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#DontStayInSchool Reveals What We Are Missing In US Education System

I stumbled across this video on Facebook in a parenting/homeschooling group. To say the least, it makes a?tremendous point that I believe a lot of people are missing when we talk about the education system. I’m not an expert, but there’s something we’re not doing right in the US education system. Published on Youtube in February of this year, it is still worth revisiting because it is still relevant if not more so now.

Screengrab from Youtube.
Screengrab from Youtube.

In the video, David Brown is rapping about why you shouldn’t go to?school, and he spits out the failings of our education system.

“I wasn’t taught how to get a job, but I can remember dissecting a frog. I wasn’t taught how to pay tax, but I know loads about Shakespeare’s classics.”

We leave our schools knowing a variety of things (hopefully); however, do we know what we need to know? When I graduated high school, a bank, all too happily, gave me a credit card. I knew nothing about paying more than a minimum payment. I’m 28 now, and my husband finally got it through to me. I’m debt free now.

“I was never taught how to vote. They devoted that time to defining isotopes.”

They chose the solar over the political system. So like a typical citizen now I don’t know what I’m voting on, which policies exist, or how to make them change… So at 18, I was expected to elect a representative for a system I had never ever ever ever been presented with.”


That one should hit home for us, my liberal friends. How many votes would we have had?on our side if our?youth felt like it mattered? Would we have a Republican Congress if they knew they could direct change in their country?

“I was shown the wavelengths of different hues of light, but I was never taught my human rights. Apparently, there’s 30, do you know them? I don’t. Why the hell can’t we both recite them by rote?!”

This one should?also hit relatively close to home. We’re seeing basic rights being violated on what seems to be a daily basis. Are we teaching them to begin with?

It’s not the teachers’ faults by any means. I’m not a teacher hater. They do a job that I can’t do. They are doing what they?are told?to earn a lower income than they should be earning. It’s?the people who make the curriculum at fault.

You can check the rest of the video out below. You can also check out David’s Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube Channel.

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