‘Meh…Lemme Start Over’ — Ted Cruz Forgets His Script Halfway Through #SOTU Response

Most of the GOP clowns giving responses to the State of the Union Tuesday night (there were five responses, yes FIVE) had a script that they performed and taped on sets, but the fabulous Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) decided to wing it. Because he’s so stinkin’ smart, you know. He wanted to deliver it outside the House chamber next to a statue of Stephen Austin, a Texas hero, with a staffer’s iPhone. Unfortunately, the staffer forgot to edit it before uploading it to YouTube.


From Mediaite:

The original video was quickly deleted because it showed Cruz, the former Attorney General of Texas and champion college debater, successfully improvising an eloquent response, seamlessly hitting a series of prepared talking points criticizing the Obama administration?for about forty seconds.

So he did a re-do, of course.

Even though the?original YouTube video was quickly snatched off of YouTube, it’s fortuitous that it was captured and saved by the Huffington Post and other outlets.?

On Sen. Ted Cruz’s YouTube channel, the corrected version appears. Surprise! No sign of his flub is in sight, miraculously.

It seems that the dreaded curse of the Republican State of the Union response lives on, and it couldn’t have happened to a better person. Watch the hilarious video below.




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