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Watch A College Student HAMMER Jeb Bush On Iraq

Jeb Bush got an unwelcomed surprise during a town hall stop when college student Ivy Ziedrich decided to challenge him directly on Iraq.

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While Mr. Bush was moving about the space, Ivy asked if he would take a student question. She seemed perturbed that Jeb Bush earlier in his comments there, blamed the rise of the Islamic State on President Obama. Not holding back, yet being intellectual and stoic, she brought up the Iraq war and its harmful impact on the state of terrorism.

This is a snippet of the exchange:

Ivy: ?It was when 30,000 individuals who were part of the Iraqi military were forced out ? they had no employment, they had no income, and they were left with access to all of the same arms and weapons.”

She added: ?Your brother created ISIS.?

Jeb: ?All right. Is that a question??

Ivy:??You don’t need to be pedantic to me, sir.?


Jeb: ?Pedantic? Wow.”

She also accused Bush of spewing national rhetoric in hopes of getting us involved in more wars abroad. ?Good for her. I like seeing young people unphased by the glitz and glare of politics, especially public figures as well known as Mr. Bush.

Jeb didn’t waiver though, saying how?keeping about 10,000 troops in Iraq would?have stabilized the situation. He repeated the idea that we are now in a more unstable place because of Obama and the policies of us pulling back and scaling down.

Jeb Bush has been in the news lately?because he said that even knowing what we know now,?he would have authorized the invasion of Iraq as his brother did. He tried to throw Hillary Clinton under the bus by saying that he is the same as her on that position (failing to mention how Hillary has said countless times that her vote on that was a mistake).

Anyway, Bush may be trying to downplay what he said a little, but much of the damage has been done. And this exchange shows that Mr. Bush may not differ much from his brother anyway when it comes to foreign policy.

Watch the video of the confrontation between Jeb Bush and Ivy Ziedrich here:

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Written by Autumn Alston

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