Fox & Friends Host Throws Axe & Hits West Point Military Academy Soldier

military academy
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Fox News has made plenty of stupid moves in the past. However, this one beats them all.

military academy
Image via Logopedia.

Fox & Friends (the epitome of stupid) weekend host Pete Hegseth was setting up for a segment on axe throwing. For whatever reason, someone gave the guy a damn axe to throw. To say the least, he missed his target.

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“He lined up his shot, tossed the axe, and completely missed the target. Though he did hit something – or should we say, someone… it nailed one of the West Point drummers.”

Good job Fox News! You nailed a soldier with an axe!

The West Point Hellcats were playing throughout the show, and someone placed them behind the target being used for, what could have been, a deadly throw. I’m going to assume whoever was in charge of putting the band behind the target was the bright one who gave Hegseth the axe that hit the drummer, Jeff Prosperie.

Jeff Prosperie, a West Point Military Academy drummer with the West Point Hellcats, only suffered mild injuries, but I don’t have to expound upon how DANGEROUS AND DEADLY this could have turned out to be. Jeff posted the real story on his Facebook page, as, of course, Fox edited the segment.

“My leadership told me they were told there would be no axe throwing. I think the anchor person went rogue and decided to throw it. He had only thrown it once before in practice for an upcoming segment, and they told him to throw it with more force. The vid you see is edited showing the televised portion of the throw and then edited to a portion that was taken on someone’s phone of us being videoed. The part that was actually televised showed the overthrown axe and then segued to us for the drum solo bump, only showing me walking behind the section holding my arm. The actual part where the axe hit me was not televised. Poor decision, obvious negligence, should not have happened, could have been avoided.”

Whose dumba** idea was it to even pitch this idea for a segment? Seriously? He only threw the axe once, and you told him to throw it with more force?!

Next time conservative fundies are giving us hell about not caring about our brave soldiers, at least I can now say I’ve never hit a soldier with an axe.

You can check out the segment below, which does show the soldier being hit with the axe.



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