear that you do not do your homework before sticking your foot in your mouth!!!

            136. standbehindtheyellowline says:

              Thanks for the correction. HAHAHAHAHA
              Was it you that wrote “Bernie wants to tax the middle class some more so that rich guys like him can get even richer.”?
              If not, please correct yourself.

            137. Alpha Papa says:

              Socialism has done pretty good in Denmark and Sweden..although the tax rate is 80%.
              Their health care is far superior to the US’. Also much cheaper.
              Education is not a money making industry.
              Mind you I am a capitalist. But your attempt to pass of lies is stale.

            138. standbehindtheyellowline says:

              You want to pretend that it is “redistributing” of the wealthy, when in fact it wasn’t distributed correctly the first time around. Why do you settle on the crumbs the fat cats want to pay you? It hurts to not feel valued, but when you have no self worth, it’s down right sick.

            139. rejectrepublicanlies says:

              As with folks on the Right, none of you can cite any facts. It’s all emotions and the sky is fallin’ conspiracy theories. You need to see a real doctor, Doc.

            140. Alpha Papa says:

              Bwahahaha…that can be said far more for the left than the right.
              No matter how many references I give, since it does not fit with the leftie view..then it is not “valid”.

            141. R Damon Combs says:

              It seems that us boomers are creating political divisions in this country. Maybe when all of us boomers die we can find some common ground. The millenials and the Elvis generation seem to agree with each other without resorting to name calling and attacks. Smoke a joint and chill out, please.

            142. Diana says:

              Delusional: Doc Stevens
              It would be in your best interest to reject your tea bagger brainwashing. Don’t assume we don’t already have a job. Obtain a life. Learn conservative giveaways to corporations are American terrorism, damaging the entire economy in SO many ways! Wake up!

            143. Alpha Papa says:

              Just because someone is a conservative does not mean they are a member of the tea party..
              You might want to look up the term tea’s a very nasty thing to call another..kinda like calling you what are, a c*nt.
              Offensive isn’t it?
              Name calling shows you for the petty immature individual are and invalidates and of whatever it was you were spewing…did you ever grow past middle school maturity?

            144. standbehindtheyellowline says:

              Just because someone is a Democrat or liberal does not mean that they did not go to college, does not have a job and wait for “freebees”. That is factual about the “red states” and their leaders.

            145. Liam Walls says:

              Hehe – you republicans… always with the big statements about “liberal brainwashing” as if it means something, but no facts in sight. Can you say what is actually wrong with bernie? Do you know how the system works, or are you incapable of making a logical statement like all the other Bernie haters?

            146. Alpha Papa says:

              Liam, plenty is wrong with Bernie.
              One point bothers me greatly tho.
              He keeps talking about raising taxes with NO meaningful tax reform.
              The current system favors the wealthy, like Bernie. Not the middle class like you or I.
              I am NOT a Cruz or Paul fan…however, both have put forth some good tax reform plans. Starting with scrapping current tax laws and Instituting either a fair or flat tax. The rich would indeed pay more taxes than the middle class, rather than the vice versa we have now.
              Bernie supports neither fair or flat tax. He supports the current system
              One would think that since the liberal mantra is make the rich pay a “fair share “. That meaningful tax reform would be an important issue..instead it’s white privilege and other trivial nonsense.

            147. sjc14850 says:

              “American terrorism”? Do word definitions mean ANYTHING to you?

            148. laurabien says:

              Do our drones over Pakistan count as American terrorism? I’d say they do. We would call it that if it were Pakistani drones over our skies, bombing civilians in Cleveland, St. Louis, Kansas City. That’s what we’re doing there. Is that a clear enough definition?

            149. Jacob 'Whit' Whitaker says:

              And you should reject conservative brainwashing, Doc Stevens. If you honestly believe that liberalism is responsible for the threat of terrorism, then they should strip you of your title because that honor belongs pretty exclusively to neoconservative foreign policy blunders.

            150. Unfiltered Dregs says:

              You’re an idiot. What’s killed the American economy is the priority of shareholder value versus actually producing something and rightfully passing on increase in profit as raises to employees.

            151. hannjenn says:

              A substantial majority of Americans lapping up “liberal giveaways,” as you put it, are red state voters. Plus, Republicnts, (you choose the vowel), like to be led by strongmen, so they’re the most susceptible to brainwashing, but that you pretend otherwise makes sense, since you count yourself a Republicnt.

            152. Alpha Papa says:

              I guess you forget the current wave of political correctness is a form of brain washing… name calling the opposite political party shows a lack of maturity. Some liberals seem you excel at.

              Btw…you posted something then, I guess, deleted it…

            153. hannjenn says:

              First, you go by an alias, as I can’t verify anything you say about yourself, and, I have no reason to believe a word you post. Next, anything worth saying can be stated briefly, so I knew immediately what to think of your lengthy reply. Third, I deleted a post voluntarily, which otherwise wouldn’t have been deleted, but noted that you decry political correctness and then revere it. Actually, you get to decide who has to be politically correct, and it’s anyone who disagrees with you. BTW, the whore legs you use for an avatar, disgusting, that. In this reply, you also made clear you’re a pompous bore. I’d say we’re through, but I’m guessing you’ll have to have the last word. Go ahead. I give it to you.

            154. Alpha Papa says:

              The avatar is an iconic Vargas painting. The assumption if the person’s career choice goes to your own prejudices and bias. Again, typical liberal name calling when you are losing an argument.

              You also go by an alias, tit for tat.

              If you are posting here you are well aware that anything you post, then delete gets to someone’s email inbox.

              You have made no valid points, and when you lose you. Resort to immature name calling and gender shaming.
              If disquis allowed for blocking as Facebook does. You would long ago been blocked.

              I will postulate you are youn (er), fairly uneducated…and you dislike women..based on your name calling…sad case.

            155. hannjenn says:

              Booyah! Alpha Papa took that bait and proved that he’s the kind of guy that has to have the last word, in addition to fancying artistic representations of scantily clad women rendered, in many cases, for sometime smut-peddler and all-purpose freak Hugh Hefner. It’s also hilarious that you, who eschews political correctness, thinks little ol’ me should be silenced for “name calling.” But then, I never accused you of having any sense.

            156. Alpha Papa says:

              You are trolling….

            157. Kalila Atchley says:

              I know that what you’re trying to say here I at it’s bunch of red-necked-red-voters soaking up the “goodies” but I think you just pointed out 2 big problems that the whole country has had for a long time and they are the “I don’t like that because I feel guilty… throw some money at it so it stops” and “if I can’t see it, it’s not a real problem (or at least not MY problem)” ways of thinking.
              Of course in a state like Texas with so many multi-cultural areas (ex: Sharpstown in Houston) and so many huge cities (Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Houston) there are a lot of people abusing giveaways; there’s also a lot of people who don’t vote red. s a matter of fact, if you break Texas down into smaller chunks (cause, let’s face it: Texas is a REALLY big chunk) and look at the difference, it’s a whole different story. Matter of fact, nationwide this is an issue… this is from 2012, but it’s still true.
              By the way, I live in Katy, TX

            158. hannjenn says:

              What I was “trying to say,” as you put it, is that those that rail against the nanny state are the ones dependent on it. It’s a hypocrisy thing. I don’t think the government should provide a social safety net because I feel guilty. I think the government should provide a social safety net because it’s a proper governmental role, and it’s the right thing to do. That’s a morality thing.

            159. Kalila Atchley says:

              My core issue with government aide… if we forget the drugs and abuse and background on each kid. What do we do with that?!
              Jazz, I love you… HAVING A ROUGH LIFE DOES NOT EXCUSE BAD CHOICES. It may EXPALIN some of the situations and attitudes and it may even cause someone to forgive you for your actions… BUT THEY ARE NOT EXCUSED. An excuse let’s you do it again. An excuse makes this time not count. Every time counts.
              A far as referring to it as a “safety net”, I would be all for that if it was , as you said, the proper thing to do… Someone walks on a tight rope so you obviously give them a safety net; they could die if you don’t. But what about the people on the sidewalk? Do they need a net to keep them from touching the ground? No; they chose to stand on the ground and they choose to stay on the ground. So why should the daredevil (who just got a promotion and has worked VERY hard to overcome his fear of height) why should he be the one to die first so that others who haven’t even been watching the elephants dance. (But I didn’t get to ride one this year…)

            160. hannjenn says:

              What about the biggest government giveaways, which are to the already super rich? Those ought to infuriate you. Instead, you pick on the weakest in society. EXPALIN that IN ALL CAPS BECAUSE THAT’S SO MUCH MORE PERSUASIVE (EYE ROLL).

            161. Kalila Atchley says:


            162. Kalila Atchley says:


            163. Leora Richards says:

              Republlican giveaways to the business that enable them to pay less in taxes….OR NO TAX are one huge excessive giveaway… Republican wars that destroyed this country and economy are terrorism. Republican rejecting VET. benefits for men wounded in those wars in the most vile, soul searing form of political deceit.

            164. William Metzger says:

              I have all of the those, still voting for bernie. Go smoke paint!

            165. Pedro Romero says:

              Look who talks about brainwashing… Wake yourself up… You have all the facts upside down… Surely a FOX News addict…

            166. Wally Markovic says:

              Yes, much better to elect a racist bully buffoon like The Donald. The South shall rise again.

            167. Bill Thompson says:

              People need to vote in the primaries, and only than will Bernie have a chance.

            168. laurabien says:

              Yep. Ours is March 8 and I’m ready! If you don’t know your primary date, please look it up and register to vote!

            169. Vladimir Sonovabitch says:

              I know mine. Rubio

            170. Alpha Papa says:

              As a Floridian, I am ashamed I voted for him as Senator..he rarely even shows for a vote… like Obama he is not interested in representing the people of Florida..but in using the job, he IS a FIRST time Senator… as a stepping stone to the presidency….
              He is just a right wing obama 2.0.

          2. Diana says:

            Thank you Mr. Troll. Are you warm under that bridge? Need a blankie?

          3. Alpha Papa says:

            There is a distinct chance the gop will screw itself yet again. NH gop guy told Neil Caputo today that the GOP is planning for a brokered convention to stop either Cruz or Trump to put their preferred guy in, Bush or rubio.. neither of whom I would vote for. Which garuntees Trump will run 3rd party..will split the conservative vote and hand the election to the Dims on a silver platter.

          4. HenryT2 says:

            Well, since you’re obviously a conservative, you live in some imaginary fairy tale land, I guess hell is a real place to you and you are terrible concerned about the climate there unlike your utter disregard for it here on planet earth. For the rest of us, hell freezing or not has no actual relevance. We’ll stick to real the world facts and evidence that you conservatives long ago abandoned.

          5. William Metzger says:

            Your generation is up, time to die and be taken care of by us.

          6. Rosemary Hykes says:

            A vote for Hillary is a vote for WALL STREET,so Mr. Hutton you must have your nose high up in money as well. Shame on you!

        2. Diana says:

          Feelin’ the Bern is something I’m counting on for the next 8 years, so bless your heart; hope you’re right.

        3. Lamar Montgomery Waddingston says:

          You should get used to the feeling of being surrounded by dirt and worms, because from the looks of your profile pic you probably have heart disease and will be dead in a few years. You’ll probably die before Bernie Sanders, actually. I know he’s older than you, but his health seems better. Much more robust of man as opposed to a potato such as yourself.

        4. laurabien says:

          If Sanders wins we’ll all eat more Taco Bell?

        5. NoBurn says:

          No, the corrupt lobbiests and corporatists will.

      3. Adam Brown says:

        that’d be the deregulation and limited oversight of the “food” industry you might be feeling there

    3. Dogmudgeon says:

      Feel the Privilege.

      1. Michael Gutman says:

        Who do you support then?

      2. Mummified_hotdog says:

        Because Trump or any other openly racist Republican candidate is so much better, right?

        How about you vote for whoever will help you feel less whiney and ignorant.

        1. Lilpup says:

          OPENLY Racist–which of far more Honorable than being a Closet Racist. Give me a break–Obama, Oprah, BILL COSBY, live a RACIST LIFE STYLE in that they Never hire WHITE people. Don’t start with me about Trump~

          1. Mummified_hotdog says:

            So you just assume that Sanders is a closet racist, because naturally, everyone who doesn’t openly declare themselves are racist must be… racist? Deep down, everyone is racist, yeah? Give me some ACTUAL facts, please, and not this assumptionous crap.

          2. Ole Man says:

            God, you’re stupid.

            1. rebeccagavin says:

              I don’t know how you can determine that Lilpup is stupid…I still can’t figure out what the post means.

          3. henri_cervantes says:

            if we only hire the qualified… nobody shows up?

          4. Queen Mennon says:

            you show your ignorance,lilpup or do U prefer to lie? the majority of the people who work for the people you name, R, without a dobut, of the white race. matter of fact, the Black community has big beef with oprah for that and cosby, well, U know what a jerk he is, abusing all those white women.

          5. Robert Kennedy says:

            Remember where Dr. Phil got his start? Yep, hired by Oprah. Also her personal chef is/was white. I used to make deliveries to Harpo and most of the people there were white. Perhaps you should shut up if you have no idea what you’re talking about.

            1. Emm Vee says:

              Plus she helped Dr. Oz and Rachel Ray and that white guy who remodels homes. I can’t think of his name.

            2. rebeccagavin says:

              Yes, she unleashed a real plague of locusts with Oz.

            3. Emm Vee says:

              I concur.

          6. Emm Vee says:

            Oprah, has many whites that work on her show and on her network.

          7. rebeccagavin says:

            Somebody better tell Joe Biden he’s Black. I honestly think he doesn’t know.

      3. Mike McKallicuffy says:

        because hillary clinton is black?

        1. rebeccagavin says:

          No, because the only demographic Sanders leads in is White Males. Is that too complicated, or should I explain further?

          1. Ken says:

            thank you for this. I am a white male, but i never realized what white privilege is until I saw all these spoiled white millenial bro-gressives stamping their feet and making threats if they don’t get what they want.

            1. rebeccagavin says:

              Me neither. I’m 58. I have always done exactly as I wanted so I thought sexism really wasn’t an issue. Wrong.

          2. Jean N. says:

            You’re so full of it…..

            1. rebeccagavin says:

              You are so clever. 😉

      4. Lilpup says:

        Excuse me but I believe one of those people still has diapers on and the other two look like they have never read a book. Is this the crowd Sanders appeals to??

        1. Mummified_hotdog says:

          It’s a family of three. You are either on drugs or intentionally being a bitch.

          1. Just Sayin says:

            Two husbands and a daughter?

            1. Michael Soule says:

              And the homophobe of the year award goes to…

        2. 02Dave12345 says:

          This elitist BS on the left is why Republicans keep winning.

      5. 02Dave12345 says:

        Does this imply that Obama proved that the race of a president and overwhelming support from a minority group is key to overcoming issues around white privilege? Really?

        1. rebeccagavin says:

          Yeah, like people who have nothing to lose often do.

        2. Diana Jackson says:

          CLEARLY thank you for saying that !!!!!!!

    4. rebeccagavin says:


    5. Liberty Smurf says:

      The first sign of an STD.

      1. craig klucas says:

        What did you do for it?

    6. Mark Gruben says:

      Bernie Sanders’ candidacy reminds me that, back in 2000, people were saying that Ralph Nader had a good chance of being elected President. As we learned to our sorrow, Nader’s candidacy siphoned off enough Democratic votes to hand the Presidency to George Dummya Bush…..and the world has never been the same! If Bernie wins the nomination, I’ll support him, but if he doesn’t – and he runs as an independent – then God help us.

  2. Jo Clark says:

    Very interesting! Would not surprise me one bit. Long as it’s a Dem, I’m happy =)

    1. Christine says:

      Me, too, but I’ll be happiest if it’s Sanders!

    2. Rocky says:

      Not I. I will only be happy if it’s Sanders. Our other choice is a corporate shill and absolutely not what will benefit this country.

      1. scipio1 says:

        SCOTUS, baby.

        1. Rocky says:

          Well that is true with Ginsburg’s age.

      2. JenellYB says:

        I’ll be voting Sanders in the Primary. But my vote for the Presidency will be whomever is the Dem candidate. I much prefer Sanders over Clinton, but I’d take Clinton over ANY of the GOP candidates.

        1. Binary Busting Boo Boo Kitty says:

          admit it: you’re a clinton sockpuppet.

      3. Scooter McHeadshot says:

        The fact that you fuckers actually think this way is terrifying. Time to water the grass it seems.

        1. Mummified_hotdog says:

          Elaborate or stfu.

    3. David Landers says:

      “Long as it’s a Dem, I’m happy =)”
      why? do you prefer labels to their stances on important issues?
      I would prefer Hillary Clinton to any of the current wack job republican candidates, but not because she’s a democrat or because they’re republicans, but only because the current republican candidates really are nightmarish. We have a real chance with Sanders to bring back the middle class, to make jobs like teaching a viable option for supporting a family, which in turn would help raise our pathetic educational rating… the list goes on but fuck man. If there was a republican talking about doing this stuff and also improving civil rights, I’d be fine voting for them.

      1. godisaniron says:

        As scipio1 said above, “SCOTUS, baby.”

        I want Sanders, too, but as Bill Maher has said, “If you can’t get the fish, eat the chicken.” Even the chicken is better than the warmed-over mounds of horseshit the GOP has to offer. And this election is as much about the Supreme Court as it is anything else. Or it should be…

        1. Sim Jackson says:

          nah. screw that noise. the chicken is filled with arsenic and other cancer causing fillers. and sanders isn’t fish. he’s a healthy organic elk burger with kale and garlic aioli. good and GOOD FOR YOU. if hillary wins the nomination. i will write bernie in or i will NOT be voting. enough is enough

        2. David Landers says:

          great. keep america corporate. vote for the lesser of two evils while ignoring the option that isn’t evil. bathe in the blood of people less fortunate than you, while Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, JP Morgan thank you for your help by further eliminating any chance of a better world.

        3. Red state socialist says:

          Hillary would appoint corporate justices just like a republican would. But she is not as funny as Trump.

      2. Melissa Rowell says:

        Everyone else might too. But there isn’t a Republican talking about doing those things because republicans DONT DO those things. If they did, we’d call them democrats. The reason I would guess she said “as long as they’re a Democrat” is because both democratic candidates appear to have some sense, whereas, you will not find a Republican candidate that isn’t stupid, crazy, or completely unsuitable.I’m appalled that most of them hold important public offices. No wonder our government is so messed up. They are like hateful little children. I am ashamed that they represent or are associated with the United States in any way.

        1. David Landers says:

          I agree with you. but my point was that while we (either side) continue this “us or them” philosophy, we’ll be stuck fighting each other, continually pushing our opponent to further extremes, while the 1% enjoys our lack of scrutiny. it’s the fighting of republicans vs democrats that forces a 2 candidate race every election. we’re all so consumed with making sure that the other side doesn’t win, that we’re unwilling to vote for the person we really want in office, because it might mean a wasted vote. it’s absurd, and it’s the way we (the people) are kept from having a real democracy.

      3. Red state socialist says:

        Trump is entertaining. I heard that he was so smart that people are amazed at how smart he is. I heard people like him so well because he is so good looking. He will also make Mexicans heads spin. This is all true. Because Trump said so.

  3. republic84 says:

    Either is fine by me. Even the thought of President Trump makes me wanna vomit.

  4. connie1111 says:

    of course, the democrats will have the illegals voting and the any other party won’t have a chance.

    1. whymilikethis says:

      Do you care to expound on how the democrats will ‘have illegals voting’?

      1. connie1111 says:

        the same way everyone else does.

        1. rebeccagavin says:

          Um, there is exactly zero evidence of non qualified voting on any kind of scale. The only voter fraud incidents in the past few years were perpetrated by Republicans. Unless you can back up that claim, you ought to retract it.

          1. connie1111 says:


            1. rebeccagavin says:

              Show me the evidence then. You only have to hit each key one time, but give me a link to a credible source. I promise to read any credible article that you believe supports your claim. And you are making a claim. Onus is on you.

            2. connie1111 says:

              well, I can see why you won’t be able to find any hint of it in any of the main stream media papers, and of course, it is rather hard to find any voter fraud if it is done when those in charge of where the voting takes place. When a black panther stands at the door and does not allow white people to enter or is intimidating in his presence, certainly is tampering with voting.

              Tell me this, how can one determine if an individual is illegal or not if they want to vote?

    2. Sisboombah says:

      As it should be, fool. But you’ll get over it. Or maybe not. Who cares.

      1. connie1111 says:

        obviously, you are a lying cheating and disgusting fool just like your illegal president. you people don’t care about laws, only that you get everything you want and not have to work for it. i hope one of those illegals does something to you or to someone you love, as it should be.

        1. RobertArend says:


          1. connie1111 says:

            not interested enough to “see more” nonsense put there by you, the idiot.

          2. connie1111 says:

            and i know who they are, I don’t need them to tell me.

        2. rebeccagavin says:

          Oh look!

          1. ★✽ starchild ✽★ says:

            they’re pointing at you idiot

            1. rebeccagavin says:

              How can I get some pretentious characters for my name, which is real, BTW. Do you have an astrological symbols? I’m a Taurus.

            2. ★✽ starchild ✽★ says:

              why would i help you? I’m sure you should be able to find, without my help, the “pretentious characters” you seek.

          2. connie1111 says:

            and he is pointing right at you

          3. connie1111 says:

            you look

  5. Otto Greif says:

    Who is Lex Green?

  6. Brian_pdx says:

    Hillary will be the next President with one of the Castro Bros. as VP. You heard it here first folks. I love Bernie but he hasn’t the chops of Clinton who is the most qualified and dissected candidate in history.

    1. Ryan Borger says:

      You’re insane. lol Hillary is already pretty much done.

      1. Brian_pdx says:

        A double digit lead and four decades in successful public service? Yeah, really done, done in as the race is over pork chop.

        1. Daniel O'Neill says:

          In that 4 decades has been service, she has been elected to exactly one office. You’d think she’d actually brought forward health insurance reform to completion. But no, she has been embroiled in controversy since Arkansas. Chops? Chopped liver.

        2. jim says:

          And Bernie’s had at least 3 decades of public service. How about we go by who actually represents the median american (who has a net worth of $45,000, not billions)

        3. David Landers says:

          Brian_pdx wants you to know how great Goldman Sachs, Citigroup and JP Morgan are! Vote for Hillary! Vote for Wall Street!

      2. americanswhoarehonest says:

        Evidently you are not paying attention. Better do a little more studying before posting.

        1. David Landers says:

          yes! Goldman Sachs, Citigroup and JP Morgan are FAAAAANTASTIC! VOTE FOR HILLARY! VOTE FOR THE CORPORATION!

          really! it’s awesome! you might even get a t-shirt that says “JP Morgan rules dawg!” and you even get to shove it up your @$$!

    2. Marcadimus says:

      Ah, someone who actually knows something about politics. Getting rarer and rarer. I don’t like Hillary much but she is almost a lock more than ever. Now that the GOP has NO ONE worth voting for if you are sane.

      1. Red state socialist says:

        The folks that vote republican are not sane. They will turnout and vote. As hated as Hillary is the turnout will be low for her. She will lose. Many lifelong democrats are disgusted by her. If she is the nominee. It will be the first time I will skip a presidential election in 36 years.

        1. Marcadimus says:

          I would only advise against that because you will prefer a Hillary moderate in the next three open SCOTUS seats instead of a Rubio or Cruz teabagger set of justices.

          1. Red state socialist says:

            Hillary SCOTUS appointees would be pro corporate pro authoritarian just like her. I would rather trump win. At least he supports single payer. He isn’t as bad as he sounds. He has to be a racists idiot to win the republican primary.

            1. Marcadimus says:

              Trump’s a liberal. Always has been. This whole thing is an act. But he won’t get the nomination, because the establishment can take over after the first 4 primaries. Carson will be done in a month or so. Leaves Bush, Rubio and Cruz. Hillary’s appointees won’t be great, but the GOP ones would be just like Alito. There is a difference, even though she sucks.

            2. americanswhoarehonest says:

              He IS a racist idiot.

          2. Rocky says:

            I will be doing the same. Haven’t missed a vote since I was 18 but she will not be president by my vote.

            1. americanswhoarehonest says:

              Then change your affiliation to R, because if you do not vote for the candidate most Dems put up, you are voting for the leading candidate from the other side, no matter how horrible he is.

            2. Red state socialist says:

              All of you Hillary supporters are already republicans. You just don’t realize it.

          3. David Landers says:

            this message brought to you by Goldman Sachs, Citigroup and JP Morgan!

            1. Marcadimus says:

              Doesn’t change that sole fact.

            2. Truly the Best says:

              I would say it doesn’t have to. in fact, it actually makes your point kinda scary. I think we all agree that the GOP folks this election are basically guests of Art Bell’s radio show, but a vote for Hillary is a vote for the 1%, the hedge fund crew, the people that will bleed this country like vampires.

        2. americanswhoarehonest says:

          Then you might as well change your affiliation to R, because IF you do not vote for the candidate that most Dems put up, you are giving your vote to the opposite side. Then you will scream and holler for four years, having to live under a red coat. IF Bernie fools me and becomes our candidate, I WILL vote for him in the finals, but to choose our candidate, I will be voting for the best, Hillary. Anyone is better than any Republican they are offering. If they were smart, they would be checking more into Kasich. He could get votes from across the aisle, but they are counting on Trump.

      2. Rocky says:

        They may have NO ONE but they will turn out en mass to vote for that NO ONE over Hillary, and democrats will turn out in record lows if she is the nominee, imo.

        1. americanswhoarehonest says:

          Every smart Democrat should turn out en masse EVERY TIME we have an election (even state and local). We outnumber the Republicans/Teapugs, and there is not a reason they should ever win again, other than gerrymandering and Dems staying home.

          1. Red state socialist says:

            Vote for Bernie. If he wins the nomination they will.

        2. Marcadimus says:

          Hard to believe the Dem voters will stay home with the prospect of 3 SCOTUS appointees by Bush or Rubio.

          1. Red state socialist says:

            I’ve survived a long time with a majority of political rightwing corporate hacks on the SCOTUS. Hillary would just appoint more right wingers. If Bernie don’t get the nomination. I will be happy to vote for Jill.

    3. jim says:

      She’s manipulative and dishonest, unlike bernie. She does not represent you unless you’re a multi millionaire from wall street. She’s also thinks she deserves the position because she’s a woman, not because her stances on the issues are better. And incites 9/11

      She’s been dissected alright, and if you paid any attention you’d know she’s that while she’s accomplished, she doesn’t have our interests in mind.

      And bernie is very accomplished too. Give him a serious look. He’s been dissected quite a bit too and guess what – he’s not full of bullshit!

    4. americanswhoarehonest says:

      You are a very smart poster. AND, I think he would be a very smart choice as VP.

    5. David Landers says:

      ^this message brought to you by Goldman Sachs, Citigroup and JP Morgan!

    6. Michael Gutman says:

      That maybe true, and a Clinton presidency will only accelerate the eventual collapse of capitalism.

  7. Sisboombah says:

    BWAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The Sanders Bowel Movement to the WH? LMAO!

  8. Elizabeth Jenkins McFadden says:

    Their track record is certainly impressive; yet I question the accuracy this time. This measures only the responses of students on the WIU campus. That seems limited, especially since that naturally inflates the numbers for obscure Illinois Libertarian Lex Green, of whom most Americans outside of IL have never heard.

    Don’t get me wrong, I hope that these results DO predict the election! I’m just afraid to put too much faith in them.

    1. sticksandstones says:

      They have not done this in every election. They’ve only held this poll 3 times since 1975.

      1. Elizabeth Jenkins McFadden says:

        I was wondering about that. I only saw three sets of results (I clicked through to the mock election home page and skimmed it); wasn’t sure if the lack of other results meant they hadn’t done it at all, or that some variable had been different in other years, making it not directly comparable.

      2. wamylove says:


  9. Robert says:

    This time I think they have it wrong. I do believe that Hillary will win the nomination then the Presidency. I like Berny, and if he did win the nomination, would gladly vote for him. The last thing this country needs is a Republican, any Republican, sitting in the White House. If that happens, this country as we have known it, will be dead. I truly feel that Berny can best serve this country as a Senator.

    1. Ryan Borger says:

      Hillary has no chance at this point. Sorry. Bernie will win in a landslide with the biggest turnout of 18 to 45 year old voters in history. 🙂

      1. Brian_pdx says:

        Borger, you are an idiot. You understand nothing of the political process and are a detriment to the Demo party. Hell you are the worst nightmare.

        1. Red state socialist says:

          Why call him an idiot? You Hillary supporters sound like republicans.

      2. rebeccagavin says:

        Yeah, white voters. Predominately white male voters. I guess the fact that for the most part, every other demographic goes for Hillary does not impress anything upon you and you think you are a better analyst of data than Nate Silver. Yep, I am sure you know more than him.

        1. NDMA says:

          Hilary bends over for money / debt-based slavery (aka New World Order) … Most of the rest of the world does NOT acknowledge as the supremacy of life in our universe : WE WILL NOT SUBMIT TO THIS FLAWED RULE ENFORCED BY MURDEROUS PEASANTS!

          1. rebeccagavin says:

            Alex Jones called, he want’s his narcissistic delusions back.

            1. David Landers says:

              web graphics. the argument of a 12 year old mind.

            2. Bohemianwriter1 says:

              Are you denying the redisgtribution of wealth from the bottom to the top, and the social control that the top is imposing on the people?

              Was Marx wrong 150 years ago?`

              And has things changed really that drastically?

        2. Red state socialist says:

          Nate Silver? Just another talking head. Bernie may not win. But he has a good chance. Hillary may win the primary, but she has no chance in the general. She needs the left wing voters. That will never vote for her. She is an evil war monger.

          1. rebeccagavin says:

            No Rss, he is not a talking head. Apparently you don’t know much about data a statistical analysis.

            1. Red state socialist says:

              I know that the polls talking head Nate. Is analyzing are all over the place. Polls by different polling companies with results over twenty points difference. Released the same week. Talking head Nate will say whatever he is paid to say.

        3. David Landers says:

          UH OH! rebeccagavin posted a web graphic!
          look out guys! she means business! she found a picture on the internet and put it in a comment! this must mean she’s won the argument on the internet!

          or it means she has the brain of a 12 year old maybe living in a famously liberal environment like Kansas City.

          or maybe I’m wrong, I mean there IS a bear in the picture, so her political arguments must be valid … because bear? because the font is “impact” because someone used 2 pixel stroke effect in Photoshop?

          oh wait, her political stance must be correct because someone somewhere knows how to use an online memegenerator. well there you go. if they know how to use a memegenerator they must be politically savvy.

          1. rebeccagavin says:

            It means that the angel of death came to me and offered me 3 wishes. I wished for just the right opportunity to use those pictures, which I collected a while ago, but hadn’t used yet.And the angel gave me you and this article and comments and I knew that it was meant to be.

            1. Mike McKallicuffy says:

              angels aren’t real.

      3. B Belinda Morris says:

        I. Sure hope so. But if not, I will vote for HRC.
        I’m sorry that others won’t participate if Bernie doesn’t get it. But I guess we lived through Bush, we can live through another republicant. But we’re on our last legs.

  10. Marcadimus says:

    I would love to feel the Bern, but I still don’t buy it. Hillary is way ahead in the polls. Would I prefer a Liberal to Hillary, yes, but at least she isn’t a batshit crazy teabagger.

    1. Mike Condoluci says:

      Bernie is higher in the polls at this point than Obama was at this point in ’08, and we all know how that ended. So I wouldn’t count Bernie out just yet. Think about how crazy it was in 2008 when there was a chance that a black guy named Barack Hussein Obama might become the president.

      1. rebeccagavin says:

        Not a comparable situation at all. Obama polled extremely well with minorities, plus he had some real champions in the Dem Party. He sewed up endorsements and delegates before Hlilary knew what happened. That is not the case here. Bernie is way behind, he is ridiculously short on endorsements, because none of his Vermont, or House or Senate colleagues will endorse him (OK, two Congressional Reps compared to over 400 for Hillary.) You are just taking yourself down a garden path to disappointment. Ain’t gonna happen. And even though i know that you wish it would happen, I also know you can’t possibly grasp how much worse gridlock would get to be in DC. Bernie is a good man. I’ve liked him for years. Does not have what it takes legislatively, in terms of consensus building, or foreign policy. Don’t be a nob.

        1. Jennifer Payson Keeler says:

          Thank you! Ive been saying this for months ! I laugh when they try and make the Obama comparison HAHA

          1. Bohemianwriter1 says:

            Obama ended up being a major recipient of Wall Street money.

            Why do you think he has failed going after the swindlers on Wall Street?

            If you want more of that, then please vote Hillary.

            If you have a kid to spare for her future wars, then please vote Hillary.

            1. Truly the Best says:

              exactly.she already has a bank account full of blood. I think it would be fantastic to have a woman president, but I have to vote based on qualifications and track record. if you vote for anyone but Bernie Sanders, you might as well pick a random person from either party because they all work for the same people.

            2. rebeccagavin says:

              Boy, that analysis cuts like a knife.

            3. rebeccagavin says:

              How many times do people have to sit you Berners down like a child and explain to you that when you donate to a campaign, you must give your employer’s name. If you have ever donated you know this, if you don’t know this, you have never donated. Donations are tracked by employer. So if I give money to the campaign and give Hooters as my employer, my donation will go under Hooters. It is simple and easy to understand unless you are a newbie bohemian who is still so wet behind the ears that you are easily persuaded by anything that sounds good.

              Businesses are not allowed to give huge cash donations to candidates. They can give to Super Pacs. However, they cannot donate large sums directly to the candidate. The figures you see on that ubiquitous meme don’t mean anything because they are taken out of context. Who knew memes could be misleading?

              Wall Street is located where? New York City. Yay, you know that. New York City is in what State? New York! Hooray! What State did Hillary Clinton represent for 8 years as a Senator (2 elections to which people donated)? It is not at all surprising that many people who worked on Wall Street, be they stock brokers or mail room clerks, donated to a candidate that they felt would help the people of NY. Bernie should be so lucky. He just got a measly little bit of assistance from the NRA getting his first seat in Congress, letting them attack the incumbent because they thought he was going to vote for waiting periods for guns. Bernie made voting against, I said against, waiting periods part of his platform. The NRA wanted to teach that Republican a lesson about voting for gun control. They supported Sanders, he won. He got there with the help of the N. R. Fucking A. True story, and I can give you a link.

              It is not true that Bernie does not have a SuperPac, he does have one. By Law, SuperPacs can be started by anyone, and they cannot have any communication with the candidate. So when Bernie denies having a Super Pac, which was started by the Nurses Union that is one of the only couple of unions to endorse him on a national level, he is telling the truth but lying by omission.

              And I am hoping that you Bohemianwriter, can explain why Bernie took 2 $5,000 donations from a sugar manufacturer that locked out it’s workers for 18 months. There must be another side to that story, but I can’t find it. Just where does taking money, big or small, from a union busting company, protect the little guy?

            4. kp says:

              It’s impressive how at least half of what you have written to people has been insults. Cool rhetoric, I’m so glad we have someone to explain to all the dummies here that you, and you alone, have seen through the conspiracy that is Bernie Sanders. What would we do without you???

        2. Red state socialist says:

          It would be nice if Bernie was the nominee. If not, the republicans will win all around.

          1. rebeccagavin says:

            If it isn’t the oracle of the red state. He or she, alone, sees this outcome. Those who use something stupid like statistical analysis of data (did you see the movie Moneyball?) to predict probability of outcomes may have been right in the past, like in 2012 when the Republicans claimed the polls were wrong and then lost. I want to see you start to accept that Bernie is not going to win this because I do have a heart and I think you are going to be shattered. And here you have continually said and spread every kind of salacious or unproven allegation about the other candidate, and you are either going to have a very hard time, or you will realize that even if you preferred Bernie, the Hillary Rodham Clinton is nothing like the charactures that have been so widely repeated and repeated without real foundation. Hillary has taken on so many right wing attacks and come out the other side. The opposition hasn’t even started going after Sanders yet because they don’t think he is going to win, but they would be happy if he did. Hillary knows how to handle herself and to handle a wide variety of urgent problems on the world stage. Bernie Sanders does not. Love him all you want. But don’t smear another historic candidate because of your own butthurt.

            1. Red state socialist says:

              Are you a troll that Hillary hired to make favorable comments about her? It would be hard to imagine that anyone could support her. Hillary is an arrogant rightwing sociopath. With a raspy irritating snarly voice. A resting face expression that looks like a Donald Trump.

            2. vinniethesnake says:

              You will have a very difficult time when she wins. I hope you survive it.
              If Bernie The Usurper hadn’t decided that this was his time to run because,,,,, you know….. woman for president??? don’t be silly…. Hillary would be supported by all the Democrats. Progressives are loud and proud, but not all of us are progressive enough for them.

            3. Marcadimus says:

              Who cares about Progressives? This site is called “Liberal America.” We are Liberals. Progressives can go to the Republican establishment where they want to be.

            4. Red state socialist says:

              I’ll be fine regardless of who wins. Republican or democrat. It’s the poor brown people in third world countries that Hillary will kill. Unless the old hag starts world war three. Besides if Bernie don’t get it I’ll have to settle for Trump.

            5. Diva Downunder says:

              Yeah, because it was Hillary that invaded Iraq on the basis of a blatant, egregious lie, directly leading to the deaths of a MINIMUM of 500,000 Iraqis, removed Saddam and left a massive leadership vacuum that basically gave birth to Daesh… oh, wait.

              If anyone were to start another world war, it would be Trump: I can only assume that your use of ‘socialist’ in your screen name is ironic. Then again, you don’t seem smart enough to be intentionally ironic.

            6. Red state socialist says:

              You don’t seem very smart either. Hillary voted for and lobbied for the Iraqi invasion. Bernie voted against it.

            7. rebeccagavin says:

              Please, Mr. or Mrs. Red, please, we want more. A link from a credible source that says Hillary lobbied for that war. I was alive and living in DC then as a grown person. That is a downright lie. You are the most simplistic, misinformed, stupidly named, repetitious, single minded, shallow pseudo-intellectual this old Liberal has run across ALL DAY. Congrats. Mazel Tov.

            8. Ken says:

              But bernie has supported all of Obama’s drone wars.

            9. Hugh Joocey says:

              Well, she did vote to go to war so….

            10. rebeccagavin says:

              So did a whole bunch of Senate Luminaries, like Patrick Lahey, sport. That one vote is not as meaningful as you seem to think.

            11. Diana Jackson says:

              Trump has already started a war just by opening his mouth that first day…… Shame on us for not shutting him up sooner………

            12. rebeccagavin says:

              And what have you ever done for a poor brown person in your measly, insignificant red state life? Here is a woman who is revered all around the world for human rights advocacy, and this little anonymous internet socialist wannabe thinks he or she is in the know more so than the rest of the world. Since you are so knowledgeable, Red, tell me, what’s the scoop on Bernie Sanders taking $10,000 in donations from a sugar company that locked out it’s workers for 18 months? Do tell. You are the expert. We are all waiting with baited breath.

            13. americanswhoarehonest says:

              You are just a nasty person, Red. why are you even on our sites. Isn’t FAUX Entertainment doing anything today?

            14. rebeccagavin says:

              Oh Red doesn’t watch Fox. Red is way lefter than me or thou. Red is the Leftest lefty ever to dress on the left.

            15. No, Hillary would not be supported by “all the Democrats”. I’m one life-long Democrat who will never vote for her and I know quite a few others. And I’m an ardent, life-long feminist, too, so you can stick your “Sanders is sexist” bullshit right up your ass.

            16. rebeccagavin says:

              Well, you have certainly calmed any fears i might have had regarding Bernie Bros and sexism.

            17. God, you Clintonistas are condescending assholes.

            18. rebeccagavin says:

              Really, you feel condescended too? I wonder why anyone would condescend to you.

            19. rebeccagavin says:

              Were you dropped on your head as a child? I gave you a nice, thoughtful, detailed and rational response and you just came back with your low hanging fruit style repetition of the same old shit you keep repeating. You heart will be broken. I won’t feel sorry for you. You will probably continue under the delusion and think that Bernie is President, but a huge illuminati conspiracy is suppressing the truth. Oh, and the real Socialists called….they want their name back.

            20. rebeccagavin says:

              And if you were as politically savvy as you seem to think you are, googleless monster, you would be able to express why you support your candidate in terms of anything but a personal ad hominem attack.

            21. Chaz says:

              All you’ve done is insult people. Get over yourself.

            22. rebeccagavin says:

              Aw, you gave me the sads, Berner.

            23. Emm Vee says:

              Hillary is bought and paid for. Hillary defended a child rapist and got I’m off! She also laughed about it. Hillary cares about children.

            24. vinniethesnake says:

              Where do you get this crap?

            25. Marcadimus says:

              Try to show a modicum of class. Making shit up or linking someone by 20 degrees to something bad are not credible.

            26. Lilpup says:

              Hillary defended a child rapist and got I’m off!–Hillary has been defending her serial Rapist Husband BILL for decades. In Roger Stone’s book THE CLINTON’S WAR ON WOMEN all the facts are there. The first chapter is free on Amazon for anyone who wants to be an INFORMED voter.

            27. rebeccagavin says:

              Got I’m off? You are saying you are a child rapist? I wouldn’t admit that on the internet, if I were you?

            28. rebeccagavin says:

              Roger Stone is not a credible author. Everybody knows his story. Nobody but rightwingers and Berners take him seriously.

            29. americanswhoarehonest says:

              Hey lippy, Bill in not running for President. Why do nutcases always blame women for what men take it upon themselves to do? In the case of Bill and Hillary, I would say that BECAUSE SHE WAS ABLE TO FIND IT IN HER HEART TO FORGIVE HIM, makes her a very STRONG woman. Exactly what we need in the WH right now. I know you righty’s have a whole lot of trouble accepting women who are smarter and stronger than you men, but that does not change the fact that one is needed in the WH, starting in ’17.

            30. rebeccagavin says:

              Evidence? Every criminal in the US is entitled to the best possible defense. Lawyers sometimes defend criminals. They are ethically bound to do the best they can. Give a credible link please. 10:1 you will post some bullshit source.

            31. americanswhoarehonest says:

              Do you even know what Defense Lawyer’s job is? It sure isn’t to lose a case. Whether you agree with the person or not, if you are called for that case, your job is to defend that person. When she succeeded in doing that, it said that she is very good at her job. I see a lot of men do this all the time, but you seem to have a problem if women are good at their job.

            32. Emm Vee says:

              No. That link I sent you was not of Hillary in court defending her guilty client. What I’m shocked by is Hillary years later talking about this case saying how she not only knew he was guilty but was LAUGHING about getting a rapist of a 12 year old little girl off. LAUGHING. What if that were her child? I don’t think she’d be laughing. That is the troubling and disgusting part.

            33. Dustin Neumann says:

              They have never been wrong in over 40 years. .. You are using polling of people over 50 with landlines that voted DEM in the last election to make your case . She has a 25% trustability rating in her own party. Bernie was just voted most trusted senator in the whole nation . That was polling people of both parties .. You see . He can draw votes from all over the place. Not just 50+ year old stay at home mothers with landlines.
              The data for your case is just as flawed if not more than what you are claiming as flawed data here . Based on a movie i might add.

            34. rebeccagavin says:

              Uh, what are you talking about? Landline only polls are a thing of the past. Each poll is actually scientifically designed, and they all include something about the methodology. Someone hasn’t been reading the actual polls themselves, and thinks they know something that they have no clue about. If the data for my case, which is supported by every major polling outfit in the country, is flawed, you need to say specifically how. I can already tell you know very little about research and statistics, but, go ahead. Show me how all the national polling data is wrong, and you know that, but not Nate Silver.

            35. Dustin Neumann says:

              I knew you wouldn’t understand . Go look at the polls . They are all
              landline only. Meaning stay at home mothers or very old people .
              They only include people who have voted (DEM) before
              No independents (when one of the candidates were an independent for many years)
              And no republicans . (Bernie won a good deal of republican support in his state . To take the win many times with their votes)
              United States Senate election in Vermont, 2006[20]

              Bernie Sanders (Independent) – 171,638 (65.4%)

              United States Senate election in Vermont, 2012

              Bernie Sanders (Independent) – 207,848 (71%)

              That is 71% of ALL voters. That isn’t magic . The republicans didn’t stay home . They drove to the booth and voted for him .
              Just as they will to make sure Hillary doesn’t get the nomination .

              Why do you want to keep our country divided so bad? And when did your husband stop beating you ? (/RH)

            36. rebeccagavin says:

              I have looked at them. I read the methodology. No one does landline only polls anymore. They are in competition with each other for accuracy so they can keep paying their scientists and their other researchers.

            37. Dustin Neumann says:

              Pretty clear you care more about who gives a poll than who actually takes it . THIS PLACE HAS NEVER BEEN WRONG > Can “Nate silver” say that?

            38. Dustin Neumann says:

              “If Silver is declaring that the world has a polling problem, and that
              there may be more difficult times ahead for the polling industry, what
              is Silver’s added value in an election cycle? His ability to forecast
              elections is largely dependent on the accuracy of polling. Without that,
              what is his raison d’etre — other than to point out how bad polling caused him to make inaccurate forecasts?”

            39. rebeccagavin says:

              I have not heard him say that it must be very recent. But no, polling is only a small part of the data he uses.

            40. Bryan ĸ McDonald says:

              “They have never been wrong in over 40 years”

              There is a first time for everything. They were LUCKY for 40 years……

              When you consider the FACT that Bernie Sanders will NEVER receive the nomination from the Corporately owned DNC to run in the first place….you’re going to feel the bern when you watch what the Democrats do to crucify Sanders next summer so that Hillary will easily take the nomination you’re going to have a hard fall.

            41. Dustin Neumann says:

              blah blah blah .

            42. Bryan ĸ McDonald says:

              Ah, yet another well thought out, intelligent response. So how are you feeling now about Sanders becoming President?

              Better yet, Let’s fantasize for a minute that Sanders somehow pulls off the miracle and gets the DNC nomination (That he will NEVER get) Please explain to me how all of his arguments railing against corporate money in politics can prevent him from immediately becoming a hypocrite when all the DNC corporate funds roll into his campaign? He can’t decline them – he’ll immediately lose the nomination. So tell me, How does Mr. “I’m in it for the people”, save himself from hypocrisy?

              I know, Iknow…. blah, blah, blah.

              Somehow, “I told you so” is actually going to be so very satisfying to all the smug Sanders supporters when he watches the election from his living room.

            43. Rocky says:

              From your comments I can see how farsighted you are. Looking far down your nose must give you a headache. In all sincerity though, you are insulting and pretentious, and your blind faith in the Clinton campaign informs me you lack the intelligence to be so self assured. Good luck with your disappointment filled, angry life.

            44. rebeccagavin says:

              From your response, I see that you are unable to tell when someone else is better informed and better educated than you. Clinton is going to win. If you think Bernie Sanders is going to win, you are the one with blind faith because there is absolutely no data or any other information that could possibly support the idea of him winning. Anyone who really knows politics knows this. But, good luck with your angst and disillusionment when he drops out of the race after Super Tuesday.

            45. Chaz says:

              There you go again.

            46. americanswhoarehonest says:

              Maybe all you naysayers need to go read WHY BERNIE SANDERS IN UNELECTABLE, by Monica Bauer, Political Science Professor. Hopefully, it gives you new insight. Putting him up as our candidate, is like giving the WH to the GOPTP. Bernie let two young girls take the mic away from him onstage when he was making a speech. How in the world would an old man like that ever stand toe to toe with foreign leaders, and get their respect. He has been in Congress for a long time, and cannot even get his bills passed. He is just too far left. He also has no credible party. He had to hijack the Dem Party to launch himself into running for President. He has one heck of a temper, and is old. Being used to working 100+ days a year, then having to work 365 days a year, 24/7, he would have a heart attack. If he gets in you better hope that he has a great VP. He should have run back when the OLD MAN Bush ran. That would have been his time.

            47. Lilpup says:

              “Hillary knows how to handle herself” rebeccagavin–you need to educate yourself about Hillary & Bill’s ELITE DEVIANCE. They have had people protecting them for decades. Amazon offers the first chapter for free of Roger Stone’s book THE CLINTON’S WAR ON WOMEN. Yes, Hillary handles ALL the women after Bill RAPES them. She hires a fixer who breaks into their homes, kills their pets, flattens their tires, threatens their children’s little friends, and stalks them. Jennifer Flowers, Kathleen Willey–all gave SWORN testimony like so many others. Bill Clinton is the only Rhodes Scholar to NOT graduate from Oxford because HE was kicked out for Raping a woman. Become informed about how ;HILLARY KNOWS HOW TO HANDLE HERSELF’ before you step into that voting booth.

            48. rebeccagavin says:

              Ha ha ha ha. Dimpup, or lilpeabrain, watch and learn. I am going to make you look like an idiot in one sentence. Rhodes Scholarships are post-graduate and last for one year. Nobody graduates from Oxford with a Rhodes Scholarship because they graduated from whereever they matriculated before they got it. Don’t you look like a car crash victim with shabby underwear?

            49. Chaz says:

              There you go again

            50. rebeccagavin says:

              Well you can make a fool out of me by posting a link to a credible source that says Bill was thrown out of Oxford for rape. I’d like to see it.

            51. americanswhoarehonest says:

              @Lil- Why in the world would they let such idiotic people live in America. Yes, I am speaking about you. Stupid people trying to blame a woman for what a man she marry’s has, or more than likely, has NOT done. What you show me is that you have SO MUCH hate for them, that they could be the purest of the pure, and you would still voice your hate and make up things to accuse them of. I doubt that you went through your life without every having sex with anyone until you married, IF you did marry. I would not know anyone that would marry someone that is so negative and full of hate. That would be a most miserable life that you would start to dislike getting up in the morning. I just have to say that you need to start going to MacDonalds and getting you a HAPPY MEAL.

            52. rkldg93 says:

              Rebeccagavin are you the same gal that called herself the ‘angel of death’? Reading responses you’ve made on other threads I’m beginning to actually doubt you are a Clinton schill but just someone who reeeeeally likes to hear herself write. I’m also just about convinced you are Huma Abedin with some free time on her hands.

            53. rebeccagavin says:

              I have never used the term “angel of death”. I always use my real name. There you go. Wrong.

          2. Jean N. says:

            Hillary would still win.

          3. phil berens says:

            Not sure gridlock can get worse.

        3. Red state socialist says:

          Hillary is sociopath. Her foreign policy will most certainly cause lots of death. Human misery and suffering makes her tingle all over.

          1. scipio1 says:

            Yeah, because Trump’s policies will really bring our world together. 0_o

          2. rebeccagavin says:

            To say that Hillary Clinton, who I have no doubt has accomplished more good in her life than you could possibly accomplish in 12 lifetimes, sir or madam, because I know she’s done far more good than me, and I was a social worker for 25 years….to say that she is a sociopath shows that you are not dealing in fact, and do not particularly care whether what you say is true, because it sounds so good. As a social worker, I am only too familiar with the criteria for a sociopath and if you knew anything about it, you would understand that it is laughable. What is it with you that you have to piss all over a candidate, an extremely well respected woman of great gravitas and substance, respected throughout the entire world? Who was named most respected woman in the world 19 times. Who do people across the globe associate with rights for women, children, gay people, old people, disabled people, etc? It ain’t Bernie Sanders.

            1. Red state socialist says:

              “We came we saw he died” Hillary gleefully laughs about her role. In Gaddafi’s murder with a bayonet shoved up his anus. Normal humans don’t laugh about the killing of fellow humans. Only sociopaths.

            2. Marcadimus says:


            3. Red state socialist says:

              You can google “we came we saw he died” and get the clip. I’m 52 years old and my internet skills are not good. Sorry, I have lots of skills computer operation not one of them.

            4. rebeccagavin says:

              That is about 40 years more than I expected, but 6 years younger than me. When did the dementia start?

            5. rebeccagavin says:

              “Obviously you don’t know how to Google because your knowledge is obviously from dumbshit Liberal websites. Just because a website is Liberal does not mean they offer high quality journalism. For every Breitbart or Daily Caller, we have Alternet and similar sites have no standards for accuracy whatsoever. If you can’t google a link, then you really should not be thinking you know it all, Red. You look foolish. Get out of that Red State so you can meet some well educated Liberals who can teach you critical thinking. You’ll be glad you did. Ask them to teach you how to Google, while they are at it.

            6. joe foley says:

              yes I saw that too “we came we saw he died heh heh heh” I hated her from that moment .

            7. Marcadimus says:


            8. joe foley says:

              right mr smart arse lawyer I just googled “hiliary clinton we came we saw he died ” and up popped about a dozen different references and films of this is no secret mythical might have happened thing, you can see that horror woman in full colour it”s even on youtube

            9. Marcadimus says:

              Lawyer? I am not a lawyer. I admit I missed Gaddafi’s name so I thought she did something bad. Why would I have a problem with someone treating Gaddafi like the waste of life he was and soiling everything about his memory. Conservatives must have loved it, they hate all Muslims.

            10. dilbert says:

              and republicans…..

            11. rebeccagavin says:

              Are you fucking kidding? Muammar Gaddafi was behind the Lockerbie bombing, and his people were trying to overthrow him. Who the fuck gives a righteous holy fuck about Muammar Gaddafi? All the incredibly complex and serious issues that our country is facing, and you think that an off handed comment like that has any significance? Bernie Sanders wrote that sexual repression causes cancer. And he published it! That worries me far more. You need to move to a Blue State where you can meet some real intellectual Liberals, because living in that Red State is seems you have created a bubble around yourself in which you read really crappy internet sites like this one, and believe every thing they say. This poll that the article is about was released, and subsequently shown to be meaningless…because they haven’t been doing a poll every election since 1975..they have only done a few. This is where critical thinking comes in. Make sure of the accuracy of what you read before you believe it. It is also called skepticism. Require evidence for belief.

            12. Pro Iran deal equals sociopath for me

            13. Dogmudgeon says:

              Bernie has voted for more war resolutions than Hillary, and is a MAJOR champion of the trillion-dollar F-35 “aerial warfighting platform” (jet).

            14. vinniethesnake says:

              Yeah! Deal with some facts, Bernites.

            15. rebeccagavin says:

              They don’t know a fact from a rhinoceros. Don’t kid yourselfl

            16. Bohemianwriter1 says:

              That’s not sociopathy, but common sense.

              The real psychos here are the republicans who calls for nuking Iran and do the bidding of IS.

            17. Red state socialist says:

              Hillary also called for nuking Iran in a Charlie Rose interview the other day.

            18. rebeccagavin says:

              I willing to bet, before I go using that mysterious, complicated Google, that your statement is distorted. BRB when I’ve read what really happened.

            19. rebeccagavin says:

              Very odd. I Googled Charlie Rose Hillary Clinton nuke Iran, and the only links that came up are 3 years old. I didn’t watch them, but you said this was the other day. Could it be that you do not fact check because you do not know how, my know it all friend?

            20. Beartx says:

              Pro Iran deal = no war.

            21. Or it means religious leader says bomb some country with it

            22. Marcadimus says:

              Sadly the majority of the American public as of last night favors “boots on the ground.” A euphemism for send some of our soldier to die.

            23. rebeccagavin says:

              Well, that is kind of ignorant. I mean, you could have disagreements on the Iran Deal (which I doubt you know much about, actually), but to call someone who supports it, who happens to know a fuck of a lot more than you because they were Secretary of State for 4 years, a sociopath, is, well…let’s just say we didn’t see any gears turning because the mechanism was shut down.

            24. David Landers says:

              yeah, you have no doubt. because JP Morgan pays her bills! fantastic! she’s obviously got our best interest at heart! if there’s one thing that JP Morgan does, is care about people! they aren’t really in it for the money! they just want everything to be A-OK.

            25. rebeccagavin says:

              Evidence that JP Morgan pays her bills? I will be waiting.

            26. rebeccagavin says:

              Almost 24 hours. Where’s a credible report that JP Morgan pays her bills? You do know that Hillary donates to the other candidates with some of whatever she gets, from whatever soiuce, right? Does Bernie do that?

            27. rebeccagavin says:

              2 days and Mr Lander remains silent.

            28. spambrando says:

              Will you please stop responding to every freakin comment made here? We heard you already. Now, STFU.

            29. rebeccagavin says:

              Am I getting on your nerves? Me? A stranger on the internet?
              Hari Kari time. Where’s my sword? I have struck a nerve.

            30. Chaz says:

              Oh shut up

            31. Ethan Owens says:

              Hillary would create even worse grid-lock than Obama consider the fact that nearly every republican in the house and the senate has already said they will immediately begin impeachment procedures day 1 if Hillary gets elected president.

            32. Mummified_hotdog says:

              The Republicans will laughably try to impeach every single Democratic President from now on, out of desperation of gradually losing control over the White House. Let them play around like overgrown children until they settle down. The American government is so ineffective because of this, it’s tragic.

            33. Cody Cantrell says:

              It would just be like every other time the republicans came at her she will come out smelling like a rose you cant impeach a president on republican lie it has never worked before!!

            34. rebeccagavin says:

              I hate dealing with the newbies and the people who pay no real attention to politics in between elections. Hillary Clinton is famous for her consensus building and her wide range of contacts and ability to put together a deal. To just parrot back that gridlock would be worse under Hillary, who has the entire Democratic Party behind her, than it would be for Sanders, who has no party behind him, is laughable. Have you ever heard of the Washington Post. Start reading it and then in a few years, when you know something, come back and we’ll revisit this. By that time Bernie will be old news and you might have learned a little sumpin sumpin.

            35. wham817 says:

              Impeach her for what, bengahzi? Let me guess, Trey Gowdey wasn’t really your star prosecutor, he was just your warmup for Nancy Grace?

            36. americanswhoarehonest says:

              Then we take those Reps out of Congress by voting straight Dem ticket. Local, state, and national. Afterall, the lower echelons are how these crazy Reps get in in the first place. Only because we stay home, and let them. If we go to TERM LIMITS FOR US CONGRESS, and sign the e-petition saying we want this done (do not need permission, or participation, from congress), we could have the law by Nov ’16. Immediately upon implementation, 237 Congress members would be ineligible for re-election. Fastest clear out of our Congress we will ever be able to make. Every two years after that 90 more will become ineligible. Most people in America want this, but the only way they have of doing it is through the link in the site listed above. OR, you can find the hard copy of the petition in your individual state. Each state has a certain amount of signatures needed to collect before they can ratify. When 38 states have ratified, we can have this law. If we wait too long, we will have to wait another election cycle. Some of these old people have been in there for 30 – 40 years.

            37. Bohemianwriter1 says:

              -i wouldn’t say voting for an illegal war is an aqccomplishment to be proud of.
              Why do you insist on supporting political royalties whom are just as corrupt as any republican?

            38. rebeccagavin says:

              Because supporting someone who won’t win is tantamount to handing the victory to the other side. And because your political knowledge is as deep as the lint in my drier.

            39. Chaz says:

              There ya go again

            40. Lilpup says:

              Hillary lost 6 BILLION DOLLARS as Secretary of State–and failed to pick up the phone which led to Ambassador Chris Stevens being Burned and TORTURED for SIX hours before the life left his body. Oh Yes, Hillary has been racking up the accomplishments going as far back to Watergate where she was fired for hiding files. YOU Rebeccagavin are either a LOW information voter or are at Hillary’s campaign office as one of her paid internet trolls. GIVE IT A REST WHY DON’T YOU?

            41. rebeccagavin says:

              Proof? Everything else you have posted has been easily disproven. Do you know how to provide evidence for your claims? Do you even know that you should. A cartoon, no doubt from a right wing publication, is no substitute for a link to a reputable and accurate source. You lose.

            42. Chaz says:

              What is wrong with you?

            43. Marcadimus says:

              Wow, come on now, everything in your post is fraudulent. You are free to get all your info from teabagger media but that doesn’t suddenly mean it is accurate.

            44. Timothy Weaver says:

              The so-called “acceptable” sources pull crap like photocopying (US News & World Report) or trying to pass off forged document to turn the tide of an election (CBS News) or slanderous claims that the US used nerve gas on US citizens defecting to Vietnam (CNN) or place incendiary devices inside cars so they would burst into flames in a collision test to “prove” those cars were dangerous to drive (Dateline NBC). None of those are “teabagger” sources, libtard.

            45. americanswhoarehonest says:

              You have to be absolutely crazy, and plumb out of your mind to make an insane statement like that. You are beginning to sound just like Ted Cruz, absolutely crazed. Get used to Madam President and First Man. Sounds great, doesn’t it.

          3. Marcadimus says:

            She isn’t a sociopath, she is calculated and pragmatic. She never pretends to be a Liberal. She was a Republican and was willing to be a Democrat “Progressive” (ie, Conservative Lite) because it suited her positions. She will govern much the same as her husband. Low regulation, capitulation on social issues, hawking on war because as a woman she will HAVE to be, and in return we will get a tax raise on the rich. Good deal? No, but Dems don’t vote enough to get the Liberal candidates we need.

            1. rebeccagavin says:

              She does claim to be a Liberal and most knowledgeable politicos call her a Liberal. She and Sanders voted alike 93% of the time when they were both in the Senate. In fact, most people consider HRC to be to the left of her husband.

            2. Marcadimus says:

              She claims to be a Progressive which is not a Liberal. Voting the same does not make you anything the same as someone else. The bills you introduce do.

            3. americanswhoarehonest says:

              Some tax on the rich would be mighty fine. I am plain tired of seeing them either have a 10 to 13%tile, or 0%tile tax rate, while the middle class is in the 30%tile. That most definitely has to change. The whole of America are going to rebel against it, if it does not.
              I do agree with you that Dems do not get their butts to the polls every time there is a vote being held, whether it is local, state, or national. They all count. If Dems would turn out like they do in a Presidential Election, we would never have another Republican anywhere in our Government. That is exactly what we need to do.

          4. americanswhoarehonest says:

            She is no such thing. Did you watch the 9th Benghazi Investigation? It was on TV, for all to see. Had she been what you suggested, she would have leaped that desk they were hiding behind, and choked half of them, they were just that idiotic. She stayed calm and cool, and answered their nutso questions over and over again, because they could not remember that someone else had asked that very same question and that she had answered. BTW, foreign leaders love her and she knows each of their names.

        4. godisaniron says:

          Bernie may not have the endorsements of many Democratic politicians, but he doesn’t have Hillary’s baggage or built-in hatred factor with many voters, especially conservatives and independents. He plans on trying to draw voters from all groups and of all the candidates he has the best chance of doing that. The first step is to drum up enough support in the primaries, especially the early ones, so that Bernie has a fighting chance.

          And if you think there would be gridlock in Washington with Bernie, having Hillary as President is a guarantee of the Congressional non-performance of the Obama administration redux. The current crop of GOP jokers would never, ever, do anything to help a female President succeed, and would redouble their efforts to make sure Hillary goes down in flames…

          1. rebeccagavin says:

            I am going to print this out so I will know who to laugh at. Are you fucking kidding. Have you ever lived in DC or do you know anything about politics? First of all, Obama administration has performed remarkably well, even under the circumstances. Secondly, sadly for you, you apparently are unaware that Clinton is famous for her consensus building and her ability to draw diverse groups of people to accomplish things. So your “prediction” can only come from the mouth of someone who has not a clue about DC and politics, and it will be proven wrong. I am not worried about it. But if you are sending money to Sanders, kiss it goodbye before you put it in the mail.

          2. americanswhoarehonest says:

            Then we give her all the help we possibly can, by voting straight DEM. We outnumber the GOPTP, so there is no reason for any of them to every win again, unless we stay home and do not vote for a Dem Candidate. Go to WHY BERNIE SANDERS IS UNELECTABLE, by Monica Bauer, Political Science Professor. Maybe that will open your eyes.

        5. 02Dave12345 says:

          Fear of Republican gridlock, a strategy of obstruction that’s been used all through Obama’s Presidency, is why the Democrats are seen as spineless. They’ve been cowering for decades as we move further and further to the right. Hillary will probably get the nomination and I will vote for her but a candidate like Sanders should have a chance, he’s hardly extreme, he voices the sentiment of a majority in my view. Establishment Democrats are probably the only thing holding him back, yes, endorsements are key.

          1. rebeccagavin says:

            OK. He’s hardly extreme. But here is what he is, ineffective. He is 75 years old, didn’t hold a steady job (lived on a string of short jobs and unemployment checks) until he was 40, and has held a government job in which he has accomplished very little since that time. He has a terrible reputation for not being about to get along with people, which is part of the reason that only 2 of his colleagues, or past colleagues, after all those years, will endorse him. And he just got caught in a lie about the data breach, the fact of which is supported by Politifact. He is not someone who is either suited, or qualified, to hold that office. Which is why he won’t.

      2. americanswhoarehonest says:

        Please go read WHY BERNIE SANDERS IS UNELECTABLE, by Monica Bauer, Political Science Professor. If we put him up as our candidate, the GOP will take the WH. Is that what you people are for? We need a strong, smart candidate. Bernie cannot even get his bills passed in Congress, and he is a member. Presidents have less power to get bills passed. He let two young girls take the mic away from him on stage. It is time for Madam President and First Man.

        1. evi1joe says:

          Actually, Bernie is in the top 10% of most effective Congressmen who’ve gotten stuff passed–something like 6000 pieces of legislation.

          1. americanswhoarehonest says:

            They must have been very small in nature, because everything I have read says he has a mighty hard time getting all those extremely Far Left things he wants, passed. No one goes for that. I am a Dem, but I am not an extreme liberal.

            1. Emm Vee says:

              No that was Hillary. She didn’t accomplish crap in congress

            2. rebeccagavin says:

              I know you are an anchor for CNN, Emm Vee, I can tell by your stunning command of the facts (jk). She had precisely, and exactly, the same number of bills that became law as Bernie has. But Bernie has been there for 30 years. Hillary was only there for 8.

            3. Michael Gutman says:

              Lol “extremely far left” are you kidding. Last time I checked, he isn’t advocating for the workers control of production or nationalization of all the banks and fortune 500 businesses.

            4. Red state socialist says:

              I’m extremely far left. Bernie is a right winger compared to me. But he will make a fine president.

            5. rebeccagavin says:

              Yeah, an extreme left winger who doesn’t know how to Google. Sounds like you should have your own show on MSNBC.

            6. rebeccagavin says:

              Nonetheless, he is not going to be able to get squat through Congress.

            7. rebeccagavin says:

              HEY! He named two post offices, dammit!

          2. rebeccagavin says:

            link….I am quite sure that is bullshit. If he was in the top 10% of effective legislators, he would be up there with people like Ted Kennedy. Don’t make me laugh. Just give us a link.

            1. evi1joe says:

              I posted MANY links to support it, but for some reason, the staff isn’t letting them get through. Maybe links aren’t allowed–but here’s ONE where you can see he sponsored and/or cosponsored over 6000 pieces of legislation: first paste this–> https://www.congress. followed by this–> gov/member/bernard-sanders/S000033 (MAYBE they’ll allow this reply to make it–since all my others haven’t appeared, where I point out that you’re wrong. Are you a moderator or something?)

            2. evi1joe says:

              I’ve TRIED many times to post the links, but my comment never gets posted. Look up his record at congress dot gov, and you’ll see he’s sponsored over 6000 pieces of legislation and has had a high ratio of these (206) actually get passed into law.

            3. evi1joe says:

              Tried to post links many times. None get approved. Don’t understand what’s wrong with the moderators or this site, but look it up and you’ll see he’s sponsored or co-sponsored over 6K pieces of legislation.

            4. rebeccagavin says:

              Yes but all but 3 died in committee. Watch Schoolhouse Rock if you need a refresher. Ron Paul sponsored a lot of bullshit legislation that didn’t go anywhere too. Both of them for 30 years.

            5. evi1joe says:

              Not sure where you’re getting that 3 number. He’s has 206 actually get passed into law, putting him in the top 20% most effective and top 10% most effective congressmen. I posted like 8 times, and you either are a moderator of have one protecting you (or they don’t allow links). I don’t think he has a chance–though winning Time Magazine’s man of the year should give him a bump (if that’s true). But my facts are just that–reality based.

            6. evi1joe says:

              Hillary didn’t get a single thing passed. “During Sanders’ time in the Senate, he sponsored two bills that became law: S.885 and S.893. The first of these renamed a post office in Vermont. The second increased compensation for disabled veterans and their families.

              While Sanders chaired the Senate’s Veteran Affairs committee during the 113th Congress (2013-2014), 13 of the committee’s bills became law. That may not sound like a lot until you realize that the Senate Veterans Affairs (VA) committee only passed 8.5 bills into law on average during each of the past 20 Congresses and that these 13 bills became law during the second least productive Congress in American history.

              Sanders’ most significant achievement during 113th Congress was passing a $16.3 billion bipartisan VA reform bill that expanded existing and created new health care facilities, allowed veterans to go outside the VA system to private health care providers when wait times are too long or if a veteran lives more than 40 miles away from a VA facility, and made it easier to fire VA officials.

              Sanders was so effective as a legislator that the (right-wing) Veterans of Foreign Wars awarded him its highest honor in 2015.”

            7. evi1joe says:

              3 bills he sponsored, but 203 bills he cosponsored became law. Find anyone running for president in the last 15 years with near that record.

            8. rebeccagavin says:

              Glad I wasn’t drinking anything when I read that. I have researched his legislative record. Of those 206, 203 of them were co-sponsorships where he simply rode on the coat tails of someone else’s legislation. He named 2 Post Offices (so did Clinton) and he had some small bill that did something for Veterans. The nonsense you typed up there is neither fact nor reality based. And no, Bernie was not named Person of the Year. That will be done by Time Magazine’s Editorial Board as it has been for lord knows how many years. Bernie won the reader’s poll, which I believe they only implemented in the last few years. Reader’s polls mean about as much as online polls, which is nothing.

            9. evi1joe says:

              “he had some small bill that did something for Veterans”
              –I found out it was just the Reader’s Poll (still enough to give him a boost). But calling it a small bill that “did something for Veterans” is right out trolling. IF you knew anything about the VA and what he did, you’d know he was given a medal from a conservative group for his bipartisan record of helping veterans. I’ll leave you to it now, since you obviously don’t know how to confirm that he’s in the top 10% and top 20% as far as effectiveness (and for some reason moderators are only letting a few posts get through once I’ve tried several times).

            10. rebeccagavin says:

              Spell out the dot and maybe some of the symbols. Or tell me the publication, date and authors name. I can look it up that way. But I hope this is a credible source. and the Veteran’s Bill that he got through was a very small and minor one. It’s still good, but it was something that was pretty easy to put forward. Every other piece of legislation that he has written and introduced himself, beside the two post offices, has died in committee. Co-sponsorships don’t mean anything and there is no amendment in this world that can be used to put Bernie’s plans into place. Remember, Hillary would have the Dem party behind her. Bernie does not have a party. He is the only independent Senator…he can’t even get another Senator to endorse him. Do not kid yourselves that the Dems would expend political capital to help Bernie, because they won’t.

        2. spambrando says:

          Another loony Clinton troll…

          1. rebeccagavin says:

            Oh dear Venus de Milo. Given the inanity of your posts, you might not want to be calling other people trolls.

            1. Chaz says:

              This is the last response I am making to you. I know this isn’t my fight. But shut the hell up. There is something seriously wrong with you. Buh bye now.

        3. Bohemianwriter1 says:

          Do you really think that the majority wants Trump or Ted Cruz in the WH over Bernie?

          1. rebeccagavin says:

            According to Real Clear Polititcs, out of 3 recent polls, Sanders lost to Trump in two of them. Aggregated, it is a dead heat. So yes, the American people might very well want Trump over Sanders, it’s too soon to tell. However, the latest polling has Hillary beating all of them.

            1. Bohemianwriter1 says:

              So you are ignoring THIS poll while almost sounding gleeful that your BS poll is beating Bernie while cheering for a corrupt whore and war monger like Hillary?

              Why are you ignoring this poll while using another one that fits your narrative better?

              And you seem to be one of the people who wants Trump over Bernie as if the MAJORITY of the people doesn’t count.

              Tell me how Trump resonates better with you than Bernie? The fact that he is rich and gets all the media coverage while the blackout Bernie and smear him instead?

              You lady are full of bullshit and nothing but a shill for the established corruption. Hope you got kids to spare for Hillary’s or Trumps next wars and money in the bank to give to Hillary’s donors in the form of another bailout or at least be ready to part with your savings as Hillary is just as much a scam artist for Goldman Sachs than any other.

            2. rebeccagavin says:

              Oh dear Sisyphus, you are a green one aren’t you? Don’t call yourself a writer. Writers fact check and they don’t make wild, baseless, hyperbolic, trite, over-dramatized claims because they are much pickier about how they word things. Those who don’t get jobs at Fox, if they’re lucky.

            3. rebeccagavin says:

              Because this is a shitty, non scientific poll. The polls that I am referring to are scientifically developed. I know that you Berners are generally a little weak in the science arena, since it doesn’t bother you that Bernie said that sexual repression causes breast cancer, or that he is Anti-GMO (contrary to scientific consensus), but online polls are not valid and this poll, if you read about it, was grossly misrepresented to the media.

            4. Diana Jackson says:

              I hear what all of are trying to say to her but don’t understand why????? bc it seams so beneath you to even bother with this waste of life…… Thank you all for your wonderful input it will only change if we show up to vote. I went early so my vote would count and I’m so feeling the BERN…….. Rebeccagavin I know you know it all but I do wish I had not wasted so much time on your response’s I never bother with arrogant ignorance, ever……..

        4. Rocky says:

          Actually Quinnipiac polls show Bernie taking the WH in an election but not Hillary.

          1. rebeccagavin says:

            The polls are constantly coming out. The lastest poll shows Hillary beating every single Republican, and Bernie beating everyone but Trump. So, your info is outdated and subject to change. The difference is, since Hillary Clinton is so well known, and her support is so solid, it is very hard to compare that to a Republican field where the presumed nominee is still unknown. Right wingers do not pay attention to all this primary stuff until the very last minute, if then.

        5. Truly the Best says:

          why? there are scores of articles talking about why Hillary Clinton is unelectable. Am I going to spend all my time read articles on why someone can’t be elected? why not try to get the right person elected instead of listening to people who say you can’t? what you’re talking about is willfully handing over your right to a democracy. how sad.

      3. evi1joe says:

        Obama also took 90% of a strong John Edwards, whereas Bernie will only get a tiny bump when O’Malley drops out, since O’Malley is polling so low.

    2. Brian_pdx says:

      Some say the evil of two lessers but I think Hillary will be a great president, not in small part because she will hire the right people to the VP, her cabinet and key positions. The GOP is filled with idiots who hire less qualified people than even they are, sad.

      1. rebeccagavin says:

        You are very correct. Hillary will be a great POTUS,

        1. EvanVanVan says:

          My fear if Hillary gets elected, are that these trends continue. 14% of Democrats won’t vote for her. That’s a scary thought.

          1. Rocky says:

            I believe that 14% is low. I am one of them and know of many.

            1. americanswhoarehonest says:

              If you don’t stick with whomever our Candidate is, then you might as well change your affiliation to R, because that is who you are casting a vote for when you do not vote at all.

            2. Michael Gutman says:

              Or we could form a proper labor party which serves us rather than the bourgeoisie.

            3. Rocky says:

              My candidate is Bernie Sanders. Your argument is what’s holding many people back from making a choice because the media is deciding their candidate for them.

            4. Red state socialist says:

              How’s that work? When you do not vote, somehow you magically cast a vote. Hmmm, if you do actually cast a vote. Does that mean that you don’t really vote?

          2. rebeccagavin says:

            Where does that 14% figure come from? I can’t tell if it’s a reputable source or what. I have no idea what it means.

            1. Dogmudgeon says:

              28% of Democrats favor Bernie (the number is cited as high as 32%).

              Half of 28% is 14%.

              So this is a sly way of saying that Bernie followers won’t vote for Hillary.

            2. Red state socialist says:

              Correct, third way turds got Obama for 8 years. He is one of theirs. It’s time for a liberal to take over. I will not vote for a corporate shill. Either Bernie or O’malley will my vote.

            3. Truly the Best says:

              14% is 14 out of one hundred. it would also mean 140 out of 1000. you can keep moving upwards by adding a zero to the end.

              that’s what 14% means.

          3. americanswhoarehonest says:

            Because of that, people are starting to see the error in their ways. Even LA voted in a DEM Governor. Can you get any more RED than that state?

          4. haydesigner says:

            A HUGE majority of those seats lost are due to gerrymandering.
            People tend to miss the real problems. Just like Citizens United, gerrymandering is a far larger problem than any one race or issue.

          5. Dustin Neumann says:

            Only 25% of the party even says she is trust-able.

            1. Red state socialist says:

              And they are either stupid or liars.

          1. rebeccagavin says:

            Wow. An anonymous person with an opinion.

            1. Red state socialist says:

              Are you not anonymous also? That persons opinion is as good as yours. Or better cause I agree with him. That is two anonymous to one.

            2. rebeccagavin says:

              Anonymous? You think Rebecca Gavin is pseudonym?

        2. Rocky says:

          Hillary will only perpetuate the sale of our legislative branch to corporate interests. She is unelectable. Republicans will turn out en mass to vote against her and liberals who see who she really is won’t turn out.

          1. rebeccagavin says:

            That is the biggest bunch of drivel I have seen on the internets in days. Days, I tell you. Do you believe in data analysis and/or science? Are you aware if who Nate Silver is and what he does? He gives her a 93% chance of winning. Your feels and your fuzzy wuzzy logic are as naval lint in comparison with his data.

            1. Sim Jackson says:

              I don’t care about chances or Nate Silver. I care about results. Hillary is a pandering sociopath. Period. She’s hawkish, warmongering and shifts positions too easily. She did nothing to get us out our economic crisis and she has NOT been a good secretary of state. Don’t settle for gasoline when the world is on fire. Bernie is a fire extinguisher. Write in Bernie or don’t vote and resist this state.

            2. CandideThirtythree says:

              No, really, most people hate her and she really does not have a chance against republicans, Bernie beats her against more republicans in every poll. It is silly to think that people will suddenly forget why they chose Obama over her last time.

            3. Red state socialist says:

              I don’t hate her. She is not good enough for me to use her tongue for toilet paper. But hate I do not.

            4. CandideThirtythree says:

              hahahaha Ok well strongly dislike her.

            5. NDMA says:

              Really have to take those stats with a grain of salt 😉 Gotta remember : most are mouth pieces for special interests trying to “make news” not “report it” 😛 Hilary is a genocidal militarized entitlement pawn : as a member of the ‘pillaged peoples’ … don’t really care which way your elections go … WW3 couldn’t be the war to end all war if peasant pirates and their puppet lords ever had a chance … regardless the puppet sitting on the throne 😛 🙂

          2. americanswhoarehonest says:

            Dems outnumber Reps by a huge number. If we all stick together every time, even in local and state Governments, Reps would never win again. Remember, a whole lot of GOP came over and voted with us during the last elections. They said they will never vote Republican again, because it is no longer a party they want to be part of. Can’t say that I blame them.

          3. Dogmudgeon says:

            “Hillary will only perpetuate the sale of our legislative branch to corporate interests.”

            Bernie is in the ass pocket of the NRA and Defense industries. His big project is the F-35 combat jet, his billion-dollar baby.

            Republicans will turn out *en masse* anyway. They will win if Bernie voters stay home, which a great many of them claim they’ll do if “that woman” wins.

            1. Rocky says:

              Don’t try to back your argument by placing some false sexism insinuation as a reason why Hillary isn’t getting support. I’d be willing to bet that most of Bernie’s supporters would back Warren in an instant.

            2. Red state socialist says:

              Hillary is a woman? Hillary isn’t even human.

        3. David Landers says:

          maybe if you work in Wall Street, or manufacture arms.

          1. Dogmudgeon says:

            Bernie’s pet project is the F-35, a trillion-dollar military boondoggle.

            1. Red state socialist says:

              Bernie builds F-35’s? Man he sure is smart.

        4. Joshua Veal says:

          Yeah I’m sure the corporate shill will be great

      2. Red state socialist says:

        She will hire like minded right wingers.

        1. americanswhoarehonest says:

          Wouldn’t you know that a Red Stater would post something like that. They really want us to put Bernie up as our candidate. The KNOW they can beat him. Can you imagine another red coat in the WH. We will be in 7 wars (and according to those candidates), on day one.

          1. Red state socialist says:

            Typical right wing tactic. You can’t dispute Hillary’s right wingness. So you just attack the messenger.

          2. Tommy C says:

            Beat him they can’t find anybody who can poll half of what a professional buffoon and serial bankruptcy-filer can? Hillary will govern as the center-right corporatist she is. My lefty ass will vote Green if she’s the nominee.

      3. Guest says:

        She is a “third way”, “new democrat” (you should google the terms in “”). That means she will hire wall street people and sell out main street. Just like all the other “New Democrats” who have endorsed her. Take a look at the millionaires or 1%ers from Washington who are lining up to support the candidate of wall street. Seriously, go look at the net worth of these people, Boxer, Feinstein, calling Sanders names because they are “New Democrats”.

        1. americanswhoarehonest says:

          B S. You should do a whole lot of comparisons. Your take on things are way off.

          1. Guest says:

            History proves you wrong.

          2. Guest says:

            Sorry, but you are wrong. Ohhh, that was fun. Thanks for playing.

            Prove I’m wrong.

        2. Dogmudgeon says:

          They voted the same 93% of the time. So I guess Bernie is 93% of a “Third Way” “New Democrat”. (Actually MORE — he’s pro-gun and his environmental record is spotty.)

          1. Guest says:

            You can only vote on what is brought up to vote upon. Not a huge deal that statistic. That is a bogus statistic due to that fact. Now, if Bernie were speaker and she voted 93% of the time the same, fine, but seeing as the big votes she screwed the pooch on, like going to WAR, and a few others like bankruptcy.

            But, please, feel free to spout off meaningless statistics. She’s a Goldwater Republican who likes being a war mongering, centrist “third way” “New Democrat.” It is who she has been for the last 50 years. The parties changed, not her, no matter how hard you try to spin it.

            I’m done with the “New Democrats”. I did my research, I lived through the entire “Third Way Democrat” period, and I am done with it. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

            1. Me says:

              Amen, Guest. There are plenty who feel the same way you do.

          2. Emm Vee says:

            He’s for sensible gun laws. He voted to EXPAND background checks and voted to ban assault weapons.

            1. Red state socialist says:

              Lots of liberals have guns. They may not fantasize about killing bad guys with them. Like republicans do. I think it should be illegal for republicans to have guns.

          3. Dustin Neumann says:

            And he voted on about 50,000 more bills than she has or did . The few she actually voted on were the same way ? Tell us about all the bills each of them wrote . Sponsored and.or passed.

          4. Bohemianwriter1 says:

            He voted against the war in Iraq and was against the “Patriot” Act.

          5. Michael Gutman says:

            Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill invented ‘third way’ politics with their buddy Blair. To say that either of the Clintons aren’t third way is a joke.

      4. Emm Vee says:

        Hillar will hire Golman Sachs to head the fed. She will hire a Monsanto executive to head the FDA. If she wins the nomination, I’m done voting because this country is screwed.

        1. Brian_pdx says:

          And you are a brain dead idiot so why don’t you just deport yourself? America doesn’t need more stupid people.

          1. Red state socialist says:

            A name caller. Got nothing to say so you just call names.

    3. Jennifer Payson Keeler says:

      THIS IS EXACTLY what people do not ‘get’ in elections and politics. Thank you for making the point that needs to be made. Spot on.

      1. Sim Jackson says:

        Stop. We do get it. Hillary has been around the status quo too long to ever trust and to vote for her out of fear is the most foolish way to make a decision. Hillary is straight up evil.

    4. CandideThirtythree says:

      I think the MSM is lying about those polls because every poll after the first debate had Bernie winning by like 75% from every single one of those outlets, even Fox! But the next morning somehow all of the polls had been taken down and the outlets were calling it for Hillary.

      They can’t be trusted because she pays their salary, Bernie does not do huge TV AD buys.

      1. Mummified_hotdog says:

        Yup, the same happened with Ron Paul. He was practically sensured by media – of whom is owned by the Republicans – because he was too liberal and too potentially dangerous, just like Bernie.

      2. Red state socialist says:

        The MSM lies all the damn time. Remember the lies they told to help get support for the Iraqi invasion. Remember win they fired Dan Rather for telling the truth about Bush. I don’t trust them at all.

        1. rebeccagavin says:

          “The Media” refers to everything from The New York Times to Facebook. Making these mindless sweeping generalizations does not make you look like a very precise think, Google Free Red State.

      3. rebeccagavin says:

        Seriously, you mean all that happened and you never caught on that internet polls are not valid? A discussion on why internet polls are not valid went on all over the media. Internet polls are self-selected, meaning the subjects decide to participate, which automatically skews the outcome. On top of that, people can vote in an online poll as many times as they have devices. Where were you? The media doesn’t lie about polls sweetheart, because various entities have to pay a lot of money to have a high quality poll commissioned. Polling is a science. A social science, but a science nonetheless. No polling company is going to stand by and let their polls be misrepresented because their reputation for accuracy is what keeps them in business.

        1. CandideThirtythree says:

          and you seriously believe that ONLY Bernie Sanders supporters were online that night?

          And how do you suppose that happened? ….it was just coincidence that over 75% of the people on line that night watching the debates and answering questions LIVE on Fox News just by some miracle all happened to be Bernie Sanders fans?

          You know that is not even statistically possible …. right?


          The outcomes do not skew by over 300% and you know it Sweetheart!

    5. CryptoCoin420 says:

      Bernie is NOT a Tea bagger!! Wtf are you talking about?

    6. Emm Vee says:

      Then why wouldn’t you vote for Bernie in the primary? If. You prefer a liberal vote for Bernie. If Hillary wins the nomination, the you can vote for her in the general.

      1. Marcadimus says:

        I am going to vote for Bernie. Just because I accept reality doesn’t mean I don’t support him.

        1. Emm Vee says:

          HRC can’t win. Too many people don’t like her. A lot of people like him. I have a feeling Bernie will win the nomination. If everyone who likes Bernie goes to the polls and votes for him he will win. Don’t listen to the polls, there are a lot of young voters who have cell phones and not land lines that the polls are not taking into account. Plus media is owned by seven oligarchs who DO NOT Bernie to win. Because if he wins their gravy train is over. They want you and people like you to believe Bernie can’t win. Because if enough people listen to the media they either won’t vote or vote for Hillary.

          1. Marcadimus says:

            See how it is in July or August when average Americans start paying attention. Early primary watchers are by far the minority. Don’t get me wrong, i would prefer Sanders, but no way he wins. He might win 2 states, that’s it. You just need to know how politics actually works, especially the Dem party where people only show up when they really want to, not out of service to their country. It’s why we get crushed most non-Presidential elections.

            While I agree our media is wholly owned by a group of sadists, it does matter. You are ignoring the fact that most voters are uninformed and couldn’t care less to get informed. I mean come on, W won re-election after the worst first term in history by screaming “gays!” Our public is not that sophisticated. Sorry.

            1. Emm Vee says:

              If everyone who supports Bernie votes for Bernie, Bernie will win. That is a fact

            2. Marcadimus says:

              Based on what data? He is cruising in campaign events, but that means quite literally nothing. Zero. Remember, you may vote your heart, but many will vote what is popular and known. Most voters don’t dig deep. Hillary will likely win the nomination by over 1000 delegates and probably trounce who ever the GOP puts up due to their weak field.

              Love Bernie, but that means little in the scheme of politics. No where near enough people vote to wrestle control away from the media and SuperPACs.

            3. Emm Vee says:

              Lighten up Francis. A lot of people are passionate about Bernie. If she wins the nom, congrats and tell me how the country looks after a few years of more wars, bail outs by the bad decision maker herself.

    7. Tori says:

      Actually, Bernie is up in the polls, the media has just misconstrued the information to lead it toward a vote for Hillary because of her ownership of some of the companies and because of pop culture.

      1. rebeccagavin says:

        Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha . Think that media conspiracy bit up all by yourself, did you?

    8. laurabien says:

      She ain’t ahead no more.

  11. Troy Bell says:

    That’s cute that you didn’t include any serious candidate from the GOP. Only the lackies.

  12. JayBird says:

    Feel the bern baby #WomenforBernie #UnionsforBernie #LatinosforBernie #BLMforBernie #EnvironmentforBernie

    1. rebeccagavin says:

      Did you know that hashtags are not real? BLM is not for Bernie, and Hispanic voters are not for Bernie. Unions are endorsing Hillary, except for the postal workers union and a small nurses union which also runs his Superpac (did you know he had one?)

      1. Ivan Moore Justice says:

        Did you know most voters who actually research the candidates and know which have stuck by their word and the ones who say what the cheerleaders, whether they be red or blue, want to hear don’t care?

        1. rebeccagavin says:

          Do you have a link to that study, Ivan? That sounds real interesting, but I am surprised that I haven’t heard of that before. Sanders supporters tend to be idealistic and reductionistic and do not understand the man’s very real limitations, exaggerate his very real strengths, and tend to be short on details and sources.

      2. JayBird says:

        Did you know HrC lies? Did you know she sold weapons? Did you know she is in the pocket of the Koch bro’s? Did you know ..did you you remember in 08 when Obama supporters were hearing all the crazy talk from the C|inton camp? Do you remember he could not win? Do you remember at this time then $hrilly had the same lead over Obama? Do you remember how it was to choose who you wanted to vote for instead of the corrupt media telling you who and what? Bernie Sanders will win the nomination. Only one thing can save Hi||ary, her corruption and of course $$. I would vote for Liz Warren in a heartbeat for first female POTUS but not Hi||ary. She will hurt our country. She loves TPP because her family made tons off NAFTA. If we didn’t have Bernie Sanders running she would never have come out against TPP and the XL pipeline. She is as corrupt as any of the Bushs.

        1. rebeccagavin says:

          No, I did not know those things because they are false. All politicians lie to somebody, fairly often. There is not one shred of real evidence that Hillary lies any more than anybody else, Jaybird, sir, or that she is not trustworthy or that she is “in bed with Wall Street” simply because she is capable of understanding their viewpoint, while shaping the changes that need to be made. Having a POTUS who just has no rapport at all with Wall Street would not be an improvement, trust me. Obama’s situation and Sander’s situation are not comparable. Obama polled very well with minorities very quickly, and he had strong supporters in the Democratic Party. He sewed up the delegates and Hillary’s people had not really gotten started on it yet. The Sanders situation is completely different. And i find it appalling that a man I have a lot of regard for, Bernie Sanders, of whom I have known for many years, is taking money from the very people he claims to be championing, for a vanity campaign that he can’t possibly win. But all our heroes have feet of clay.

          1. americanswhoarehonest says:

            Hillary would make a great President, and many people that predict these elections (and say they have never been wrong), say she will be. A smart, strong woman is what we need in the WH in ’17. At least she will not be going after women’s rights, like my gender seems to have a habit of doing. After she serves her 8 years, we can elect Elizabeth Warren for 8. She should be tired of Congress by then, and have more of a feel for what she wants to do. Bernie is a nice OLD guy, but he has a temper and he is weak. He should have made his run against the ELDER Bush. His time has now passed him by.

            1. David Landers says:

              so your argument is that Hillary Clinton is a woman, and that Bernie Sanders is old. You ignore that Sander’s women’s rights policies EASILY outmatch Clinton’s, not to mention his civil rights polices in general…

              oh by the way, he’s only 6 years older. so your age bias is as uninformed as the rest of your post. but hey, it’s ok, I get it, you’re into ageism. meanwhile, you’re voting for Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Citigroup and all the other wall street bullshit that has funded the Clintons for decades and already put this country through the worst recession since 1932.

            2. americanswhoarehonest says:

              Bernie not only is old but he has a temper. Put those together with the pressure of the WH, and you get a heart attack in the first year. Everyone that goes into the WH with hair color, comes out white headed. Bernie is beyond white headed. He cannot even get his ‘far left’ bills passed in Congress and he is a MEMBER. A President is even further removed from policy making. He let two young girls take his mic away while he was onstage giving a speech. How tough is that, and how would he ever stand toe to toe with a foreign leader??? Bernie is used to working a little over 100 days a year. A President works 365 days a year, 24/7. Lot of difference in the rest time, there, plus a lot of working late into the night, or no sleep at all. Bernie would not work out, at all. If he gets in, I sure hope he has a great VP.

          2. David Landers says:

            there is plenty of evidence that Hillary is “in bed with wall street”
            just look at her top five contributors since 1989. they include Citigroup, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs etc etc.

            it really doesn’t get any clearer than that. lie to yourself all you want, but Hillary isn’t the champion you think she is. She’s just another part of the Clinton dynasty. Sorta like Jeb Bush is part of a dynasty. Sure she’s smarter than Jeb, but no less corporate.

            1. rebeccagavin says:

              My my my, stayed home that day in high school science when they learned that correlation is not causation, huh? I don’t know how many people are going to have to write about and explain this, but even if those companies had given her that much money (which they can’t because it’s illegal) that in no way proves that she has ever, or would ever, allow her best judgement on a situation, or her platform and her major ideas, to be compromised for money. I just ask for a link. A link to a credible source.
              But the reality is that Sec. Clinton represented the people of New York, which includes Manhattan ,and includes Wall Street, and when she was Senator many employees of Goldman Sachs, and the other big money players on Wall Street. You must not have ever donated money. They always ask you where you work. The information is compiled by employer. That does not mean those companies gave all that money directly. The system of categorizing people by their employer is to track how much each person gives, because there is a max. Now, those companies may give to a Super Pac, and the Super Pac is separate from her campaign, by law.

            2. Michael Gutman says:

              Wow, so you think they just give her money for no reason!

            3. Shelly O'Brien says:

              My word, if you were as smart as you seem to be believe you are, YOU should run for POTUS. We’d be all set. @@

          3. CandideThirtythree says:

            And everything you say is a lie too, but you probably got those lies from the Clinton campaign… right?

        2. americanswhoarehonest says:

          Do you know that Hillary would be the best President you have seen in your lifetime. You really do need to get off your ‘hate train’, and get to studying what people really think. You might also want to read WHY BERNIE SANDERS IN UNELECTABLE, by Monica Bauer, Political Science Professor. Even people who say they have never been wrong about who the next President will be, is predicting Hillary as the winner.

          1. Dustin Neumann says:

            Except you are on a page where the people who have never been wrong are saying the exact opposite. ON THIS PAGE > THE OP!!!
            Did you even read the article ? Or just want to spam that same message for 10c a go?

          2. JayBird says:

            Hi||ary is a liar. She lied to the public on a national scale. Is she doing good after her near death exp. with that fake sniper attack in Bosnia? What I want is CHANGE not the same. HrC will do NOTHING for America. OK then convince me…other than what she has echoed from Sanders. Look at TPP… her baby which she supported 45 times trying to sell it to the world and america, common use that couch potato head. The millions she and her companies made off NAFTA. Shit is that what you want more of or just the stupid record books?

            1. americanswhoarehonest says:

              I think you are the liar, and trying to blame HRC for the silliness that goes through your mind. She will be the best President you have seen. Go to WHY BERNIE SANDERS IN UNELECTABLE, by Monica Bauer, Political Science Professor. Maybe you can finally understand. Putting him up is like giving the WH to Donald Trump. I am beginning to think that is what you want. It would be the worst thing ever for America, were he to be elected. Other countries are already dumping his projects in their countries.

      3. Michael Gutman says:

        The unions endorsing Hillary are corrupt, corporate serving unions. If you look at the rank and file of these unions, most support Bernie.

    2. Red state socialist says:

      I’m an old fart and I’m for Bernie .

      1. CandideThirtythree says:

        me too ;-D

        1. Shelly O'Brien says:

          Veterans for Bernie and I would be one.

    3. americanswhoarehonest says:

      If everyone is for Bernie, why is it not showing in the polls??? Answer me that. He is so far behind Hillary it is not funny. Go to WHY BERNIE SANDERS IN UNELECTABLE, by Monica Bauer, Political Science Professor.

      1. Tommy C says:

        ….because the media won’t cover him even though he is drawing the largest crowds of any
        candidate? BTW, WIU calls it for Bernie and they claim they haven’t missed since before 1975…

      2. Red state socialist says:

        Internet polls have Bernie winning by a landslide.

      3. JayBird says:

        Answer: Money rules those polls. Answer me this then too, why is Bernie the only candidate that the Koch bro’s are against? Why would they be OK with $hi||ary? Obama was further behind at this time in 08′ honey and how did that turn out? If she was against big corp maybe we could meet on some level plain. She is too corporate. Money rules the voting system we have.

  13. ★✽ starchild ✽★ says:

    with Trump in it making a circus out of the whole pre-election process, i just have lost all enthusiasm for this upcoming election, when normally i am really into it. I hope he wins , . .

    1. Brian_pdx says:

      You are frigging nuts. Quit smoking whatever it is you are smoking.

      1. ★✽ starchild ✽★ says:

        fvck off troll

        1. rebeccagavin says:

          If I had to choose between troll A, “Brian_pdx” and troll B, “pretentious characters starchild pretentious characters” to ram up Ted Nugent’s rectum, you’d be sniffing shit.

  14. bwbw123 says:

    If the vote of people counts.

  15. John Jett says:

    This outcome only comes if JEB is the Republican candidate. The Donald would kick his ass.

  16. George Wheeler says:

    This is like watching a Football Game and the analyst says, “He hasn’t missed a field goal from this range in the last 40 attempts”. You know once they say that, the kicker is going to miss…. 🙂

    1. Dustin Neumann says:

      But you would have thought that the last 40 times too . Doesn’t make you a psychic if your are eventually right.

    2. Timothy says:

      Plus, saying that it’s “predicted every single presidential election…since 1975” is false. It happened in 1975, 2007, and 2011. It’s batting 3/3, not 10/10!

  17. rebeccagavin says:

    Honey, I love your bio and agree with every word. But you obviously don’t know much about US electoral politics. Keep yer day job.

    1. David Landers says:

      ugh. you can always tell a moron by the way they start a sentence with the word “honey” (unless they’re talking about how delicious honey is, because honey is pretty delicious. especially with butter) you can tell that they’re even more of a mental midget if they follow it up with some kind of cartoonish image displaying some kind of emotion that supports their “comment”

      the rational part of my mind says it’s ridiculous, and you couldn’t possibly still have an aol email account, but something tells me you still have an aol email account. I mean technically, it doesn’t make you stupid, but it would explain SO much about the way you post. I must admit, I’m intrigued. I bet you put dumb ass stickers on your laptop too huh? or maybe your desktop is that predictable picture of Hillary Clinton with the Sharon Stone haircut? you know, the one with the chairman Mao communist propaganda poster “starburst” background? because using imagery from one of the bloodiest dictators in history makes for a GREAT campaign poster. I mean good god, the man made children shoot their own parents. you’re going to vote for the person who emulates that?

      well. since you like pictures SO much. here’s one for you.

      1. rebeccagavin says:

        Sigh one can so often tell a self important blowhard who is unable to converse in detail, and has an insult gun, kind of like those T-shirt guns, but he has an insult gun, and having to look up some facts and make a coherent and cohesive argument for his point (whatever it may be, I don’t know) can be so much harder than just running his mouth.

        1. David Landers says:

          facts like her contributors over the last 16 years? because I already looked those up and posted them in reply to one of your other comments. you know, JP Morgan, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs… etc etc.

          lemme know when you find a fact to post. or you know, vote for Goldman Sachs. you’ve already decided they should run the country.

  18. Steve Kupp says:

    Hillary or Bernie we Dems, Independents & Leftist have to stick together.
    The next President is going to be picking at least 2 Supreme Court justices.

    We cannot have a Republican in office when this happens.
    WE cannot let the GOP set us back.

  19. rg9rts says:

    In the real world…not academia …it won’t happen

  20. AntJO46 says:

    The Western Illinois University Website says this was the third Presidential Mock Election ever held there, so how could they be right since 1975? Even though they did pick the president in those mock elections, they have not been doing this since 1975. I will be voting for Sanders as well, but at least add some truth to the reporting.

  21. jtmkinsd says:

    LMAO…looks like their supposed streak is coming to an end

  22. Christine Crook says:

    There has to be something wrong with this poll! Whoever wins the Democratic nomination will not pick Martin O’Malley. Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio is the likely pick for VP

  23. Stephen Gray says:

    Just as long it’s not Cruz or Trump.

  24. Michael Hoppe says:

    Mr. Sanders is singing my song. But the country is in such a turmoil, his type of revolution would be . . . unsettling. I will vote for Mrs. Clinton. If Mr. Sanders is the democratic nominee, then I will vote for him.

    1. jim says:

      “But the country is in such a turmoil, his type of revolution would be . . . unsettling. ”


      It’s simple. Vote for who represents you. If that’s Bernie then vote Bernie.

  25. sticksandstones says:

    They’ve actually only done this 3 times since 1975.

  26. LG says:

    Sanders is the only one that is worth your vote. the only one. only one.

  27. Thom Lee says:

    From their poll to Gods ears!

  28. CJM says:

    It’s not going to matter. Obama will suspend the elections,apply Martial Law and the Fema Provisional Government because the citizens are fighting back and declared a Civil War. Obama is then president (king) again with Biden by his side.6 months down the road,The Clintons are elected to the U.N council,with that being said, he is the Leader of the U.N…. World Domination…. New World Order begins…..

    1. Red state socialist says:

      This is true he hired me to operate his concentration camp death ovens. To incinerate republicans alive. Sorry, I’m daydreaming again.

    2. Mummified_hotdog says:

      Upvote for making me laugh.

  29. J Jordan says:

    Thank go the Vice president pick record is not accurate. take it from a Marylander, you do not want O’Malley anywhere near our government!

  30. Vastile says:

    Let’s hope that accuracy streak keeps on going, because it’s looking like the only person who wants to really fix America and probably the only one who can is Bernie Sanders. Let’s see him sitting in that oval office.

  31. Joe Vanore says:

    They meant TRUMP

  32. Nickie Kalla says:

    Sanders and Clinton’s poll numbers are about identical to Obama and Clinton at this same time in 2008. Just a little food for thought. I think Sanders is more energized and exciting and really hitting it out of the park with Dem’s right now. We will see. Good news… I’d vote for either of these great Americans to be president. Poor GOP is not so lucky with their bigoted group of idiots.

  33. JohnH says:

    LOL, the delusion of ideologues never ceases to amaze me.

  34. Jack Colton says:

    This article reminds me a little of the shock on the Fox News anchors faces when Obama went above 270 electoral votes on the night of the 2012 election. They didn’t like the results of the major polls — justified every flaw they could as to support what they wanted to believe, and were legitimately shocked when reality didn’t mesh. This article is a liberal version of the same thing. Bernie Sanders is not ahead in the polls. The only national “polls” he leads are online ones and that’s a skewed sample of voters based on the demographic of the site traffic (or outreach database). Clinton would have to get hit by a proverbial bus (actual, or new scandal) to not be the nominee.

  35. americanswhoarehonest says:

    That is funny. All other polls (that say they have accurately predicted the winner) are saying Hillary will win the election. I go with this.

  36. evi1joe says:

    I’m donating for Bernie and will vote for him if he makes it to the FL primary, BUT I’d also bet Hillary will get the nomination. I wonder if the people running this study want to make a friendly bet!?

  37. John Zolis says:

    I predict Sanders and Warren ! Check your V.P data again !

  38. vegastearoom says:

    Quinnipiac means horse dung in Ojibwa.

  39. Scooter McHeadshot says:

    yeah, and get ready for the third American revolution.

  40. thomasbone63 says:

    Regardless of who wins the Democrat nomination, I’ve voting blue as a Independent.

  41. Dogmudgeon says:

    In 2012, there was a college that hadn’t been wrong about who would be president since the 1950s. They chose Mitt Romney.

  42. Bob Harrow says:

    Australian and english bookmakers still have hillary winning.. and they dont lose usually.. bottom line the u s press wont tell it like it is. I think they promote and nurture assholes for any number of reasons… there aint enough asshole teabags and trailer trash to elect a president.. i hope… what the fck are trump fools gonna do when he dont do it.. you can sense rubio and cruz know their fckd already.. ansd the mask is a joke.. huckabee is an israeli citizen already.. the rest just buildin a nest egg…

  43. Gary Macguyver says:

    Trump is so popular because of his stances…protect the border…protect our veterans, fix the trade imbalance…none of these issues are covered by BS (Bernie Sanders)

  44. Gary Macguyver says:

    joe schmo—or even BS(bernie sanders) could run off of these ideas and win…Trump was the only one with a set of balls big enough to actually do it.. This is what americans want….not free college

  45. Howard Scho says:

    Should people on the Terrorist Watch list be denied the right to have guns?

    While this sounds like only common sense, that is the problem when people make statements that we need common sense gun laws. When you dig below the surface you will see this idea is not as obvious as it sounds. One should not have their rights rights taken away by mistake for anything, be that the right to vote, the right to practice the religion of your choice; or the right to own a gun. Here is the problem that many who think this obvious don’t fully comprehend:
    The federal government lacks an effective system for allowing people to get off the no-fly list who are put there by mistake, a federal judge ruled Tuesday.

    The ruling came in a lawsuit filed by 13 American citizens and permanent residents, including four military veterans, who have been barred from flights to or from the United States or over U.S. airspace. Many of them have been told they’re on the government’s no-fly list.

    Sign up for breaking news alerts from NBC News

    Each of them applied for relief under the Department of Homeland Security’s Traveler Redress Inquiry Program, but Judge Anna Brown of Oregon said the program is so lacking in providing fairness that it’s unconstitutional.

    If the government mistakenly puts someone on the list, the judge said, the redress process “does not provide a meaningful mechanism for travelers who have been denied boarding to correct erroneous information in the government’s terrorism databases.”

    Those who file a complaint are merely told, after the government considers it, that the review has been completed. It does not reveal whether a person’s name was on the no-fly list in the past, remains on it or has been removed.

    Without knowing what information the government relied on, the judge said, a traveler has no way to contest or correct what may be a mistake. “Without proper notice and an opportunity to be heard, an individual could be doomed to indefinite placement on the no-fly list.”

    The Obama administration had argued that the risk of errors is low because of extensive quality controls and frequent reviews of the names on the list. But Judge Brown noted the case of Rahinah Ibrahim, a Malaysian architect, who successfully sued when she was wrongly put on the list after a federal agent checked the wrong box on a form.

    Given the low standard for putting a name in the master terrorism database from which the no-fly list is derived, the judge said, the process “contains a high risk of erroneous deprivation” of constitutional rights.

    The judge stopped short of telling the government what changes must be made in the redress process but gave both sides three weeks to work out a resolution to the dispute. The ACLU, which filed the lawsuit, praised the ruling.

    “This excellent decision also benefits other people wrongly stuck on the no-fly List, with the promise of a way out from a Kafkaesque bureaucracy causing them no end of grief and hardship,” said Hina Shamsi, an ACLU lawyer who worked on the case.

  46. IveSeenEnough says:

    LOL. So they correctly picked Gore in 2000?

  47. Dina Nichole Combs says:

    God I hope so.

  48. timothy o nichols says:

    Hillary is getting killed by Trump; due to lack of interest by young votes !!!!!

  49. Simon Says says:

    LOL, I love libs. They are so into drinking their own Kool-Aid. I hope Killary gets nominated. Of course, she is facing felony charges and prison time due to the server issue. Maybe she can get elected and sent to jail in one day! You guys keep plugging away for Sanders. I am gonna just sit back (after I vote) and laugh at the liberal stupidity.

    1. Webster says:

      Still waiting for the final Romney votes to come in from Ohio, Karl?

  50. Billy Bones says:

    I am sure they will be wrong and I am not sure if they were really right in the past. This is a way to discourage voters from voting for other candidates

  51. Jim Longo says:

    Amazing that they’ve been right all this time without taking the electoral vote into account.

  52. NYC1977 says:

    Liberals LOL….Jonathan Gruber was so right

  53. greylady67 says:


  54. Jason Lotito says:

    While the sentiment is understandable, the statement “the only entity that’s predicted every single presidential election with 100 percent accuracy since 1975” is not true. The accuracy is only in choosing the party that wins, not the president. From the source: “students who have participated in these mock elections have chosen the winning party with 100% accuracy and have an astonishing record in selecting presidential winners.”

  55. Jim Barrow says:

    As with most libtards, JC Torpay lives in a fantasy world where facts are ignored if they make her feel hurty.

    The very statistics that she cites refutes her own wishful thinking. Uncle Bernice fails miserably against Killary. JC, take a Probability & Statistics course. I hear that 0bama will let you take that class at a community college for free. Moron.

    Second, the only reason Torpay can claim that Bernice would beat a Republican if the election were held today is because most Republicans have not made up their mind on a candidate. Again Torpay, take a class.

    The Democratic party is headed for butthurt next year. Real Americans don’t want a corrupt criminal in the White House, and they don’t want a crazy old socialist.

    Your party won’t see the inside of the White House for at least 12 years. LOL!

  56. bill0 says:

    I hope this is right.

  57. Joe Martinez says:

    There are so many reasons why this article has no basis in anything other than magic
    1) WIU hasn’t been doing this since 1975, it’s been since 2011. The initial press release says the organizer did similar simulations in 1976 and 1988. That’s hardly a great trend
    2) The sample population is nowhere near a true representation of the voting public. College campuses are way more liberal than the rest of the country. The Green Party has never gotten more than 2.7 percent of the vote nationwide and they’re at 10 here.
    3) Of course Obama did well in these in 2007, they were conducted in Illinois. His home state. (That same year WIU picked a GOP ticket of Guiliani/McCain, how’d that go?)
    4) Again, there’s no methodology here. This uses the same technology as Groundhog Day.

  58. Zachary Goldberg says:

    Yeah Jean Simmons said the same thing in 2012.

  59. Tom Nolan says:

    must be 1975

  60. If the nomination of candidates by parties wasn’t moderated (think like a damper put on popular sentiment), this would be correct. But it doesn’t.
    Plenty of pundits are watching how Clinton is locking up superdelates for the DNC and they say the Dem nomination is hers.
    Those are the facts.

  61. David Pawson says:

    If this commie dog were to win (which he will not), I would venture to predict not just a massive emigration of rational people, but a massive emigration of States.

    1. Mummified_hotdog says:

      …What? How is he a communist? Elaborate.

      1. David Pawson says:

        After you graduate the 6th grade and have learned the vocabulary necessary to discuss political topics.

        1. Mummified_hotdog says:

          Aaah, I see. So in order to deflect my question for a lack of knowledge about the subject you are presenting, you resort to personal attacks. A very common tactic when you don’t know what the hell you are talking about.

          In other words, you are another inbred still clinging on to the Cold War-propaganda of “socialicm equals communism”. I’m glad we straightened that out.

          1. David Pawson says:

            Well, let’s start simply then. How much of what you produce, what you earn, what you create, am I entitled to?

            1. Mummified_hotdog says:

              You do not understand the concepts of Social Democracy – which Bernie fronts here – because you have obviously never lived in a functional country that is not based on Capitalism. From your basic, generic question, that is easy to see.

              Here is something to think about; while you are terrified of “sharing” any benefits with society and in return, they share back with you, Americans ironically pay higher taxes than rich, socialistic countries. Where does that money go, if not mostly back to the people? Wasted on military and presidential campaigns and weapons? Where is your free health care, your free education, your stellar public transportation and roads, your updated schools and hospitals? I thought as much.

              I’ll let you soak this in for a while.

            2. David Pawson says:

              Our free things cost too much. I note you refuse to answer the question. I also believe that you fear having to take responsibility for your own fate. I grow weary of your blather, it is obvious you do not understand that I have no claim to your productivity, nor you to mine.

            3. Mummified_hotdog says:

              Good, because this discussion is going nowhere. It is painfully clear to me that you do not possess even the basic understanding of your own government or other systems what so ever.

  62. Pierre Savoie says:

    Bernie Sanders is JEWISH. No one wants their country to be a puppet-state for Israel. Why give him any consideration at all?

    1. Mummified_hotdog says:

      Congratulations. That has to be the biggest straw man argument I have seen today, much like Trump wanting to focus on Obama’s birth certificate.

  63. svlle92 says:

    1st time for everything WIU

  64. UncommonSense says:

    Are you meaning to tell me a extremely pro liberal website is picking a liberal candidate to win the election and then you look at the numbers and they leave out clinton in the polls… and not factor in that they still have a republican candidate to run against. I mean come on, I’m a bernie sanders fan myself but lets not get stupid over ourselves.

  65. MadAsHellToo says:

    Martin O’Malley —- ugh!

    That would spoil the ticket. Hard to justify voting for that ticket.

    (I know Mr O’Malley and Martin O’Malley is no Mr O’Malley.)

  66. Rick Link says:

    Bernie just makes sense.

  67. not telling says:

    Bernie maybe old but at least he can see the pearly gates.

  68. mmarino says:

    thanks for the laugh.

  69. channa says:

    If Bernie gets the nomination, he will be smart to pick Hillary as VP. Hillary supporters who think Bernie is too old can hope he dies. In any event as VP, she will still be making history and will pull in the votes of women who want to see the glass ceiling broken. She would also be an extremely good advisor to the new president.

  70. Timothy says:

    This is cool, but saying that it’s “predicted every single presidential election…since 1975” is false. It happened in 1975, 2007, and 2011. It’s batting 3/3, not 10/10!

  71. Steve Tunis says:

    Guess somebody better start planting all the magical trees where all the miraculously free shit will come from. That’s how it works right, all that free shit just grows on trees and nobody has to ever pay for it.

  72. Cassidy Orme says:

    who the hell would vote for Bush.. this has to be wrong.. there can’t be that many stupid fucking idiots in america

  73. jimmy epp says:

    I think Bernie’s edge comes from the fact that although no republican would ever vote for Hillary, there are many who would support Bernie

  74. Brian Kerk says:

    They have been wrong, multiple times. If you actually read their website you would see it says “students who have participated in these mock elections have chosen the winning party” – PARTY, not candidate. So, they may accurately be predicting a Dem wins, but will it be Bernie?

  75. Shugie says:

    Hell no!

  76. Joanne Styslinger says:

    Did they predict that Bush would win 2000 and 2004? Did they predict that Congress would once again be controlled by republicans both in the House and the Senate by 2014? Did they predict that within 7 years under Obama that democrats would lose over 900 legislative seats and 13 governorships by 2015?

    1. Joe Martinez says:

      They didn’t do predictions for those elections because the title of this article is a lie

  77. Christopher Mallow says:

    True Americans wouldn’t vote in a socialist! It’s one step under communism, people.

  78. On the other hand, the _second_ the Green Party does a 180 their anti-scientific stance on nuclear energy – not just making their opposition a sideline issue, but actively supporting it – I’ll vote for them _over_ Bernie Sanders.

  79. rebeccagavin says:

    Go to Forbes dot com and search for an article by an economics fellow named Jared Meyer from 8/25/2015. Then spin it for me and explain why Hillary Clinton taking money from corporations is wrong, but this really doesn’t mean anything like that Bernie is a hypocrite.

  80. sue says:

    I am voting for BERNIE!!!!

    1. Daniel Wright says:

      Stupid is as stupid does.

  81. Ken says:

    Yes, and as a Hillary supporter, if Bernie wins the primary, I will gladly support Bernie in the general. Don’t know if that’s true the other way around.

  82. frankly2 says:

    Right wing attacks on our freedoms? This is a joke. The only attacks on our freedoms are coming from the left. Raising taxes to take our money to give to other people, Obamacare forcing young healthy Americans to buy insurance they don’t need and forcing working middle class families pay more for insurance and deductibles instead of letting the free market supply what they need, and the whacky gun control nonsense where lefties in moments of truth announce without shame that their ultimate goal is confiscation of all guns. Lastly, the left all across the nation and especially on college campuses trying to take away our constitutionally protected right to free speech by stifling any debate which disagrees with their ideology.

  83. Castles says:

    This made me lol
    Thanks liberalamerica for the laugh

  84. JPVan says:

    Hilarious. The 1% controls the 1853-present duopoly of two well-financed parties and bring us a “heads I win, tails you lose” proposition every four years. Their first choice is Hillary Clinton, back to double-dip after the Clinton and Gore families were paid roughly $500 million for their loyal service. The 3 main things they did for this windfall were: 1) The repeal of Glass-Steagall that allowed commercial banks to divert capital from marginally profitable loans to job producing small and medium size business and to much more lucrative hedge fund speculation. 2) The same legislation had a special rider attached to further that design when it precluded any effective regulation of an already frothy market for derivative securities and the related full tilt growth of hedge funds. 3) Using borrowed money that also served to crowd out growth in jobs and worker’s salaries, these same hedge funds placed their bets using 30:1 or greater leverage ($30 or more for every $1 of their own equity in every derivative bet made). High profits/high risks and when Long-Term Capital Management stood to lose $1 trillion in one day (almost all of it borrowed from big banks), the repeal legislation meant that the Fed stepped into investment banking for the first time. In a two-pronged strategy, those same banks were strong-armed into making new loans to cover up for the bad ones. LTCM was liquidated gradually and rather than see this as the canary in the mineshaft calling for reform, the good soldiers at the Clinton administration covered it up (for another day, the inevitable financial crisis).

    Not to worry. That’s why the 1% invested in Obama ’08. Immediately after the Jan 2009 inauguration, the Obama administration, along with Democratic majorities in the House and Senate saw fit to have the federal government and the Federal Reserve (100% privately-owned by its private member banks and empowered by President Wilson – D) assume their roughly $5 trillion in private losses with a combination of new public debt and money creation by the Fed. In that way, rather than take a hit on the 38% share of national wealth held by the 1% when Obama was elected, this is the primary reason why the 1% has thrived in the last seven years and now commands 45% of national wealth.

    It stands to reason that another clinton in the White House is their preference. But her campaign was faltering and enter Donald Trump to disparage the opposition by highlighting the worst characterization of them imaginable. His hate mongering appeals to fear and anger, to the self-righteous, and to the lesser educated are laying waste as hoped for. Trump is completely beholden to the 1% when a large commercial real estate business would fold without the continuing availability of their debt financing.

    That brings me to Bernie Sanders, this campaign’s comic relief and his version of Greek or Venezuelan fiscal populism. On the surface, his railing against billionaires doesn’t seem to serve as another tonic for the 1%, but it is. Here, a Japanese proverb helps explain: “The reverse side also has a reverse side.” He’s a pressure relief valve, a receptacle for the fear and anger emanating from leftists. No harm done, it serves the 1% well when his Santa Claus promises are marginalized. In the unlikely event that he were to gain unstoppable traction, the 1% can work with him too. That’s because socialists and capitalists are on the same side of the real political divide when both want to control other people and set themselves against those with no such desire — their common goal is the further concentration and centralization of money and power and it really comes down to shifting chairs among the 1% much like you’ll find with solid Democratic majorities in Washington, NYC, and Silicon Valley.

    So long as the ruinous 1853-present duopoly remains an effective tool of the 1%, there will be no substantive reform and only when the 43% independent share of the electorate attains a majority; at the rate we’re going, in 20 or 30 years, will we have the first precondition for the eventual rise of a viable third party or better yet, a multi-party landscape to institute real power-sharing and a return of representative government. What we have now is political theater with new wedge issues from the culture wars interjected from time-to-time to distract from Alexander Hamilton’s successful establishment of a financial aristocracy. Santa Claus Sanders is a distraction, but a manageable one.

  85. phil berens says:

    I’m a middle of the road guy…in terms of reality, vs. sentiment, this is LOL funny. It’s Hillary, even if they release a video of her with a goat.

  86. Michael Golden says:

    Be a much better article if you dispensed with the rhetoric and explained what the predictions are based on, rather than just repeating that they’ve been right over and over.

    1. Joe Martinez says:

      It’s based on nothing. The votes of college kids, that’s why it explains nothing.

  87. Steve Sisson says:

    You have to really appreciate the effort the author had to go through in this article to present this as more relevant than it really is. “100 percent accuracy since 1975” sure sounds impressive until you realize that since 1975 they have only held three mock elections, all in years when Democrats won the White House, and one of the three was in 2012 when Obama getting reelected was all but inevitable. This most recent mock election gave 38% of the vote to Jeb Bush, who has ZERO shot at the GOP nomination. They gave Sanders Wyoming – a state that has only gone blue once since 1952. The more you look at this thing, the more WTFs you see. But, logic hasn’t been really strong among the Berners… so I guess they might as well keep their delusional dream going while in reality his shot at the Democratic nomination is getting slimmer by the day. In the past two months he has slipped from 13 points behind Clinton to 27 points behind. He continues to trail by 11 points in Iowa with an important caucus only two months away. He has closed the Iowa gap in the past month, but of the 50 or so Iowa polls out there, only two have Bernie up in that state: One by 10 points and the other by only 1. All of the others have Clinton leading, some by as much as 60 points. Obama had a huge surge after the Iowa caucus. Bernie won’t. Clinton will be the Dem nominee, and this mock election will be 3 and 1 — er- I mean wrong for the first time since 1975.

  88. DolCane says:

    Yeah. Nice propaganda piece Bernie. We’re not buying what you’re selling.

  89. Macho Taco says:

    If he is elected POTUS, you will feel the bern…and it won’t be good.

  90. Jeremy Arthur Vandelay says:

    This is utterly ridiculous. An old white hardcore liberal socialist from the northeast is going to win a national vote in the United States? I’m sorry, but there is simply no way. He won’t even beat Hillary Clinton for the nomination. It’s a guarantee.

  91. Gary Berman says:

    All winning streaks must come to an end. I like Bernie but feel that Hillary is the most qualified and will win.

    1. Steve Sisson says:

      Three mock elections, one for Carter and two for Obama, is hardly a winning streak.

  92. Derek Skinner says:

    The main difference between Bernie and Hillary, is Bernie wants to represent the people of the United States of America as their Commander in Chief so that he can bring some honesty and accountability back into the highest elected office in our nation. Hillary wants to be the first woman president.

  93. Justanothermonkeyman says:

    This is hardly an objective publication.

  94. Lisa Staats Alger says:

    LOL there’s always a first time for everything, hope they are wrong

  95. John L. Battey says:

    Jeb Bush as the Republican Candidate? Only a Liberal is stupid enough to believe that!

  96. Queen Mennon says:

    did they also predict the supreme court would elect gwb the first time?

  97. Robert Kennedy says:

    From their mouths to America’s presidency!

  98. Honestly Laura says:

    Media and bias? Wow, that’s news to me! What a joke!

  99. Matt Talken says:

    Might want to get an editor for your posts here. It says John Edwards “pulled” at 15 percent instead of “polled” and that the elections were in 2007 and 2011. The elections were in 2008 and 2012. Inauguration does occur the following January in 2009 and 2013, so maybe that thought was just applied wrong? Also, WIU doesn’t typically go by “The WIU” but just WIU. It’s not like Ohio State and their obnoxious “THE Ohio State University” thing.

    A couple typos is no biggie, but the number of errors in this one was distracting and it’s hard to take your opinions seriously if your writing contains multiple errors like this.

    1. Steve Sisson says:

      They don’t need an editor; They need someone with journalistic integrity to write for them. Can you imagine the effort needed to make a measily three mock elections sound like the most reliable predictor of all time?

  100. Sillysally says:

    Oh God, oh God, oh God please NO!!!! We can’t sustain 4 more socialist, communist years after 8 years of stupidity!!!!

  101. A Drake says:

    There’s no rational reason to think that Pennsylvania is in play. After the last R gov and state reps accomplished zero except giving their contributors more tax breaks the entire state (except for three small counties of inbreeding milk farmers) is going Blue.

  102. murph52 says:

    Stein gets 3% with Sanders in the race? THAT is a shock.

  103. Some Guy Somewhere says:

    Um… yeah, it’s opinion, until it happens. Past results do not guarantee future performance. I’m not saying it couldn’t happen, but I don’t think this really takes into account a LOT of the important factors in a presidential race.

  104. Ron Paul says:

    Trump/Sanders 2016 because fascism should be a bipartisan effort!

  105. Zo says:

    Vote for Pedro.

  106. JCR says:

    Sanders did say more than a year ago that he would not run unless he actually believed he could win. And now, here we are.

    Look at the back and forth between democrats and republicans. Insulting each other and acting more alike than different. Turns out that at least some republicans and democrats have more in common than they will ever admit to. Sad stuff…

    What I can tell you is that my daughter and many of her peers turned 18 this year and many will turn 18 in 2016. What most have in common is voting for Sanders. And these are not poor kids. My kid and her peers go to a very upper scale public school in the Los Virgines area of Southern California.They are active in many social programs that help raise funds for the poor, the under educated, and many more issues. So, Sanders is the perfect choice for them just like he will be for millions and millions of 18-25 voters around the country. And he is appealing to independents. And the fact that many conservative voters in his own state vote for him goes to show you how they know, like many others will, that he’s their best bet.


  107. Emm Vee says:

    Bernie Sanders will be on “All In With Chris Hayes” which is on MSNBC right now. Bernie isn’t on yet, but is scheduled to be interviewed.


  108. MoreOver says:

    This is the biggest crock of shit I’ve heard in a long time! The library’s will fail.

  109. Steve Sisson says:

    “Single most accurate prediction record ever.” Really? They’ve only ever done three of these things before now, all during years when Democrats won the White House, and one in 2011 when Obama was a sure thing. This time they gave 38% of the vote to Jeb Bush, who has ZERO chance at the GOP nomination. They gave Wyoming (a state that has only been blue once since the 1950s) to Sanders. They are way off base this time. Hillary Clinton is going to be the Dem nominee.

  110. Zac says:

    Why didn’t he vote to audit the fed? He’s economically illiterate and foolish. The Republicans and Democrats are destroying this country. Does anyone care? Or are you more concerned about the “free” stuff that you’re “entitled” to?

    1. rebeccagavin says:

      Dear Jackass: The word “entitlement” in a program is simply a categorical identifier. Programs can be either entitlements or discretionary. Entitlement programs, like Social Security and Medicare have been paid into by the recipients. If they apply, and they qualify, they cannot be turned down any more than a private insurer can refuse to pay legitimate claims. Other programs in the entitlement category include food stamps, if you qualify for food stamps because you don’t have enough income to meet your nutritional needs, you will get them. Most of the other programs are discretionary, which means that even if you qualify in every way, if there is no funding available, you don’t get it. Those programs, such as subsidized housing, are stretched so thin that they have waiting lists that last for years. There is no fucking “free stuff”. I have worked with poor people most of my life, and what you are talking about is rubbish. The Democrats are not destroying this country, their platform addresses a wide range of important governing issues and Obama has done an excellent job with what he was given to work with. You are a dumbshit.

  111. Zac says:

    Rubio has already been chosen. It’s time to actually do something about our corrupt government. The government is in bed with the corporations. The solution isn’t “bigger government”.

    1. GothJoshDuggar says:

      It needs to be wrangled in first since croney capitalism spiraled so far out of control, but I would love to have left-libertarianism be the ultimate goal.

  112. Joe Feenstra says:

    HAHAHA……What a joke!

  113. Joe Feenstra says:

    Stupid assed Liberals…

  114. Eliz says:

    This is only the third time the mock election has been held.

  115. He’s the only one I trust.

  116. donsf2003 says:

    This article is perpetuating a fraud. They have only run this in 2007, 2011 and 2015. From WIU’s website: “Dr. Rick Hardy and Dr. John Hemingway have been leading Mock Presidential Elections since 1975. During that time, students who have participated in these mock elections have chosen the winning PARTY with 100% accuracy and have an astonishing record in selecting presidential winners.

    1. rebeccagavin says:

      Yes, it is, and this story was published a month after the poll was first announced and it was ripped to shreds. Fact check free zone here.

  117. ttravel says:

    Uhm,,,,, that’s the dumbest mock election I’ve ever seen. Who will you vote for? Generic name 1, Generic name 2, Generic name 3, Bernie Sanders. If you zombies haven’t noticed the 3 other mock “candidates” have 0% numbers in the *actual* polls. Maybe put Hillary and Trump and Rubio on there. Too cowardly to put real names on there. This chart looks like Al Gore’s bogus chart.

  118. Excidium says:

    Excellent News! But… I think Elizabeth Warren would be a better choice for V.P., if she would accept.

  119. Jerry says:

    I would hope would be checking for accuracy on her story. John Edward was NC’s senator at that time. But he had way too many skeletons in his closet for the parties nod for anything!

    1. rebeccagavin says:

      This is a fact check free zone.

  120. Bryan ĸ McDonald says:

    It’s cute how the students at WIU think they can make something come true because of past luck in predicting elections.

    There is no way the Corporately controlled Democratic National Committee would ever allow anti – corporation candidate Bernie Sanders to ever receive the Democratic nomination. You Sanders supporters are wasting your time thinking he’ll ever be in the White House.

    No. Mrs Clinton will be the Democratic Nominee for better or for worse.

    You’ll all “feel the burn” when you see what the Democrats do the Party outsider when the chips are down next summer. It will be a hard fall – better have some pillows handy.

  121. Taylor says:

    John Edwards, NC not SC

  122. Sheep O'Doom says:

    Interesting So Sanders will win But anyone notice a name missing from this “Mock election”? Funny how Clinton isn’t even listed. Maybe there was some anti female bias going on?

  123. neversink says:

    The only thing you have right is your comment about that they “are allowed to get away with stripping our country of its greatness, power, and wealth while simultaneously stripping our people of their rights. It’s time for accountability.”
    Except it is the Dems (and I am a registered Dem) who want to strip the citizens of their rights including free speech rights. It’s Obama, who did not prosecute one financial institution executive after the financial crisis that nearly destroyed the economy of the world. In comparison, the first George Bush prosecuted more than 3500 bankers following the Savings and loan failure in the late 1980s that occurred before he became President. And the S&L debacle was minor compared to the 2008 crisis. Instead, Obama and his Dems passed into law quantitative easing which gave trillions of dollars to the banks and allowed the government to print money like it’s going out of style.
    Think unemployment is going down. Yup. But only because Obama administration has reduced the workforce of eligible workers. We now have the least participation in the workforce since Jimmy Carter was President. Nearly 38 percent of eligible workers are no longer considered eligible to work. Incredible.
    I can go on and on. Hillary wants to enact hate speech laws. Hate speech laws are unconstitutional and can be unfairly enforced against certain people. I don’t like hate speech. But I like freedom of speech more and I like to know the hate message of the KKK or the Muslim Brotherhood.
    Obama comes to Kenya and lectures Africans about human rights. The day after he leaves Africa, he takes Malaysia off the list as one of the nations with the worst abuses of human rights. Mass graves of migrant workers recently discovered there. Sexual and worker slavery rampant. Child abuse, particularly of girls, is common. Why did he do this. Because he wanted to pass the Pacific Trade Agreement.
    Get real. I can go on and on. I like Bernie because he is honest and doesn’t take money from corporations. But I am not sure he can win. I certainly don’t agree with all his policies and his platform.

  124. Scott Cavender says:

    I hope none of them get elected because our country is completely screwed if Clinton, Sanders, or Trump get elected.

  125. Marcus says:

    As long as it isn’t another Clinton or Bush in charge again.

  126. Matt M Matthew says:

    Wow, as I scroll through the comments, I am slightly stumped. With all that is going on with the weather, worldwide flooding, oceans reaching 98 degrees, the sun rising and shinning in the dead north windows of your homes these past 2 summers. Never has the sunshine shined in a dead north facing window in the US on both sunrise and sunset this past summer. As the uneducated in denial, arrogant, ignorant people of this country ponder on that for just a moment, why do you think that is happening? I could tell you my theory but, it would be better to go research it and know the facts as you learn them. The reason(s) are life changing. Yet, I see the usual left, right, lib, con, attitudes and it is just repugnant. In every American arrogant way, people in this country suck and are cowards through and through. I attended American Spring in May 2014 and then it stood as our last real chance at saving the former America somewhat peacefully. As it stands now, millions will perish to reclaim our country. We lost America a long tome ago and yet the stupid actually think they vote in a ruling party. Never has anyone voted into Congress or the Presidency ever in our lifetimes governed in this country. We vote party choice but they do not run this country, The Fed is our rulers, always has been. Most people do not even realize the Fed is no entity of the United States of America. About as much so as all the large banks in this country, they too are foreign owned, and owned by the same people who own the banks. The real hard pill for me to swallow was as a whole, the country stood down in 2008 and let our gutless government bail out the banks. The comments “feel the bern (burn)” is coming. Those global changes I opened with, the cause is closing in on us rapidly and all of you arrogant pricks are going to get a lesson in how paying attention will get you in the know, Good day and God Bless!

  127. Eric Toth says:

    HAHAHAHAHAA!!! Bern is flatlining and has been for months. His polls are going nowhere.

    This is stupid

  128. Dawn Elle says:

    LMAO!! President TRUMP BABY!! get used to it Illinois and you libtards!!

  129. Legatus legionis says:

    Pray that they get this one wrong if you want to avoid a civil war!

  130. Right Wired says:


  131. Right Wired says:


  132. Senator Bernie Sanders will be the Next POTUS #45…

  133. Jeff Newcomer says:

    Looks like the first time since 1975 they were wrong,, Trump 2016

  134. smarterthanthat says:

    What a shame that their long record of winning will be shattered next November…………….

  135. Gendarme says:

    If the only dirt you have on a candidate is a joke about his name, he’s a shoo-in. Go, President Sanders.

  136. Mark Russell says:

    Wait. Who the fuck is Lex Green and are they really projecting he’ll get 10% of the popular vote?

  137. ncskeptic says:

    They’re about to break their 40 year winning streak. Even most democrats with anything to lose won’t vote for a self proclaimed socialist. Western Illinois University is living in a liberal safe space and has likely skewed their own research to fit their delusional little hearts wishes if they believe there’s any chance this will happen.

  138. Brian Kort says:

    If that were to happen you would feel the burn. The burn of the middle class being completely wiped out and a continuation of communism that we have seen for 7 years. They say being smart doesn’t give you common sense and I see it more and more every day I am alive. If this meat head that just got out of bed gets elected,
    this country will get the final nails in its coffin.

  139. This Is My Display Name says:

    Who’s the source on this?

    Because if it was WIU, a decent portion of this piece wouldn’t exist.

    “Western Illinois University, the only entity that’s predicted every single presidential election with 100 percent accuracy since 1975”

    Don’t let they’ve only done it since 2007 stand in the way of your posturing.

  140. Pound of Salt says:

    So who did they predict in 2000, Bush or Gore? Can’t find it on their website.

  141. racefish says:

    Sanders V Bush? How many drugs do they do there?

  142. Elton East says:

    “Haven’t been wrong since 1975”

    Have only been using the same methodology since 2007.

    Cmon. I plan to vote for Senator Sanders but let’s not use outright bullshit to make the case.

  143. Thom* says:

    There was NO election in 1975

  144. John P. says:

    God help this country if that happens !!! We will all be praying to Allah !!!

  145. Michael G says:

    Well, I guess I should not even bother voting! It has already been decided!!

  146. MRM_The_First says:

    You have to pretty ignorant, small and closed minded to be a liberal.

  147. ilovemygoats says:

    It’s a shame their ‘streak’ will come to an end in 2016 then.

  148. Edward Thompson says:

    Woman just what drugs are you taking?

  149. Tony says:

    Ummm…They’re going to be wrong then. Sanders has an ice cube’s chance in hell of getting the nomination but he could run as a third party candidate….Knock yourself out Bern! PLEASE! Do it!

  150. Jj Martin Jr. says:

    Hey! I saved on my insurance by eating at Taco Bell.

  151. Patricia says:

    Well teir winning streak is over. SORRY

  152. GoodPeople says:

    Always a first time to be wrong.

  153. justavenger says:

    What a bunch of fucups, Sanders bwahahahahaha that is a big fucin joke.

  154. mfh says:

    You better hope not. America the third world country. All those that would vote for Bernie will starve to death. The problem with Socialism it runs out of other peoples money and fails politically. Only a free Republic and Capitalism has worked historically but even it fails, from within, from the corruption that is Socialism.

  155. if you thought that a Obama Administration was bad wait until you see how bad it will be under a Sanders administration. given the voting patterns and the crookedness of the democratic party this nightmare may come true nut God help us if he does.

  156. Joshua says:

    This is misleading. For one, it’s not scientific. Also, it’s unfair to say they haven’t been wrong since 1975 when the first mock election they had since 1975 was in 2007. I like Bernie, but this seems so unrealistic. And Bush? C’mon, I think we’ll all be surprised if he doesn’t drop out after New Hampshire. He’s at single digits barely above Rand Paul. Time will tell though.

  157. David Rutawitz says:

    thats a cute fantasy

  158. Charlie says:

    There’s no way in hell sanders will make it…lol

  159. Ted Wojtasik says:

    Oh god, please make it so…Sanders 2016!!!

  160. Ruppert Baird says:

    Wow, from her bio, Torpey’s a highly deluded person.

  161. John Michael Hutton says:

    There is only one problem. He isn’t going to be the nominee.

  162. George O says:

    Awesome! I sure hope so.

  163. Mark Erickson says:

    Oh boy, Bernie Sanders! I’ll be able to work the lowliest menial job and still be paid enough to afford silk sheets and silver candlesticks! I’ll be able to be very sickly, 3 days a week seeing doctors, ad not worry who can afford it. I’ll go to college for free, eat at T.G.I. Friday’s every night, and do all the things today’s spoiled rotten insufferable generation of millennials dreams of! Wake up people, all those dreams can never come true!

  164. James Hepler says:

    Dear proud liberal JC Torpey: John Edwards is from NC not SC. Also, state abbreviations do not require periods.

  165. BSG1949 says:

    This is crap!..Sanders will never be President!…Never..If we don’t get a strong conservative presence in the WH, America is screwed!..

  166. coho39 says:

    Bush isn’t even going to be part of the general race.

  167. Jeremy says:

    Trust me I want Bernie as POTUS but Im also from North Dakota. And North Dakota voting democrat? ??? Yeah we havent voted out of the red since weve been a state

  168. Jordan Silverman says:




  169. medway says:

    Trump is the last chance for the USA….

  170. Al Heyman says:

    Well they’re finally going to be wrong. Hillary wil stomp all over him!

  171. Mike Youknowwho says:

    Well, no track record last forever. Keep up the Sanders wet dream you naive, politically clueless fools. Notice how their simulated election had Jeb Bush in it? He’s not getting the GOP nomination.

  172. TexasAGGIE says:


  173. Harold Patterson says:

    To all you gloating liberals:Be careful of what you wish for. Socialism always sounds good to the losers in society but the middle class always gets taxed out of existence first. Caveat emptor.

  174. Brenda Golden says:

    Who ever wrote this is full of shit. Yes the proud libtard is full of it. Numbers can be skewed to show what ever you want it to show and I don’t believe the American people are that stupid.

    1. George O says:

      Keep slappin’ clitties in denial.

  175. SCOTTISH KNIGHT says:

    GO TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  176. SignifyingJive says:

    Bernie will win the nomination, but will lose big time in the general election. Trump hit Hilldog with a linguistic kill shot. Hilldog shlonged again. Watch her poll numbers plummet.

  177. American says:

    Who wants that stinking dirty socialist scum in the white house not American who love their country.

    1. George O says:

      You are one ignorant douchebag.

      1. American says:

        Awe what is wrong, Moma caught you on her computer and made you go back to the basement.

        1. George O says:

          No, you got caught in your grandmother’s silks again.

  178. Lewis says:

    If Senator Sanders wins, you may as well be ready for another civil war. It will start the moment he tries to confiscate weapons.

    1. George O says:

      What happens when the tanks arrive?

  179. Tammy Cooper says:

    and supposedly Clinton doesnt even make the final cut? TOtaL bull

  180. Ernest Rios says:

    The people below who commented on Bernie Sanders is probably the same group of people that voted for the f****** coward that in the White House right now. You guys all you want to do is vote another old coward in the f****** White House? I want to be the first one to tell you Muslim loving mother f****** that trumps going to be the one winning and your coward socialist is going to probably end up having a f****** cardiac arrest. Black lives matter dumb ass old man ALL LIVES MATTERS YOU BUNCH OF FUCKING COWARDS!

    1. George O says:

      Ever considered joining the human race?

  181. Arden Burch says:

    You can’t be right all the time and this time they got it wrong. The American public finally woke up…

  182. Heroswidow says:

    Go, Bernie! A little disappointing that the graph shows him running against Bush, though. That’s highly unlikely as things now stand.

  183. Glen Saunders says:

    Bullshit any way you package it….

  184. George O says:

    So many feeble minded morons on here. Just pathetic.

  185. gwats1957 says:

    If he gets the Nomination, I’ll back him 100%…….Just no more Presidents like this one………

  186. chairzone says:

    worse prediction ever….he won’t win squat. no seriously informed believes this.

  187. Poppa Daddy says:

    Anyone that can’t work and pay for their own medicine in the GREATEST country on Earth should just die. It’s not like they have any ambition or know-how anyway! USA! USA! USA!

    1. George O says:

      Even though it costs 100 times what it did only 40 years ago? Maybe the greedy corporate scum should be the ones dying?

  188. Barry Klob says:

    An incredibly accurate track record over an incredibly limited sample size.

  189. rokchok says:

    Sorry kids. Not happening. The idgits in this country will NEVER EVER EVER NEVER EVER elect a socialist. Mostly because they’ll too ignorant of the term.
    If you want to elect a republican, by all means, vote for Bernie.

  190. Brian Wilson says:

    Nope, Trump should be prez………fuck comie/socialist BS, and Killary can go to hell

  191. Joel Vandever says:


  192. Doc Stevens says:

    They are SO incorrect, the ‘university’ should apologize now, in advance, followed by firing ALL extremist liberal ‘professors’ that are brainwashing student. Remember this comment 1/2017.

  193. Daniel Jackson says:

    KS and OK blue, but IA red? This is the year your batting average goes down.

  194. Mike Telford says:

    Bernie’s religion will stop him when it is time to vote. That subject for candidates always is a factor in the long run and it hasn’t been yet as it is highly unlikely he will get the nomination. If you don’t think that is a factor, bring it up with some not-so fervent fence-straddlers.

  195. Los Vasquez says:

    I don’t know where there is more stupid, in the comments or in the article. LMAO at Bernie Sanders being the President. America is dumb but not that dumb.

  196. George O says:

    Republicans are silkworms

  197. jaggok says:

    It has Sanders beating Bush and there is no way Bush is getting the nomination. I guess they will be wrong again.

  198. Alfredo says:

    Everyone knows Trump is going to win…

  199. Alfredo says:

    Bernie or bush don’t have a change more chance of an giant asteroid hitting earth…

  200. Excidium says:

    The one thing I hope they are wrong on is Sanders’ V.P. I hope it’s Elizabeth Warren.

  201. Excidium says:

    Interesting Pie Chart. right now, I think Trump will win the Republican Nomination, but not the Presidency. But if Bush Wins the Nomination, I think Trump will go Independent thus taking away a massive amount of Republican Votes. That would be perfect – it will hand the Republicans there biggest loss in History.

  202. strausdavis says:

    If this poll hasn’t been wrong since 1975, the when did it first started polling the results for President. I do not believe it predicted Bush II, win in 2000. Another thing, the reason, I do not believe this poll, is because this year, security will trump economics. The voters, will select someone, that they think will keep us safer. Bernie, I think does not convey, that type of confidence….This is why my vote is for Hillary…

  203. John Giametti says:

    Smell the bullshit because thats all this is.LIBERALS are weak people who need to be part of a group and to have a master telling them how to think and what they feel.They arent rational thinkers but base their beliefs on emotion not fact.

  204. Art S says:


  205. Singularity Bound says:

    Well if its right we’re saved…why do I have a feeling it will be the first time they are wrong.

  206. Beaumarino says:

    Ya’ know how rich people have like, a lot of stuff?……….Well I like stuff………Where’s my stuff?

  207. Kevin G says:

    Actually, according to WIU, they have been wrong in the past… that and there have only been 5 mock elections. 2015, 2011, 2007, 1987 and 1975

  208. rejectrepublicanlies says:

    Either Bernie or Hillary would be infinitely better than any of the sociopaths or Christofascists on the Right.

  209. RayINLv says:

    The author of this article is impressive…

  210. Hart says:

    Why do people hate socialism so much but want to elect a socialist to be president?

  211. Jonny 2 Gnar says: