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Raw Footage Shows Crazy Cop Choking Teenager In School! (VIDEO)

Today, we add yet another video to the arsenal of raw footage obtained depicting police brutality. Sadly, this instance depicts something not even I could have expected — a cop provoking a student, then choking him!

Image via Wikimedia Commons
Image via Wikimedia Commons

The video begins with what appears to be an at least somewhat contained situation in a Round Rock, Texas, high school. You can see the two cops boxing in the student because, according to them, the student “refused to calm down,” though he maintains that he was only angry because, as clearly shown in the video, the cops were “getting in his face.”

Upon analysis of the video, one can see that the cop actually continuously provokes the student. He is seen several times laying his hands on the student in a provoking, “I’m in charge,” manner. This is clearly to assert his dominance that the cop feels he deserves, but this proves to be the ideology that causes the cop to lose it.

After what appears to be the student cussing at the cop, the cop proceeds to choke and shake him. The point you see that is when the video becomes blatant police brutality. The sheer force he chokes the teen with is enough to actually make the student rock back and forth.


The only bit of good news is that the family appears to be pressing charges against the local authorities. I often wonder when people will realize that police brutality is the worst kind of crime. It is committed by someone that is supposed to protect us; it costs innocent people their lives, and it costs tax dollars our money!

Check out the raw footage of the incident below:

Featured image by KEYE-TV video screen capture, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license.

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Written by Brett Banks

Brett Banks is a native Texan majoring in Political Science. His interest in politics started when he was very young and has no end in sight. Brett is a fire breathing Progressive. As an advocate and member of the LGBTQ+ community he has aspirations to one day see equality for all. Follow him @brettbanks81 on twitter or find him on other social media.