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A Dad Tries To Save Son From Gang — How He Does It Will Freak You Out (VIDEO)

There has long been a growing divide between a greater consensus of the Black community in America and liberals regarding physical discipline on children. You would be hard pressed to find many Black adults who had not been subject to physical discipline during their childhoods by parents, family, even teachers and church members.

It’s no secret that the Black American communities are overwhelmingly evangelical Christian. Using physical discipline is one of the few things Blacks carried over from Africa, and had been reinforced by lessons taught from both Christianity and the slave owners.

Since at least the 1960s liberals have become a very vocal and powerful force in American culture and politics. Non-violent child rearing techniques are very popular among non-Black liberals.

Liberals have made great contributions in the fight against domestic violence against women and children. However, cases where parents are arrested for spanking children in public are now commonplace, thanks in large part to liberal influence. Many argue that using violent disciplinary techniques only lead to violent adults who will raise violent children; liberals call this the “Cycle Of Violence.”

So far there has been little discussion between Black and liberal leaders on the divide that exists between them on this issue. One has to wonder if political influence plays a part in why this subject is not more widely discussed and debated. It’s a well-known fact that a overwhelming majority of the Black vote had gone to the Democratic party for many years. Is there a fear that exists in the party of alienating a large part of the Black vote?


In the first video, you see a father who discovered through his son’s social media that he had been initiated into a gang. He decides to video a confrontation with his son. In the video he appears to slap his son hard on at least two occasions, challenging him to put his hands up and fight. In gang culture, being “jumped in” to a gang is usually done by having to fight one or multiple people. The father in the video was attempting to “jump out” his son from this gang and send a message that his family was off limits gangs in his area. This video contains violence and harsh language, discretion is advised.

In the video below, Dr. Julia Hare describes the “powers that be” as the force behind stripping away the authority to discipline children from Black families and public schools. Her sentiments were well received at a mostly all-black conference. It would be interesting to see what kind of reception her speech would get at a mostly white liberal forum.

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