These Pets Just Found Out What V-E-T Spells, And They Are Not Happy

How does your dog or cat act when they realize the ride in the car you promised them is just an excuse to take them to the veterinarian? My pit bull mix, Ginger, puts her head down and then looks at me as if I’ve just betrayed her. Once we get into the vet’s office, she looks at the floor the entire time. I almost feel guilty for taking her, but then again I know her health is paramount.

Then I take a look at the pets below and I don’t feel quite so bad.

“The park is a lie. I’m so sorry.”



These poor dogs look like their owner just announced they’re being traded off for cats. They are far from being happy.



This dog looks like he’s trying to become a permanent fixture of the car seat.

“Do not disturb, dog at work.”


Nothing to see here, just keep moving. Haven’t you ever seen a dog at work?

“Hold My Paw.”


Yep, I’ve done this one with my dog.

“If I can’t see you, you can’t see me.”


“La la la la la….I cannot see you!”

“Is this because I scratched your leg?”


This cat is sure he knows why you’ve taken him to his least favorite place in the world. And he’s ready to apologize.

“We are no longer friends.”


All the treats in the world ain’t gonna make up for this betrayal.

“I will poop on your pillow.”


Hey, you can’t guard that pillow 24/7, and this dog is ready for revenge.

“This corner suddenly became incredibly interesting!”


Didn’t you know a bottle of Purell makes a feline invisible?

“Okay, so how do we close the cabinet doors?”


These cats are thinking of how brilliant their plan was…up to this point.

“You have betrayed me!”


Et tu, Owner?

“I KNEW we were going to the vet the WHOLE time.”


You cannot fool this dog.

“We did not take the turn to the park.”


He may not have GPS, but this dog knows that something is terribly, terribly wrong.

“You wouldn’t ? We’re not…”


The moment of realization.

h/t and All Images: Brainjet

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