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Florida Woman Chases Black Kids With Baseball Bat While Shouting Racial Slurs (Video)

A woman in Lake County, Florida, is facing several charges related to her actions against some African-American kids who were near her home.

Image Via ScrapbookofTruth

Lisa Marie Elberson allegedly chased a black teenager down the street with a baseball bat and spit on him and his friends. Elberson reportedly became angry when the teenagers had a dispute with her husband.

Video of the incident shows Ms. Elberson shouting both racial and homophobic slurs at the teenagers, and at one point she even remarks:

?I’ll hang your family from my tree.”

Elberson’s husband admitted that his wife did indeed use the N-word while chasing the young men, but was adamant that she did nothing wrong. He said his wife took the bat from his son so that it wouldn’t be used against the other teens. He added:


?So he wouldn’t hurt the boy, to make sure that everything was safe, and that all that was going on was to talk. He really doesn’t have nothing on her. He don’t have nothing. All he has is my wife yelling at him. And that’s all she did.?

Police, however, disagreed with Mr. Elberson’s retelling of the day’s events. They?arrested and charged her with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, child abuse, and simple battery. Her bond was set at $5,000.

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