1%er Caught On Tape Beating Girlfriend – Finds Out What Kind Of Justice The Wealthy Get




  • Entrepreneur Gurbaksh Chahal, was once named “America’s Most Eligible Bachelor.”
  • Appeared on “The Secret Millionaire” (Season 1, Episode 4).
  • Sold first online advertising company for twenty million dollars.
  • Sold second online advertising company for three hundred million dollars.
  • Current CEO of RadiumOne which is going public.

Well so far, so good, right? Sorry to make him sound so good ladies but this dreamboat has a few holes in his psyche.

  • Home security camera footage showed him hitting his girlfriend 117 times.
  • Chahal threatened to kill her several times.
  • Charged with assault with a deadly weapon trying to suffocate his girlfriend with a pillow.
  • Choked his then girlfriend all this caught on security camera.

Now you may be thinking that since there is video footage of him doing these things that Mister Chahal has lost his job as CEO and is now currently in prison.

You would be wrong.

Gurbaksh Chahal (GC) was charged with 45 felony counts after attacking and trying to kill his girlfriend whom?he had discovered had cheated on him while she was in Las Vegas. After paying bail, GC hired a very expensive and well connected defense attorney, former federal prosecutor, James Lassart, who “somehow” convinced the girlfriend to no longer cooperate with the police investigation and then convinced a judge to exclude from evidence, the footage of this man trying to kill his girlfriend in their San Francisco penthouse. I guess the people in SF who claim that “techies” are killing the city are right!

There is no ?longer even any pretense of there being law in this country. There is no longer even the illusion that we all live under the same laws with the same protections. We do not. I hope when GC eventually does kill someone that his ex comforts herself by counting her hush money. I hope the judge who disallowed the evidence someday has to answer to the family of the person this man eventually does kill.

“Gurbie” the cuddly sociopath didn’t walk away completely free. He was inconvenienced by have to plead guilty to two misdemeanors for domestic violence and battery! He’s going to have to go to “counseling” for 52 weeks, do 25 hours of community service, and three years probation. This deal allows him to remain the CEO of his latest company since being a convicted felon would be frowned upon at the launch phase of the stock. At some point I am sure the judge will apologize profusely to Mr. Chahal for the trouble the city of San Francisco has put him through.

Source: Huffington Post

Edited/Published by: WG