Nein Nein Nein – None Of The Three ‘Jeopardy’ Contestants Remembered Herman Cain

The one-time leader amongst Republican presidential candidates is now an obscure, forgotten has-been.

(photo credit: Wikimedia)

(photo credit: Wikimedia)

He once led the polls amongst Republican presidential candidates, but in just a couple of years Herman Cain has became so obscure that even Jeopardy! contestants can’t remember him.

When given a very identifying clue ? the year of his campaign and office sought, his career, and even his minority ethnicity ? not one of the three candidates featured on April 23’s show attempted to answer.

The clue read:

?This pizza magnate and 2012 presidential candidate was a math major at historically black Morehouse College.?

Check out the video (complete with a fitting close added by Washington Free Beacon, which posted it on Youtube):

Polls in October and early November 2011 found Cain to lead a then eight-candidate field seeking GOP nomination for president.

The Godfather Pizza CEO’s status in the race slipped faster than greasy pepperoni from a cardboard takeout box, though, when Cain’s history of multiple sexual harassment claims became public. He withdrew from the race in Dec. 2011.

Certainly the GOP hopes voters will join those Jeopardy! contestants in absent-mindedness. As host Alex Trebek said in response to the blank looks on contestants? faces:

?How quickly you have forgotten Herman Cain.??

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