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Available Now! Awesome Good Cop Versus Bad Cop Action Figures

Over the years we’ve seen video after video of police “just doing their jobs” a bit too enthusiastically, sometimes on various criminal scum like old people, pregnant women, handcuffed suspects, fleeing suspects, and children.

Now,?just in time for Christmas season you can buy your little boy, girl, or favorite basement-dwelling conservative these awesome toys:?Good Cop Versus Bad Cop action figures that all feature a “Kung Fu” grip?and are?great for holding a baton, taser, gun, or planted evidence.

Be sure to buy the?judge, DA, and conservative jury accessories, and make sure your cop can always do his job without worrying about those pesky “civil liberties.”


And don’t forget about the cool police toys you can purchase for your public servant, — tanks, helicopters, assault riffles, grenade launchers, and other things necessary for keeping the public safe from crime!


These quality figures come with a lifetime guarantee; no they?won’t give you your money back, but they?will guarantee you’ll be charged with assaulting an officer if there’s even a scratch on the paint.

Enjoy this awesome commercial!

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