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Pee On San Francisco Walls, The Secret Golden Gate Tool Pees On You! (VIDEOS)

When outlaw urinators attack San Francisco city walls, the walls fight back! No kidding. The city has applied a special paint that repels liquids. So you guessed it – pee on the wall, and the wall pees back. Can you believe it?

The Golden Gate Tool Pees On Victims
Secret Golden Gate Tool Pees On You! screenshot

Anti-Pee Vigilantes

Anti-pee vigilantes in Hamburg Germany first got the idea when they saw the video demonstrating this special paint. San Francisco, in turn, saw what Hamburg was doing and liked it. So the Golden Gate city decided to special paint nine walls in the vicinity of bars.

The paint, really a coating, is just awesome! It is made so that when a drop hits the coating, it not only comes back, each drop rebounds in exactly in the same shape as it arrived! Is that cool or what?

I love this stuff, if you can’t tell. That coating layer is nanotechnology at it finest. A human hair is “approximately 80,000- 100,000 nanometers wide.” This coating dries at a thinness of 13/1000000th of a meter.

Secret Golden Gate Tool

The paint is really a superhydrophobic coating and was invented by the University College London. It is made by Ultra-Ever-Dry and sold by US-based Ultratech International.

So, if you want to have some fun, watch these walls peeing right back on the pee-ers:

Want more? Watch how liquids just jump off of things – and people!

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