Mr. Trump You Are An Insufferable A$$ For Dissing John McCain

Dear Mr. Trump,

You are an insufferable ASS! Each day that passes has you being more and more abusive and?insulting to everyone in your path. I am not sure what your path is, but you certainly are not on your way to the White House, unless you intend to be there as a tourist.

You might be wondering who the hell I am – so I’ll tell you. I am Just A Mom. That’s it. Just A Mom. I served for 10 years in the United States Navy, and then 11 in the United States Naval Reserve. I wear a service ribbon for participation in the first gulf war, both during the Desert Shield build-up?and Desert Storm. But I am not a hero.

I am Just A Mom.

But I vote. And so do all my other mommy friends. Remember that.

Your latest attack on John McCain about his status as a hero is absolutely over the top. For a draft dodger to state so emphatically that you don’t consider him a hero because he got captured? You have some nerve, chickenshit. You avoided the draft numerous times and you have the nerve to tell an American hero that his service was nothing? You LIED about the draft and how you avoided military service during an interview this past Tuesday, stating,

?I actually got lucky because I had a very high draft number. I’ll never forget, that was an amazing period of time in my life.?

How high your number was had no bearing on whether or not you got drafted since numbers were selected by lottery. In truth, according to your very own Selective Service Draft Card, you deferred on 4 occasions between 1964 and 1968?before finally being declared 4-F in 1972. How heroic of you, you insufferable ASS. You think you have the right to call a decorated veteran who served this country that his service was nothing while you chickenshit your way out of serving with deferments?

Screen grab of actual Selective Service card for Donald Trump

You do realize what the classification of 4-F means, right? Probably not. Let me explain to you using small words so you understand why you don’t qualify to even sit in the same room as John McCain (not even if that room is a bathroom and you’re there to wipe his ass). You “have been found not qualified for service ” – that means you cannot be the Commander in Chief of our military. Here is the actual definition of this service classification (emphasis mine),

Registrant not acceptable for military service. To be eligible for Class 4-F, a registrant must have been found not qualified for service in the Armed Forces by a Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) under the established physical, mental, or moral standards. The standards of physical fitness that would be used in a future draft would come from AR 40-501.”

Like it or not, your chickenshit status is a matter of public record.

It is time for you to shut your pie hole. And please do something about your hair! That coif you insist on wearing has looked horrible for as long as I can remember. It definitely looks way better on the cats – #TrumpYourCat! If you were my son you would be in time out indefinitely! You are nothing more than a child in the body of a grown man. Your maturity stopped developing around the 6th grade level.

I’m going to save other tirades for another day. There are plenty. Your behavior on Twitter is appalling for a man that wishes to be president. You are not fit to be president of this country. You can’t even manage your own personal finances having filed five bankruptcies. You can’t file bankruptcy to get the US out of financial trouble – you actually have to know how to compile a budget and other neat financial things you obviously didn’t learn as a child.