Mother Checking Trash Can Finds Horrifying Letter From Son’s Bully

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Jennifer Beasley, a Clark County mother, has pulled her son out of Lied Middle School for an extremely alarming and horrifying reason.

Image by GemmaZ via DeviantArt

Beasley has pulled her 12-year-old son out because of an extremely graphic?threatening letter from a bully. The letter is something you?would think a child couldn’t write because they shouldn’t even know these forms of torture. Yes. Torture.

Warning: Extremely graphic *possible trigger*

I would stab you in your legs. Tie you up and pry out your teeth and make a necklace out of them. I should sew your mouth shut and drop bleach in your eyes. I will cut you open and separate your organs from your body and porous (sic). After that I should wash/drench your entire body with animal (cow and dog) feces and pour gasoline on you and set you on fire.”

A child (presumably) sat down and thought?each form of torture out and wrote it down. The fact that anyone could sit down and think that out?to give to someone is scary. Add the fact it’s from a child? Even more terrifying.

Beasley’s son was so freaked out that he hid the letter. He has been receiving these letters since December. His parents only found out about it due to his sibling alerting them and checking the trash can where the letter was hidden. They, of course, immediately brought it to school administration. Beasley spoke with

“If I was an adult and got a letter like that, I would have been freaked out.”

Although Clark County School District stated they have responded to the incident appropriately, others are disagreeing. After Beasley?posted the letter on Facebook, she received “more than a hundred shares and countless comments.”?One of?the comments also expressed?disappointment in the school system.

“This is a shining example of why I took my daughter out of Lied.”

Officials would not?share any details on the?action that was taken due to privacy law and concerns. They did tell Action News that they taking bullying seriously and investigate all complaints.

According to the news report however, Beasley told them that her son will still have to see the other student?at school. That means?the student was not permanently moved out of the school. The student would still be walking the halls with her son. What is so scary is that the district has had suicides RECENTLY due to bullying.

The fact is this note contained terroristic threats. “I will cut you open and separate your organs from your body…” is a direct threat. It also may be a red flag for adults and officials that this student needs some kind of help. They could either have an issue, or they could just flat out be mean. We have schools that call police in for?students regularly. We have elementary schools doing this. We’ve seen autistic children be handcuffed by police.?Yet, this woman and another woman apparently are?still taking their children out of Lied Middle School because they allow threatening letters to be passed around?. Why?

When I was in third grade, I had a bully. She threatened to kill me. She got three days in school suspension and was right back in class with me. She retaliated and bullied everyone into bullying me. I had one friend. I suffered from depression and suicidal thoughts in third grade.?School officials told ME I was paranoid. I was homeschooled for the next two years.

The fact that parents are still having to beg and pull their kids out of school because schools aren’t protecting their children is unacceptable.With so much?focus on suicides throughout America caused by bullying, it’s pretty clear and simple to see more has to be done to keep our children safe.

I don’t normally do this. I am this time because I’ve experienced this.

This is the school’s website.
This is their Twitter.
This is their address and phone number.

Lied Middle School
5350 W. Tropical Pkwy
Las Vegas, NV 89130
702.799.4620 – 702.799.4626 (FAX)

Do what you will Liberal America.

You can watch the news report below.




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